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  • See Alan Crosby, 'A History of Thetford' (1986).
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Thetford, Norfolk

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Thelma Irene Paines; fl 1932-2008; politician; Battersea, London, and Thetford, Norfolk

  • GB/153/NM/10183
  • Person
  • fl 1932-2008

Born Battersea, London, January 1932 to Grace & Bertie Lane. One brother, Richard. Parents divorced, and mother married Henry Skinner, who already had two daughters, and then another daughter, Susan, in 1950. During 1939-45 war, was evacuated to Brighton. To Northamptonshire a/w brother. To Wales a/w brother. Finally to outskirts of Richmond, Yorkshire. Started work on 14th birthday at S.E. Assn for the Blind behind Victoria Street as a Junior. Then as typist in Architectural Brassfounders in Clerkenwell. Finally ran export/import office in Gayfere Street, Westminster. Married Albert Paines, August 1957. Son Matthew born 1960. Worked in Lambeth County Court. Daughter Fabia 1962; son Wesley 1963; son Lewis 1965. Moved to Thetford with London Overspill scheme, November 1962. Became Thetford Town Councillor, 1978 (Mayor 1990 & 2006). Breckland District Councillor, 1983 (Chairman 1997). Norfolk County Councillor, 1985 (Chairman 1999-2000). JP for 14 yrs. Member of Norwich Prison Board of Visitors for 21 yrs (3 years as Chairman). Member of Police Committee and short stint on Police Authority. Still Chair of Peterborough/Norwich Rail Users Association. Have travelled to Russia; USA; Canada; Australia; New Zealand; Hong Kong; Singapore; China; Hungary; Czechoslovakia & their modern split countries; Spitzbergen; Norway; Sweden; Denmark; Lithuania; Latvia; plus France/Belgium/Spain/Portugal; Finland; Iceland. Labour Party councillor.

King family; 1780s-1817; Thetford, Norfolk

  • GB/153/NM/10526
  • Family
  • 1780s-1817

During the 1780s and 1790s, the King family lived in Thetford, opposite the Black Horse public house in Magdalen Street. James, son of James and Sarah King, seems to have run away to sea in 1782 and then enlisted as a sailor. He served on the 'Ruby' and then the 'Ariell', seeing action at Gibraltar and off the coast of Barbados. Between 1784 and 1797, he worked as a book keeper and as an overseer on sugar plantations in Jamaica. By November 1785, he had changed his name to Warner, possibly because he appears to have absconded from his ship so that he could remain in Jamaica, where he hoped to make his fortune. He went into partnership in a coffee business, but died sometime in the late 1790s or early 1800s, apparently penniless. However, in 1817, allegations were made suggesting that King's property had been stolen by William Payne, a native of Thetford, who had been a friend of King's in Jamaica.

Sir Joseph Williamson's or the Binding Charity; 1701-1835; Thetford, Norfolk

  • GB/153/NM/10564
  • Corporate body
  • 1701-1835

Sir Joseph Williamson, in his will proved 1701, left money in trust for the town of Thetford, which was used to buy an estate at Fornham All Saints, Suffolk. The mayor, recorder and coroner, as trustees, administered the estate and used its revenues to apprentice poor boys. By 1839, however, there was an embarassing surplus of funds in the charity and this was applied to buying blankets and cloaks for distribution to the poor and for establishing an evening school for boys in 1843 and one for girls in 1858.

Free Grammar School Charity; 1818-1905; Thetford, Norfolk

  • GB/153/NM/10565
  • Corporate body
  • 1818-1905

Set up under the terms of the will of Sir Richard Fulmerston. The committee of 1818 decided that the size of the school might be increased from the thirty scholars specified under the terms of its foundation.

Thetford Municipal Charities; 1836-; Thetford, Norfolk

  • GB/153/NM/10566
  • Corporate body
  • 1836-

On the passing of the Municipal Corporations Act, 1835, Thetford Coporation made application to Chancery for the reformed Corporation to be given trusteeship of the School and Hospital charity, Sir Joseph Williamson's charity, Henry Smith's charity; Alderman Barnham's charity; Sir Edwin Rich's charity, Sir Charles Harbord's almshouses charity, the Duke of Norfolk's (clothing) charity and Peter Sterne's charity for the relief of the poor. An order effecting this was made in 1836. A Charity Commission scheme of August 1906 altered the organization of the municipal charities.

Thetford Infant School; 1836-1869; Thetford, Norfolk

  • GB/153/NM/10567
  • Corporate body
  • 1836-1869

Set up by subscribers in 1836 to provide an education in the broad principles of Christianity for poor children. The School closed in 1869 through lack of funds and the building was sold in 1890 and its proceeds devoted to a prize fund for children at the new infant school.

Henry Smith's Charity; 1626-1954; Thetford, Norfolk

  • GB/153/NM/10571
  • Corporate body
  • 1626-1954

£10 a year from the profits of an estate in Staughton, Leics., left to the poor of Thetford, to be administered by the overseers and churchwardens.

Alderman William Barnham's Charity; 1674-1677; Thetford, Norfolk

  • GB/153/NM/10572
  • Corporate body
  • 1674-1677

Norwich corporation was trustee of estates in the Cathedral Close there, whose issues were to provide for the education of a Thetford boy at the Boys' Hospital, Norwich, and four pounds a year was to be devoted to apprenticing a boy from Thetford or to clothing poor children there.

Thetford Assembly; 1682-1945; Thetford, Norfolk

  • GB/153/NM/10981
  • Corporate body
  • 1682-1945

Despite the setting up, during the 19th century, of, successively, a board of health, urban sanitary authority and urban district council for the area within Thetford borough, the borough council continued to meet quarterly to exercise its traditional control over elections, admissions of freemen, the gaol, court of record, charities administration, management of corporate estates, the watch and police, the navigation and the borough fund.

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