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Bundle of papers

(1) Elegy on death of Thomas son of Israel Long and brother of Matthew Long, Esq., by John Gardner, Norwich, 1706.

(2) Letter from Charles Potts to his sister Susan Long, that she should use influence to stay action of debt brought against their father by her mother (in law) Mrs Long until he could sell Mannington and pay his debts, with draft reply, 1710.

(3-9, 12) Letters from Robert Britiffe to Mrs Long, announcing her son's marriage to Miss Corrance, re his taking over the house at Dunston, and re Sir Charles Potts' death and affairs, 1724-1731.

(10-11) Letter from E. Howman to Mrs Long, re sudden death, funeral etc. of Sir Charles Potts and disposition of his property, 1731.

(13-14) Letters from Israel Long to his mother Mrs Long, re same and estate matters, 1732.

(15) Note concerning sale of estate late Thomas Davy's at Dunston to Israel Long in 1747.

(16) Letter from Sarah Miller, Weeting, to Mrs Mary Long, re health, mentioning smallpox, 1749.

(17) Account between Richard Neve and Mrs Mary Long re financial transactions, 1740-1751.

(18) Copy agreement between Richard Knight and Mary Long spinster re paying off mortgage on Knight's estate at Weston, Ringland, Attlebridge and Alderford, 1752.

(19-20) Letter from Sara Long to Mrs Long ('Sue'), describing her symptoms (inc. 'snotty nose'), re estate and garden matters and whipping of a woman for stealing geese; enclosing valuation of the Dunston estate, 1761.

(21) Letter from A. Kellett, Mangreen, to her husband 'Kellett' in Bengal, family matters inc. her pregnancy, local news, bewailing his absence and having to live at her father's, 1769.

(22) Acknowledgement by Charles Garneys of receipt from Anne Killett, widow, and Mary Churchman, spinster, of £500 from the estate of Susanna wife of William Churchman of Illington, 1779.

(23) Squib 'Epistola Macaronica ad Fratrem', 1790.

(24) Licence issued by the Archbishop of Canterbury for marriage between William Thomas, Esq., and Nevillia Senior, spinster, at St George's, Hanover Square, 1792.

(25) Dunston estate memoranda, mentioning church repair, 1798.

(26) Extent of estate in Dunston, Newton, Swainsthorpe, Coulton, Rockland, Norwich, Stoke and Wymondham, 1726.

(27) Letter from William Windham to R.C. Long, re 'liberal offer' and 'kind zeal of my friends', 1802.

(28) Table of claimants to (?)Churchman property, (watermark 1806).

(29) Cover addressed to R.C. Long endorsed 'Mrs Dampier', 1807.

(30) Letter from John Walter, Paddesley, Hants., to R.C. Long, re his health, 1808.

(31) Quitrent receipts for rent paid to the manor of Pakenhams in Shropham by R.C. Long, 1814, 1829.

(32) Letter from Henry Bathurst, Bishop of Norwich, to R.C. Long, re proposed arrangement affecting the benefice of Swainsthorpe, 1824.

(33) Account of charges re sale of the Illington estate, 1825.

(34) Plan with elevation for gothic cottage at Illington, before 1825.

(35-36) Route of journey Rotterdam - Cologne - Berne - Geneva - Paris and accounts and notes re same journey, 1829.

(37) Sale particular of the Stoke Holy Cross great tithes and glebe for remainder of lease from the Dean and Chapter of Norwich, 1831.

(38-39) Draft or copy leases of farms at Swardeston and Newton Flotman granted by Revd R.C. Long, 1822, 1832 and undated.

(40) Letter from John Smith to Revd R.C. Long, enclosing £111 from the Radstock Coal Works, referring to the New Work, 1834.

(41) 'Rules for the Game of Briscambille', (early 19th century).

(42) Squib 'Chronicles of Little Glenham', (early 19th century).

Diaries of Revd William Pelham Burn (1859-1901), vicar of St Peter Mancroft, Norwich

  • MC 2678
  • Fonds
  • 1893-1901

The diaries cover clerical, public, social and family life throughout, including stays at his wife's family home at Milton Court near Dorking, Surrey. Margaret Burn is referred to throughout as 'M'. Aspects of parochial life and duties recorded include church services and music, the restoration of St Peter's chancel and the opening of a new Mission Memorial Hall in 1899. Dr Edward Bunnett was organist at St Peter Mancroft throughout the period of Burn's incumbency and is referred to in the diaries.
Travel features strongly, both in the Norwich area (usually on foot or cycling) and across Norfolk (mainly by bicycle) for duty and pleasure and further afield in England, Scotland and Europe. Burn routinely noted books he was reading and also (especially when staying in London) commented on plays, exhibitions and other cultural events. Natural history observations occur (e.g., birds sighted in the garden of The Chantry) and also anecdotes and short overheard conversations.
The diaries are copiously illustrated with Burn's own photographs. Some letters, postcards and other travel mementos, foreign stamps and pressed flowers are also pasted in, as are annual printed 'Christmas Greetings' from The Chantry.

William Pelham Burn; 1859-1901; clergyman; Kensington, London, and Italy, Norwich, Norfolk, and Oxford, Oxfordshire, Bodmin, Cornwall

Hoare, Buxton and Gurney Family Papers

  • MC 2773
  • Fonds
  • 1738-1856

Includes copies of memoirs and letters by Louisa Gurney Hoare concerning her son, Samuel Hoare, which were copied by her niece Priscilla Johnson. One volume contains reminiscences by Daniel Gurney.
Also includes Louisa Hoare's daughter Priscilla B. Hardcastle's Common Place book, regarding her own children.
Also includes Richenda Buxton's Common Place Book, a number of her sketch books and a volume dedicated to her from her father, J.H. Buxton, containing various copies of letters, accounts of family deaths and marriages, newspaper cuttings and accounts of events of importance.

Diary of Lieutenant-General Sir Charles Ashe Windham K.C.B. (1810-1870, 5th son of Admiral William Windham of Felbrigg; the hero of the Redan, M.P. for Norfolk 1857-1859), Aug. 1830-April 1834, Oct. 1835-Feb. 1836.

The diary is intermittent; the first section describes a tour in Belgium including Waterloo, Germany, Switzerland including the St Bernard hospice, and Italy. A note then states that a journal for July-Oct. 1833 of a journey through Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland to Russia was lost 'at Felbrigg' and the present diary begins again at Jan. 1834 with an account of the diarist's life thitherto including his education, army career, trips abroad, his brother William's election as MP for Norfolk, 1832, and his father's death. The remainder of the diary covers life in the army in London and Dublin including references to his friendship or liaison with Mrs Broughton, a visit to a gambling hell, his giving evidence at Norwich against C. Scott in an arson case, the presentation of a Trade Union petition to Lord Melbourne in April 1834, a winter journey by coach from London to Norfolk, and family matters. Passages of introspection occur referring to his own indolence and 'castle building' and there is an appreciation of the Felbrigg landscape. At front of volume are very rough undated diary notes and pasted in and inserted are a 19th-century photograph of the main front of Felbrigg Hall, a note of Windham's career, a press article ('Eastern Daily Press', 8 March 1968) on Windham by H.O. Mansfield and press reviews of Mansfield's 'Charles Ashe Windham, a Norfolk Soldier' (1973).

Sir Charles Ashe Windham; 1810-1870; soldier, politician; Felbrigg, Norfolk, and Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Travel diary of Edward T. Blakely

Describes holiday tours with his father and other family members. Places visited were Cambridge, Leamington, Birmingham, Liverpool, North Wales (including Snowdon), Shrewsbury, Hereford, Monmouth and Bristol in 1841 and London, Winchester, the New Forest, Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight in 1843, mentioning the erection of Nelson's Column and sightings of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert on their way to prorogue parliament in London and arriving at Ryde, Isle of Wight on the Royal Yacht. Also includes rough notes of a visit to London, Windsor and Hampton Court in 1842 and rough notes of a holiday on the Continent, journeying from London to Antwerp and Cologne, by steamer up the Rhine to Basle, touring Switzerland and returning by boat down the Rhine to London and Norwich in 1844. Pasted into the book are printed engavings of the British places visited and pen and ink drawings of the font at Winchester Cathedral, of Winchester Market Cross and of the ground plan of Winchester Cathedral. With loose papers: map of Europe (printed) with routes marked on it, 1837; lists of Continental and British places, nd [c 1870s]; miniature photograph of Princess Louisa, nd [19th century].

Samuel Foart Simmons (1750-1813, physician and author), London.

Offering Neville letters of introduction at Geneva etc., news of Cullen, Brown and other Edinburgh acquaintance, 1778; request for particulars of Norwich woman tapped 80 times for dropsy, 1783; undated note re introduction of Neville to 'Sir Joseph'.

Samuel Foart Simmons; 1750-1813; physician, author; Sandwich, Kent, Edinburgh, Scotland

Mary Sewell, Anna's mother.

Letters mainly of family news, comment on religious affairs and spiritual advice. Refs. to medical opinion on Anna's physical and mental state 1839, new post for husband Isaac 1840, illness of sister-in-law Mary Sewell following an infant's death 1840, false Messiahs in Switzerland and America and moral turpitude of Thornton family (letter undated). One letter also from Philip Sewell. Endorsements presumably by Anna of prescription for sore legs and St John chapter 17. 1836-1846 and one undated.

Mary Sewell; 1797-1884; poet, writer; Sutton, Suffolk, and Felthorpe, Great Yarmouth and Old Catton, Norfolk

Diary by Thomas William Jex-Blake of journey to Switzerland and France

With general tourist impressions and impressions of Franco-Prussian war in which he was caught up ('most [French soldiers] were wounded in the legs for the Prussians fire low and after some discharges their needleguns are too foul to be raised'), and vivid description of arrest at Soissons on suspicion of spying.

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