Surrender and admission



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  • Surrender and admission was the process by which transfers of copyhold land were made in the manorial courts. Tenants of copyhold land were not free to do as they wished with their land. Copyhold tenants had to seek the lord’s permission to buy, sell, inherit, sublet, exchange or mortage their land. Land would be surrendered into the hands of the lord and the next tenant admitted. This procedure was written down in the court roll, and the tenant given a copy of the relevant entry as proof of his tenure. Hence the name 'copyhold' for land held by copy of the court roll.
  • The keyword is used for bundles, or groups of surrenders only, admissions only, and surrenders and admissions together, which may also include conditional surrenders and powers of attorney to surrender. It is also used for registers of surrenders and admissions, indexes to such registers and lists of surrenders and admissions. Only where this type of document appears in numbers of more than 10 have they been included in the MDR. In this number they may be regarded as working papers, perhaps gathered together by the steward.
  • Documents in smaller numbers and single items have not been included and are regarded as title deeds. Surrenders and admissions may be found in Record Office lists and schedules under potentially misleading names, such as copy court roll and estreat. Most documents so listed will have been checked to ensure that they were not copies of court rolls or estreats of fines and amercements.

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  • A keyword used by TNA Manorial Records Project (Norfolk) 2013.

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Surrender and admission

Surrender and admission

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Surrender and admission

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Surrender and admission

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