Sundry copies and extracts of charters Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
KL/C 10/23/4 Copy of licence granted by King Henry VI to the Mayor and community of Lynn concerning the purchase of fresh water through Gaywood, nd. File 17th century
KL/C 10/23/6 Attested copy of Act concerning the assurance of the temporalities belonging to the Bishop of Norwich to the King, 4 February 1536 File 1787
KL/C 10/23/10 Copy of letters patent of Elizabeth I relating to the Mart, 6 July 1559 File c 1794
KL/C 10/23/12 Copy of letters patent of James I, 1604 File 19th century
KL/C 10/23/16 Notes of references taken from the calendars of charter rolls Edward II-Henry V File 19th century
KL/C 10/23/17 Copies of Bury St Edmunds charters File early 19th century
KL/C 10/23/3 Copies of documents relating to the town's water supply, 1392-1425 File 18th century
KL/C 10/23/7 Incomplete copy of letters patent of Henry VIII, 7 July 1537 File 18th century
KL/C 10/23/11 Arbitrators' award between the town of King's Lynn and Cambridge touching the duties payable at Sturbridge Fair by the town of King's Lynn File nd [early 17th century]
KL/C 10/23/15 Copies of charters and notes File 18th century
KL/C 10/23/2 Copy from patent roll of letters patent of Edward III to Newcastle relating to coal measures, 24 June 1367 File 16th century
KL/C 10/23/8 Copy of letters patent of Edward VI granting the former gild lands to the Mayor and burgesses, 1548 File 18th century
KL/C 10/23/1 Legal opinion that the right to hold the husting court and cognizance of pleas belonged to the Mayor and burgesses File late 15th century
KL/C 10/23/5 Copies of charters of Henry VIII, 1512 and 1524 File 17th century
KL/C 10/23/9 Copies of letters patent of Edward, 21 May 1548, and Philip and Mary, 2 October 1557 File 17th century
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