Subsidiary companies Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
G.S. Hill and Sons Ltd of Emms Yard, Pottergate, Norwich, wholesale account book stationers and printers Sub-sub-fonds 1937-1973
Zillwoods Ltd (including Messrs Stevens and Zillwood of Evans Street, Southampton) Sub-sub-fonds 1934-1971
BR 2/98 Private nominal ledger File Apr 1944-Jul 1958
BR 2/101 Messrs Stevens and Zillwood of Southampton customer ledger File Jan 1960-Jan 1971
BR 2/89 Customer accounts File Oct 1937-Sep 1954
BR 2/92 Customer ledger File Oct 1954-Jul 1973
BR 2/95 Weekly wages and deductions accounts File Jul 1964-Feb 1969
BR 2/97 Register of members and share register File 1934-1971
BR 2/102 Sales Journal File Jan 1958-Jun 1962
BR 2/91 Customer ledger File Dec 1971-Jul 1973
BR 2/94 Receipts and payments journal File May 1967-May 1973
BR 2/104 Letter from Gerald Cooke with copy reply from 'Dad' re invoice and printing order enquiries File Nov 1959
BR 2/90 Customer ledger File Jul 1950-Feb 1972
BR 2/93 Customer ledger File Jul 1948-Mar 1973
BR 2/96 Pottergate Printers Ltd copy memorandum and articles of association File nd [mid 20th century]
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