Stradsett Inventory list

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HARE 3863, 209X1 Charter: Feoffment. Prior of St Wynewaloe with the consent of the brethren to Robert son of Robert of Stradesete. File nd [12th century]
HARE 3865, 209X1 Charter: Grant. Robert de Holme son of Richard parson of Stradesete to Hugh son of Roger Must de Tuo'mes. File 1154-1189
HARE 3866, 209X1 Charter: Grant. Nicholas Unkele of Stradesete to Margaret widow of William le Barker. File 24 Mar 1308
HARE 3867, 209X1 Charter: Grant. William Kymfrey of Carboysthorpe to Edmund Pope of Stradissete and Amicia his wife. File 1317-1318
HARE 3868, 209X1 Charter: Grant. Thomas son of Ralph of Stradesete to Thomas his son. File 12 Jul 1321
HARE 3869, 209X1 Charter: Grant. John Boter of Thorpe to William de Caustone in Fincham. File 1329
HARE 3872, 209X1 Bill of receipt. Martin of Thorpe and Reginald his son for £20 received Adam de Fyncham. File 10 Dec 1333
HARE 3873, 209X1 Charter: Grant. Nicholas son of Thomas son of Ralph of Stradesete to Adam de Fyncham, clerk. File 24 Dec 1337
HARE 3874, 209X1 Charter: Grant. Reginald son of Martin of Thorp to Adam de Fyncham and Anabelle his wife. File 26 Dec 1333
HARE 3880, 209X1 Quitclaim File 13 Oct 1350
HARE 3884, 209X1 Charter: Grant. Henry Heryngman of Carbesthorp to John his brother of the same. File 13 Dec 1378
HARE 3887, 209X1 Charter: Grant. Robert son of Ralph de Stradesete to Nicholas Tulle of Fyncham, junior, brother of Nicholas Tulle, senior, of the same, dec'd. File 28 Jun 1395
HARE 3889, 209X1 Charter: Grant. Nicholas Clerk chaplain of Fyncham Robert Drapere of Southacre and John Pope of Stradesete to Henry Brampton perpetual vicar of the church of St Mary of Stradesete. File 3 Oct 1395
HARE 3892, 209X1 Charter: Grant. Ralph de Stradeset de Fouldon to Thomas Russell of Stradeset. File 29 Jan 1418
HARE 3894, 209X1 Charter: Feoffment. William Alger and Thomas Brympton of Fyncham to Thomas Howdy, vicar of the church of Marham, and Henry, vicar of the church of Stradesete. File 29 Sep 1432
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