Sir John Peter Boileau Inventory list

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BOI 66, 117X4 Letters to Sir John Boileau from M. Guizot, Lord Cranworth and others, including Adam Sidgwick, A.P. Stanley and Sir Edward Sabine. List of meetings of Norfolk Society, 1848. File 1864-1867
BOI 58, 117X3 Bundle of letters mainly to Sir John Boileau from Dean of Norwich and others about the vault in the church at Ketteringham File 1853-1854
BOI 69, 117X5 Diary File Jul 1839-Oct 1846
BOI 69, 118X1 Diary File Mar 1855-Mar 1859
BOI 69, 118X2 Three diaries File Mar 1859-Apr 1864
Letters Series 1841-1867
BOI 60, 117X4 Correspondence and copy correspondence from Dr J. Twiss, E.P. Clarke, the Bishop of Norwich and Sir J.P. Boileau regarding the vault at Ketteringham. File 1854
BOI 63/1, 117X4 Letter from I. Jermy to Sir John Boileau File 1847
MS 6181/BOI 63/6 Letters from Amelia Opie to Sir John Boileau File 1841-1849
Diaries Series 1839-1869
BOI 57, 117X3 Bundle of accounts rendered to Sir John Boileau, Church rate, land tax, poor rate, property tax, insurance etc. File 1844-1845
BOI 61, 117X4 Letter from Lord Wodehouse to Sir J.P. Boileau enclosing particulars of the consolidated rectories of Litcham and East Lexham and the rectory of West Lexham. Copies of two letters between Mitchell and Clarke and Mr Gilma regarding the sale of advowsons of the above. File 1844
BOI 67, 117X4 Letter from J.H. Tillett to Sir John Boileau and proposals for the formation of a Society in Norwich to purify the elections. File 1842
BOI 69, 118X3 Two diaries File Apr 1864-Feb 1869
Other Series 1789-1868
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