Sale particulars of Samuel Lovick and Son, auctioneers, Bridewell Alley, Norwich Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
BR 107/1 Freehold estate in Bridewell Alley, St Andrew's, Norwich File Oct 1821
BR 107/7 Sale of cloths, plate, watches, jewellery of the late Mr Lyon Levi File Dec 1823
BR 107/16 Sale of household furniture, manufacturing implements of J. Laccohee, Pitt Street, a bankrupt File Nov 1829
BR 107/22 Farnell's penny practical English Grammar, printed File nd
BR 107/23 Farnell's penny geography, printed File nd
BR 107/24 Card bearing arms of city of Norwich, printed File nd
BR 107/10 Freehold estate in St Martin's Lane, Norwich File Oct 1826
BR 107/12 Estates in Hempton, Fakenham, Hunstanton, the property of the late Henry Stocking File Aug 1827
BR 107/13 Sale of stock in trade of Mr P. Raphael, Hosier Lane, West Smithfield, London, glass and china dealer - a bankrupt File Dec 1827
BR 107/17 Sale of household furniture and effects of W.E. Adams File Oct 1830
BR 107/19 Pages 9-10, 15-16 of sale particular, unidentified and undated. File nd
BR 107/3 Freehold estates in Lakenham, Norwich File 1822
BR 107/4 Two newly erected houses, 1 and 2, Trafalgar Place, Lakenham, Norwich File Aug 1822
BR 107/8 Sale of cloths, shawls, scarfs, plate, watches and jewellery File Dec 1823
BR 107/11 Sale of household furniture, china, glass and books of the late Henry Stocking File Apr 1827
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