Royal Charters Inventory list

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DCN 41/3 Confirmation of liberties File 28 Nov 1200
DCN 41/4 Inspeximus of charters of bishop, John [de Grey] File 10 Jun 1205
DCN 41/7 Confirmation that prior and convent have free warren in their lands in Sedgeford, Hindolveston, Beckham, Plumstead, Gateley, Hemsby, Martham, Taverham, Newton, Eaton, Arminghall, Lakenham. Seal File 30 Mar 1248
DCN 41/12/1-2 Two duplicates, originally tied together, of a charter of Edward I concerning the Hospital of St Paul and rights of warren File 5 Oct 1306
DCN 41/17 Charter re tenth of the diocese of Norwich that together with tenth of the diocese of Lincoln was collected for the Pope: since that of Lincoln was sufficient for the arrears to the Pope, that of Norwich is retained for the king's own use File 12 Jul 1269
DCN 41/19 Acknowledgement that R. bishop of Norwich satisfied Imbert de Muntferraunt of £100 for which the bishop was bound to the king for the escape of Roger son of John de Donewyco clerk from his prison of North Elmham File 18 Sep 1270
DCN 41/20 Licence for the bishop to acquire a half mile in Thornage File 2 Dec 1291
DCN 41/24 Copy of grant of 1.5 rods of land in Ormesby to Holy Trinity File 10 May 1300
DCN 41/30 Mortmain licence for prior and convent to acquire land in Newton, Norwich, Arminghall, Stoke Holy Cross, Hindolveston File 1 Apr 1314
DCN 41/33 Mortmain licence for alienation to Holy Trinity Norwich of 3 messuages, 159a. 1r. of land, 18a. 1r. of meadow, 2a. of pasture, 1 1/2a. of heath and 20s.4 1/2d. of rents in Great Cressingham, Little Cressingham and Hopton. Seal File 10 Feb 1316
DCN 41/36 Mortmain licence for alienation to prior and convent of: 2a. of meadow, 2a. of pasture in Wood Norton; 2a. of land in Henley; 4a. of land in Attlebridge; 2a. of land in Grimmer Plumstead; 1a. of meadow in Trowse; 2 messuages, 6a. of land, 1r. of pasture in Trowse, Norwich, Newton, Hindringham; 2a. 3r. of land in Catton; 6a. of land in Catton and Hellesdon; 8a. 3r. of land, 1a. 3r. of reedmarsh in Thurlton; Rands of 1 1/2a. and 1a. and mediety of land of 1a. all in Thurlton; messuage, 14a. 3r. of land, 4a. 3r. of reedmarsh in Thurlton, Haddiscoe, Thorpe next Haddiscoe, Toft. Part of seal File 28 Jul 1325
DCN 41/38 Writ re churches in Hoxne, Terling, Langham, Thornham and bishop's palace in Norwich during vacancy of the bishopric File 8 Dec 1326
DCN 41/43 Licence for alienation in mortmain of 3 messuages in Norwich File 12 Oct 1331
DCN 41/56 Licence for alienation in mortmain by William bishop of Norwich to prior and convent of Holy Trinity Norwich of advowson of Fring, to find a chaplain to celebrate divine service for the good estate of the bishop when he is dead, and for the soul of his father, mother, relatives and friends; licence also for appropriation of church by prior and convent File 20 Jul 1351
DCN 41/59 Licence of alienation in mortmain of 5 messuages, 27a. 3r. of land and 5 1/2a. of marsh in Thurlton, Haddiscoe, Thorpe, Raveningham, Toft Monks; and of messuage and toft in Bishop's Lynn. Seal File 24 May 1356
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