Revd Dr William Enfield (1741-1797) Inventory list

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ENF/F 1/1 William Enfield, Liverpool, to Roger Gaskell, New Street, Warrington: moral instruction should be the principal subject of preaching, supported by the doctrines of Christianity, although it is not the business of the pulpit to consider these doctrines as subjects of speculation and controversy; desires that the differences which have arisen between them should be forgotten. [Presumably written on his accepting invitation to become minister at Cairo Street, Warrington.] File 23 May 1770
ENF/F 1/3-5 Letters to Dr William Enfield on the death of his son Richard (1768-1791, town clerk of Nottingham) from Philip Meadows Martineau (surgeon, 1752-1829), Philip Taylor (1747-1831), Harolds Cross [Dublin], and Gilbert Wakefield (1756-1801), Hackney. File Dec 1791
ENF/F 1/12-18 Letters from William Roscoe (1753-1831) File 1789-1831
ENF/F 1/20 Mary Enfield, [Liverpool], to John Taylor [1750-1826], Norwich: gratitude to him and his wife for their help and friendship on her husband's death, and is sorry to hear that Mrs [Susanna] Taylor continues to be afflicted with dreadful headaches; their son is lodging with [her daughter] Anna Fletcher; wishes it may be soon thought safe to cross the water [to Ireland]; Anna's youngest has been inoculated but has unfortunately not taken the infection; is obliged to Taylor's friend who is to make enquiries in America 'about the property we ought to have there' – hopes he may be able to unfold the mystery which seems to hang about it – another dividend is due this month; is to receive £18 4s p.a. from the Lancashire Widows Fund, and the annuity from the Insurance Office in London will be £40 15s rather than the £25 which she expected; publication of her husband's sermons. File 18 Jul 1798
ENF/F 1/23 Lines by John Taylor on death of 'the Pastor once admired, revered' endorsed 'written by Mr John Taylor in 1823' [with note on paper guard slip that this was presumably William Enfield]. However the paper also bears the date of 22 Jan 1825 raising the possibility that the lines were actually written to the Revd Pendlebury Houghton who died in 1724. File 1823 or 1825
ENF/F 1/9 Dr William Enfield, Norwich, to [Theophilus] Lindsey (1723-1808): thanks for sermon on his resignation of the pastoral office [as minister of Essex Street Chapel, London]. File 8 Oct 1793
ENF/F 1/19 Anna Enfield (later Fletcher, elder daughter of Dr Enfield), Manchester, to Master John Taylor (1779-1863): is glad his leg is mending; he has shown manly fortitude in his confinement but time spent with such parents can never appear dull or tedious; duty they both owe to parents; 'Does that arch Rogue my Bro. Henry ever make you laugh'; mentions his mother's friend Mrs Beecroft and his neighbours, the Martineaus. File nd [pre 1795]
ENF/F 1/6-8 Letters to Mary, wife of Dr William Enfield, on the death of their son Richard (1768-1791) from Nicholas Clayton (1730-1797, minister, mathematician and tutor to both Enfield boys), and George Coldham, Nottingham; letter to Mary Enfield from Dr William Enfield, London, describing Richard's funeral which was conducted by Dr [Joseph] Priestley, and approving of her temporary use of laudanum to help her to sleep. File Dec 1791
ENF/F 1/21 Joseph Johnson (1739-1809), London, to John Taylor, Norwich: his friend Enfield's sermons [Sermons on Practical Subjects] will soon be ready but does not have a list of subscribers to whom they are to be sent. File 20 Aug 1798
ENF/F 1/22 Mary Enfield, Gateacre, to John Taylor, Norwich: comfort of religion; discusses her funds and need for investment - has received no dividend from America; family news; she is to stay in Norwich with Taylor's aunt [Sarah] Martineau. File 22 Oct 1798
ENF/F 1/24 Dates of birth of children of Dr William Enfield, their marriages and offspring, up to 1828. File nd
ENF/F 1/2 William Enfield, Birmingham, to his wife Mary Enfield, at Mr Briggs, Temple Court, Leverpool [sic]: has bought prints from paintings by [Benjamin] West for Dr Turner and Mr Ralph, and a book for Mr Aikin; has bought her an annuity which will pay her £25 p.a. after his death; their most precious jewel in the world is their mutual love. File nd [1770s]
ENF/F 1/10-11 2 memorials of Dr William Enfield, one by William Roscoe, the other anonymous File 1797
ENF/F 2 Biographical notes on Dr William Enfield File nd