Records of Thornham History Society Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
SO 385/1/3, 1075X7 Tin originally containing SO 385/1/1-2 File nd [c 1853]
SO 385/1 Documents collected by Thornham History Society Sub-fonds 1853-nd [c 2019]
SO 385/1/1, 1075X7 Thornham poor rate valuation list File 1853
SO 385/1/2, 1075X7 Copy of Thornham tithe map, apparently drawn up in relation to Thornham poor rate valuation of 1853 File nd [c 1853]
SO 385/1/4, 1075X7 Transcript of Thornham poor rate valuation list, 1853 File nd [c 2019]