Records of the Harleston Benevolent Society Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
SO 121/4, 668X6 Journal. File 1939-1988
SO 121/7, 668X7 Book of subscribers. File 1907-1917
SO 121/10, 668X7 Notes of the number of tickets sold, names of purchasers, payment received, 1972, and of the tickets collected by G.L. Bond, with names and amounts nd. File 1972
SO 121/12, 668X7 Check book (for tickets received by the Visitors). File 1840-1863
SO 121/18, 668X7 Visitors' book. File 1828-1829
SO 121/27, 668X8 Visitors' book. File 1926-1942
SO 121/29, 668X8 Register of linen lent. File 1892-1921
SO 121/32, 668X8 Circular letter to supporters of the Harleston Benevolent Society, announcing the decision to wind up the Society when funds were exhausted. File 1986
SO 121/37, 668X8 Moneys taken from subscribers. File 1943-1955
SO 121/38, 668X8 Moneys taken from subscribers. File 1955-1976
SO 121/39, 668X8 Moneys taken from subscribers. File 1976-1988
SO 121/44, 668X9 Book of carbon copy vouchers for the supplying of goods, with two related notes. File Aug 1986-Mar 1988
SO 121/51, 668X9 Note of payments given to the Harleston Benevolent Society by Mrs Bond. File 1899
SO 121/1, 668X6 Journal. File 1822-1870
SO 121/8, 668X7 Book of subscribers. File 1917-c 1923
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