Professional Papers of Thomas Dixon as Attorney and Land Agent Inventory list

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BL/DX 2/11 Miscellaneous professional papers of Thomas Dixon, including draft will of William Spencer of Wiggenhall St Mary leaving land in Islington and Tilney St Lawrence to his granddaughter Charlotte Cullen, 1777 File 1752-1777
BL/DX 2/1/2/2 Thomas Francis, Lincoln's Inn: has been appointed by the court of exchequer as receiver of the rents and profits of the late Lord Colerane's estates in Norfolk, to hold the courts, etc., asks Dixon to send him a list of all the records. Item 25 Jul 1754
BL/DX 2/1/2/27 John Pitchford, Norwich: is heir to lands of his elder brother at Walpole and is amazed to hear his widow's sister has been admitted 'she has certainly as good a right in justice and equity to the Russian or German dominions as to those lands'. Item 3 Apr 1758
BL/DX 2/1/2/34 Thomas Francis: news of battle [of Quiberon Bay]; 'Think now 'tis all over with the French poltroons' Item 1 Dec 1759
BL/DX 2/1/2/61 Thomas Francis: award to Miss Hare who is to marry Mr Chauncey Townshend's eldest son Item 6 Feb 1763
BL/DX 2/2 Letters and receipts from Robert Rutty, London, about payment of rents from estate of his late brother, Thomas Rutty File 1746-1753
BL/DX 2/5 Marshland turnpike, receipts for interest on loans, Thomas Dixon, treasurer, lists of subscribers' names, etc. File 1772-1785
BL/DX 2/8 Extract from will of Stephen Newman, 1778, letters and papers about guardianship of his great-nephews Stephen and Bozock Newman of Terrington St Clements and their expenses, receipts, papers in case Newman v. Warner and Christian, etc. File 1778-1787
BL/DX 2/1 Lord Colerane's Estate Sub-series 1743-1764
BL/DX 2/1/2/36 Isa Wilkinson, Baldock: about sale of some land to Mr Bagge Item 11 Dec 1759
BL/DX 2/1/2/52 John Smith, Walpole, to Thomas Francis: about arrears of rent Item 24 Dec 1761
BL/DX 2/3 Copy of will of John Heard [or Herd], with codicils, 1763-1765, inventory of securities, letter from Henry Littledale, Whitehaven, about Herd family, 20 Feb 1769, letter from Joseph Herd, 3 May 1779, with news of Herd and Dixon families. File 1763-1779
BL/DX 2/6 Papers about sale of stock, goods and chattels of Frances Balding, widow, of Islington, seized and sold by Thomas Dixon for non-payment of rent to Earl Fitzwilliam, valuation of hay, grass, etc. File 1772
BL/DX 2/1/2/1-66 Letters to Thomas Dixon, attorney at law, Islington, from Thomas Francis, Chancery Lane, with some from his clerk, J. Gibson. File 1749-1764
BL/DX 2/10 General release, Anne and Sarah Southgate of Elm, Isle of Ely, to Mrs Sarah Clarke [their mother, widow of Christopher Southgate] and Thomas Dixon, their former guardians, 1781 [formerly KK.29]; draft letter from Thomas Dixon to un-named explaining his actions as trustee, nd; rental of Christopher Southgate's estate in Walsoken, West Walton and Leverington, 1762 File 1762-1781
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