Petre of Buckenham Parva alias Tofts and elsewhere Inventory list

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PTR 1/70, 756X5 Grant from John Goos of Stanford to Geoffrey Cranewys of Methwold with William Costyn citizen of London and Thomas Stephenes of Buckenham Parva, of a messuage and in Buckenham Parva File 26 Sep 1416
PTR 1/72, 756X5 Grant from John Rebe, son of John Rebe of Weeting to Geoffrey Cranewys of Methwold, William Costyn citizen of London, and Thomas Stephanes of Buckenham Parva, of 8a. land with a close in diverse pieces (abuttals described), including one acre lying 'abovyn the hetch', and an acre and a half at Braynesdam and two acres lying in the field called Toftes, all in Buckenham Parva File 24 Apr 1417
PTR 1/73, 756X5 Grant from William Boole of Buckenham Parva to Thomas Pecke, parson at West Tofts, Richard Goode, parson at Ickburgh, William Geson of the same place and John Barkere of Mundford, of all Boole's lands and tenements in Buckenham Parva, Stanford, Langford and West Tofts File 25 Sep 1419
PTR 1/76/1, 756X5 Grant from John Stevens of Ickburgh to Peter Glaunforthe of Buckenham Parva, John Pryow of Langham, Edward Stokeman and Andrew Warde of Methwold of two messuages with adjacent crofts, both bounded to the east by the highway in Buckenham Parva, which said premises were once the property of William Gyldenlokes Item 16 Mar 1430
PTR 1/76/6, 756X5 Demise in fee from Thomas Pekke, rector of Caston, recently rector of West Tofts and Adam Mundeford to Edmund Wychingham, William Grey of Merton Esq., John Austy, Hugh atte Fen, Richard Wright and Richard Gedge of all those lands and tenements in Buckenham Parva, West Tofts, Stanford, Lynford, Bodney and elsewhere, in which Pekke and Mundeford, along with others (now dead), were enfeoffed in 1410 by John de Halle Item 21 Oct 1448
PTR 1/76/7, 756X5 Quitclaim by Robert Halle, son of John Halle, to Wychingham, Grey, Austy, atte Fen, Wright and Gedge of all rights in property [as in PTR 1/76/6] Item 12 Dec 1448
PTR 1/76/9, 756X5 Grant from Hugh and Alice Methwold to Robert Lakynghithe, perpetual vicar of Stanford and Robert Dyx, of a messuage and croft in Stanford with 16½ a. arable land and brente yard in Stanford and Buckenham Parva and which was recently the subject of a grant to Katherine Steyk Item 10 Sep 1449
PTR 1/76/14, 756X5 Feoffment from John Pryow and William Skynner to John Austy, Richard Wryght and Nicholas Adam of three messuages and in Buckenham Parva Item 29 Sep 1459
PTR 1/77, 756X5 Letters of attorney from Pryow and Skynner appointing John Rolff and John Haupele of West Tofts attorneys to deliver seisin in property [as in PTR 1/76/14] to Austy, Wryght and Adam File 29 Sep 1459
PTR 1/78/5, 756X5 Grant from Robert Gojov'n, rector of Westowe, Suffolk to John Leman and John Berdewell, both of Ickworth, of 13½ a. land in Stanford and Buckenham Parva [in diverse pieces as described in PTR 1/78/1] Item 4 Dec 1473
PTR 1/78/10, 756X5 Feoffment from John Rolf of West Tofts and Andrew Hewke of the same place to John Kyme and Richard Browne, both clerks, of 15a. 1r. arable land [described in PTR 1/78/4] which Rolf and Hewke held until recently with John Thelford and William York (now dead); and letters of attorney to deliver seisin to Coo and Frankelyen Item 23 Aug 1476
PTR 1/78/12, 756X5 Letters of attorney from Richard Brown, chaplain, to John Rolf and Andrew Hewke to deliver seisin of lands and tenements [as in PTR 1/78/8] to John Hewer alias Bocher and Thomas Thorysby of [King's] Lynn Item 14 Aug 1480
PTR 1/78/14, 756X5 Feoffment from Sir Thomas Grey, Kt, Robert Austy, Thomas Cheyney, Anthony Austy and John Battysford junior to Thorisby, Hewer [see PTR 1/78/13], Robert Thorisby, gent., John Fyncham son of John Fyncham, lawyer, and Robert Pilly of King's Lynn, merchant, of all their manors, lands and tenements and advowson of Buckenham Parva church in Buckenham Parva, Stanford, [West] Tofts and Lynford; and letters of attorney to John Bloome and John Kytte to take seisin Item 25 Oct 1480
PTR 1/78/15, 756X5 Feoffment from Thomas Thorisby of the Borough of Lenn, merchant, John Hewer of Oxborough, Robert Thorisby, gent., John Fyncham son of John Fyncham lawyer and Robert Pilly to John Radclyff de FitzWalter, Sir Robert Wynfelde, Kt, John Paston, Henry Heydon, Richard Southwell, Henry Spelman, James Hobot and Thomas Fawne of property as in PTR 1/78/14; and letters of attorney to John Hewer junior and John Wattys to deliver seisin Item 25 Jan 1481
PTR 1/78/18, 756X5 Quitclaim by Henry Spelman to Radclyffe de FitzWalter, Wyngefeld, Paston, Heydon, Southwell, Hobert and Fawne of all rights in the Manor of Buckenham Parva, the advowson of the church there, with 490a in Buckenham, Stanford and Lynford, which said premises were the subject of a fine levied by John and Margaret Austy earlier that year Item 15 Jul 1481
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