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Folder entitled 'Dispatches from Horace Walpole dated Paris 1728'

Horatio (Horace) Walpole, 1st Baron Walpole of Wolterton (1678-1757), diplomatist and politician, was Lord Townshend's brother-in-law. These are mostly private letters from Walpole as French ambassador, and from Stephen Poyntz, as one of the plenipotentiaries to the Congress of Soissons. They are addressed to Townshend and his secretary George Tilson, and include some replies. Topics discussed include the progress of the Congress, audiences with Cardinal Fleury, the proposed marriage of Don Carlos and the Archduchess, the possible abdication of the King of Spain, the Dunkirk fortifications, Gibraltar, Mecklenburg, the King of France's smallpox, etc.

Papers, mostly copies, concerning the French Revolution and Napoleon and Far Eastern affairs

Including Mme Daniel's account of the 5 October 1789 and other scenes of the French Revolution; account of the 10 August 1792 by de Durler, Captain of the Swiss Guard; 'Historie des deux soeurs Lanconniers', 1807; account of the death of Sir John Moore, 1809, letter from Captain Cole describing the taking of Banda, 1810; extracts from Colonal Taylor's journals describing storming of Fort Cornelis, the taking of Java etc., 1811-1812, with plans of battles; copy letter from Colonal Scott giving numbers killed in the Hessian Campaign, 1814; accounts of Paris, 1814-1815, and of the Battle of Waterloo, Napoleon's journey to Elba and escape etc.; BOI 308/16 includes proclamation in it, 27 Feb 1815, with a translation by J.C. Franklin added, 2005; letter of G. Ellis describing expedition against pirates in Borneo and dethroning of Sultan, 1813.

Including also translation of account of Bengal by Ibrahim son of Candu, a Malay, nd; copy of letter from General d'Armfelt regarding Gustavus the mad king of Sweden, nd; account of sighting Major Blomberg's ghost with supporting letter of Wilby Steward Rose, nd; report by Alexander Stewart of attack by Malays on the Schooner Sara Prise, nd; begging letter from [William Smail] Clarrlaw near Howicj, asking for bagpipes, 1814; account held 'On the Sutledge 15 January '46' describing a battle with Sikh Cavalry; two letters from Amelia Opie to Sir John and Lady Boileau, 1846 and 1867; drawing of the Boileau arms.

Sir John Peter Boileau; 1794-1869; 1st Baronet, antiquary, Sheriff of Norfolk

Bundle of papers

(1) Elegy on death of Thomas son of Israel Long and brother of Matthew Long, Esq., by John Gardner, Norwich, 1706.

(2) Letter from Charles Potts to his sister Susan Long, that she should use influence to stay action of debt brought against their father by her mother (in law) Mrs Long until he could sell Mannington and pay his debts, with draft reply, 1710.

(3-9, 12) Letters from Robert Britiffe to Mrs Long, announcing her son's marriage to Miss Corrance, re his taking over the house at Dunston, and re Sir Charles Potts' death and affairs, 1724-1731.

(10-11) Letter from E. Howman to Mrs Long, re sudden death, funeral etc. of Sir Charles Potts and disposition of his property, 1731.

(13-14) Letters from Israel Long to his mother Mrs Long, re same and estate matters, 1732.

(15) Note concerning sale of estate late Thomas Davy's at Dunston to Israel Long in 1747.

(16) Letter from Sarah Miller, Weeting, to Mrs Mary Long, re health, mentioning smallpox, 1749.

(17) Account between Richard Neve and Mrs Mary Long re financial transactions, 1740-1751.

(18) Copy agreement between Richard Knight and Mary Long spinster re paying off mortgage on Knight's estate at Weston, Ringland, Attlebridge and Alderford, 1752.

(19-20) Letter from Sara Long to Mrs Long ('Sue'), describing her symptoms (inc. 'snotty nose'), re estate and garden matters and whipping of a woman for stealing geese; enclosing valuation of the Dunston estate, 1761.

(21) Letter from A. Kellett, Mangreen, to her husband 'Kellett' in Bengal, family matters inc. her pregnancy, local news, bewailing his absence and having to live at her father's, 1769.

(22) Acknowledgement by Charles Garneys of receipt from Anne Killett, widow, and Mary Churchman, spinster, of £500 from the estate of Susanna wife of William Churchman of Illington, 1779.

(23) Squib 'Epistola Macaronica ad Fratrem', 1790.

(24) Licence issued by the Archbishop of Canterbury for marriage between William Thomas, Esq., and Nevillia Senior, spinster, at St George's, Hanover Square, 1792.

(25) Dunston estate memoranda, mentioning church repair, 1798.

(26) Extent of estate in Dunston, Newton, Swainsthorpe, Coulton, Rockland, Norwich, Stoke and Wymondham, 1726.

(27) Letter from William Windham to R.C. Long, re 'liberal offer' and 'kind zeal of my friends', 1802.

(28) Table of claimants to (?)Churchman property, (watermark 1806).

(29) Cover addressed to R.C. Long endorsed 'Mrs Dampier', 1807.

(30) Letter from John Walter, Paddesley, Hants., to R.C. Long, re his health, 1808.

(31) Quitrent receipts for rent paid to the manor of Pakenhams in Shropham by R.C. Long, 1814, 1829.

(32) Letter from Henry Bathurst, Bishop of Norwich, to R.C. Long, re proposed arrangement affecting the benefice of Swainsthorpe, 1824.

(33) Account of charges re sale of the Illington estate, 1825.

(34) Plan with elevation for gothic cottage at Illington, before 1825.

(35-36) Route of journey Rotterdam - Cologne - Berne - Geneva - Paris and accounts and notes re same journey, 1829.

(37) Sale particular of the Stoke Holy Cross great tithes and glebe for remainder of lease from the Dean and Chapter of Norwich, 1831.

(38-39) Draft or copy leases of farms at Swardeston and Newton Flotman granted by Revd R.C. Long, 1822, 1832 and undated.

(40) Letter from John Smith to Revd R.C. Long, enclosing £111 from the Radstock Coal Works, referring to the New Work, 1834.

(41) 'Rules for the Game of Briscambille', (early 19th century).

(42) Squib 'Chronicles of Little Glenham', (early 19th century).

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