Papers of the de Carle Smith family Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
ETN 1/23/1/1-14 Personal papers File 1793-20th century
ETN 1/23/2/1-13 Personal papers File 1914-1990s
ETN 1/23/3-10 Albums Series 1936-1987
ETN 1/23/3 Album File 1936-1946
ETN 1/23/7 Album File 1959-1963
ETN 1/23/19/1-3 Photographs File late 19th century-early 20th century
ETN 1/23/20/1-116 Photographs File c 1904-1992
ETN 1/23/21 Photographs File 1936-2001
ETN 1/23/25 Obituary for Mr James Boardman, 1839, filed with a letter to Mrs Boardman from J. Simon, regarding Priscilla Boardman and her onward journey to Dresden, undated [c 1880s-c 1890s] File 1839-c 1890s
ETN 1/23/27 Copy of 'Norfolk Archaeology', Vol. XXXII, Part III File 1960
ETN 1/23/28 Family history notes and research papers relating to the de Carle, and de Carle Smith families File c 1970s
ETN 1/23/31 Research notes File Apr 1982
ETN 1/23/9 Album File 1971-1987
ETN 1/23/11/1-7 Correspondence files File 1968-1979
ETN 1/23/12 Scrapbook File c 1970s
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