Probate Records

The catalogue contains about 260,000 probate name entries covering all the Norfolk courts and types of record - wills, grants of administration and inventories. These names can be searched by one document type or all together. The result list will be arranged chronologically by start date.

Select an option:


  • Use double quotations marks, e.g., "Anne Smith" or "South Lynn".
  • Enter names as Surname, Forename.
  • If the result list is very large, open the Advanced search options and use the Start and End Dates to reduce the size of the result list.


  • For an overview of the probate courts in Norfolk and their records, see Probate records.
  • For guidance on how to use the records for family research, see Wills and probate.
  • For wills proved at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, see the National Archives Research Guide Wills 1384-1858.
  • For probate records of the Archdeaconry of Suffolk and Archdeaconry of Sudbury contact the Suffolk Record Office.