Help: Using the Clipboard

Descriptions of records and name authorities can be saved to the Clipboard, reviewed and exported from the catalogue ready to edit in your preferred text editor.

archival descriptions with clipboard icon

Click on the paperclip icon and basic information from the description is saved to the clipboard: title, identifier, covering dates, level of description and scope and content. Use the identifier to order the document for viewing in our searchroom or to order a copy. If there is no identifier, check the level of description; it may be an aggregate description covering a lot of material.

A counter on the clipboard icon indicates the number of descriptions saved. To view them click on the paperclip and select Go to Clipboard.

It is possible to save the clipboard for another session. Select Save clipboard and make a note of the Clipboard id. To access the Clipboard later use the Load clipboard option with the saved id. Lists will be retained for 14 days.