Help: Genre

Genre terms are indicate the type or form of a record or set of records and can be accessed from the Browse menu.

Browse menu

Viewing a term enables a new set of options on the left of the screen: Treeview, List and Search.

Genre options

  • Treeview displays genre terms as a hierarchy. The triangle to the left of a name indicates the presence of a lower level term. Clicking on these opens the next level below and so on.
  • The List option displays all the terms in alphabetical order.
  • The Search option works like the Search Genre box but wildcards can be used to search for variant spellings: asterisk (*) for multiple characters and question mark (?) for individual characters.


  • Search words can be upper or lower case.
  • If there are too many entries linked to a genre term, make an exact note of the term and use the Advanced Search. In the Advanced Search form, enter the term (use double quotes if a phrase) and select "Genre term" for the In option. Click on Add new criteria and/or use the Date options to limit your search even more.