Help: People and Organisations

We maintain a set of standardised names of people and organisations relating to the catalogue descriptions. It is not a general personal names index.

Most entries are very basic and will point to biographies held elsewhere where known. The names included relate to creators, collectors, managers and administrators of records now held by the Norfolk Record Office. These can be people such as individuals, partnerships, families; or organisations such as businesses, charities, political parties, churches, chapels, manors, protest groups, sport and leisure clubs, amenity groups, and more.

Using these standardised names is a good way of linking descriptions of records from the same source, especially uncatalogued collections.

People and Organisations main page

A large result list can be filtered using the 'Narrow your results by:' menu on the left hand side.

The options are:

  • Entity type, i.e., limit the list to people, organisations or families
  • Maintained by, i.e., limit the list to only those standardised names created and maintained by a repository
  • Occupation, i.e., limit the list to a single occupation, function or role
  • Place, i.e., limit the list to a single place

Please note only the top ten options are displayed for Occupation and Place. Use the up and down arrows to open and close the menu options.


  • Search words can be upper or lower case.
  • Phrases must be in double quotation marks, e.g., "Great Yarmouth Borough".
  • For families, search by family name followed by the word family, e.g., "Hobart family".
  • Hyphenated names are in their given form, e.g., "Beauchamp-Proctor"; so for the family, "Beauchamp-Proctor family".
  • When using the filter, your web browser back button will return you to the original result list.