Help: Using Your Web Browser

It is difficult to give step by step advice to cover every combination of browser and operating system currently available but here are some tips on using your browser with our online catalogue. Your browser Help section may have more information.

1 Page Navigation

Use the Back and Forward buttons to work through pages you have already seen.

Click on the Back and Forward buttons with your mouse right button (if you have one) to display a list of visited pages including previous results lists. Select the one required, rather than clicking a button to move to the next page. Select the entry at the bottom of the list and then right-click again to open another selection.

2 Adjust Font Size

Click on the three vertical or horizontal dots or three horizontal lines at the top right of your screen. Under Zoom, use -/+ to adjust the font size as required.

May only apply to the current tab only.

Hold down the Ctrl button (usually to the bottom left of the keyboard) and move the mouse wheel backwards or forwards. This does not permanently adjust your browser settings but is a quick way to change font and image settings.

3 View Multiple Tabs

Click on the New Tab icon - the plus sign at the top of the screen - and re-open the catalogue.

If you are viewing a result list, you can open a description in a new tab by clicking on the title (in blue) with your mouse right button (if you have one).

4 Copy Text

Place the cursor at the beginning of the required text. Then, holding down the left mouse button, sweep the mouse over the required text and release the left button.

Press Ctrl+C to copy the text. This can then be pasted into your favorite text editor.

5 Expand Text Areas

Large amounts of text are not immediately displayed in the catalogue, especially for the scope and content field. Only the beginning portion can be seen. Click on the button with chevrons to display all the text.

6 Find on Page

Use Ctrl+F to open the search box and the up/down arrows to locate the term or phrase. Make sure to open truncated text first: see above.

7 Clear History

Occasionally it might be useful to clear your browsing history of its NRO entries. Hold down the Ctrl button (usually to the bottom left of the keyboard) and press H. In the displayed list select all the online catalogue entries and then select Delete.