Help: Quick Search

Use the Search box above for a quick any text search by word or phrase.

Quick search option on toolbar

The Search box has a type-ahead facility which will provide suggestions after three characters have been entered, i.e., nothing will be displayed when typing 'a' or 'an' but suggestions will appear for 'ant' such as Antingham or Antarctica. If no entries are relevant, select 'all matching descriptions'.


  • Do not type "Norfolk", "Norwich", "King's Lynn" or "Great Yarmouth" because the result list will be too large to be useful: use Advanced Search instead.
  • Phrases must be in double quotes, e.g., "North Walsham". For personal names try "forename surname" first and then "surname, forename" - note the space and comma.
  • Document references must be in double quotes with a space between the alphabetical prefix and the rest of the reference, e.g., "C/GP 13/3", not "C/GP13/3" or "C/GP/13/3".
  • For wildcards use a question mark (?) for single character and an asterisk (*) for multiple characters. Useful if the exact spelling is unknown, e.g., '*wood' finds Gaywood plus Underwood and others. The single character can be repeated. Useful for uncertain spellings.
  • Search words can be upper or lower case.