Notes on the parish of Swanton Morley, photostats of wills of testators from the parish and miscellaneous charters Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
MC 720/1-2, 792X8 2 charters relating to Wendling File 12th century-13th century
MC 720/18, 792X8 Morgan Thurston, wool chapman Item 6 Nov 1649
MC 720/22, 792X8 Robert Yates Item 1563
MC 720/25, 792X8 Richard Coldham Item 7 Jan 1664
MC 720/4, 792X8 Charter relating to Old Buckenham File 1361
MC 720/5, 792X8 Charter relating to South Creake File 1467
MC 720/19, 792X8 Robert Lawes, yeoman Item 15 Oct 1643
MC 720/22, 792X8 John Coldham Item 1562
MC 720/22, 792X8 Robert Sergeant Item 1563
MC 720/3, 792X8 Charter relating to Longham File 13th century
MC 720/6, 792X8 Petition from Thomas Baron of Winfarthing to the Lord Protector File nd
Photostats of PCC wills of testators from the parish of Swanton Morley Series 1562-1664
MC 720/7-17, 792X8 Notes on the parish of Swanton Morley including a history of the Lincoln family File nd
MC 720/20, 792X8 Thomas Bilby Item 7 Feb 1653
MC 720/21, 792X8 Martin Girling Item 2 May 1619
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