Morses of Lowestoft and Swaffham, Brewers Inventory list

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BR 158/1 Title deeds, mortgages relating to The Cock, South End, Lowestoft conveyed by Henry Piercy to James Brame 19th August 1780, having been conveyed to Piercy by Samuel Berry 19th February 1766 and to Berry by Robert Perrison 4th September 1765. File 1765-1780
BR 158/3 Title deeds relating to messuage in High St., Lowestoft near Queen's Head and Crown conveyed by John Howard to use of John Elph 10th October 1798. With release by John Smith to John Peache of messuage in High St. Lowestoft 26th September 1752. File 1752-1818
BR 158/6 Copyhold papers relating to estate in Lowestoft including Jolly Maltster, Seven Starts, Ferry Boat, Globe, Ship with other tenements, to which John Elph was admitted on sale by trustees under will of James Brame 1811. With abstract of title of Sarah Ann and Harriet White to the properties 1842. File 1747-1842
BR 158/8 Agreement for sale and purchase by Christopher Smith and Melles Mills to Lewis Cooper of 3 copyhold tenements and shoemakers shop on Mariners Lane, Compasses Lane Lowestoft 6th May 1849, with supporting copyhold papers inc. admission of Frederick Morse on surrender of Lewis Cooper 16th November 1857. File 1827-1857
BR 158/9 Copyhold papers relating to tenement in Bell Lane, Lowestoft surrendered by Louisa Percival and Louisa Salter to Frederick Morse 1st May 1873. File 1813-1873
BR 158/14 Title deeds and abstract of title relating to messuage known as the Bath House, Lowestoft conveyed by trustees under will of Thomas Sayer to Emma Sayer 25th March 1884 (plan of property in conveyance) and by her to Amy Sayer 19th November 1889. File 1884-1889
BR 158/10 Copyholds and misc. papers relating to Morse properties in Lowestoft File 1796-1873
BR 158/11 Title deed, abstract of title and requisitions relating to title on 2 parcels of land in Frederick's Place and New Road, Beccles conveyed by Frederick Hayward to Frederick Morse 11th October (plan of property in conveyance). File 1876
BR 158/12 Title deeds, copyhold papers relating to piece of land in Crown Street, Lowestoft abutting premises late called Assembly Rooms and now called Mission Hall surrendered by Mary Salmon to Frederick Morse 29th March 1877. File 1802-1895
BR 158/15 Title deeds etc. relating to premises known as Kent House, Lowestoft File 1824-1889
BR 158/16 Conveyance of warehouse and pickling store on Whapload Road, Lowestoft by Emma Sayer to Amy Sayer 19th November 1889, having been conveyed to Emma by trustees under the will of Thomas Sayer 25th March 1884, to Thomas by Robert Sayer (property described as parcel of land on The Beach) 6th July 1867, and by William Balls and Thomas Allerton to Robert 2nd December 1865. With abstracts of title etc. File 1865-1889
BR 158/17 Conveyance by trustees under will of Henry Woods to Frederick Morse of malthouse and adjoining buildings in High Street, Lowestoft and malthouse in Oulton, Suffolk 27th September 1895. File 1895
BR 158/19 Conveyance of 2 Crown Street, Lowestoft by Ethel Seago and others to Gilbert Morse 14th July 1907 with abstract of title. File 1901
BR 158/2 Release by Revd William Barker, by way of security, of brewing office on High St., Lowestoft and adjoining tenement called Three Mariners 10th October 1785. File 1711-1810
BR 158/4 Copyhold papers etc. relating to George and Dragon, High Street, Lowestoft to which John Elph was admitted on surrender of Mary Moore 14th September 1810. File 1771-1810
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