Miscellaneous Title Deeds and Papers: part 1 Inventory list

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BL/O/E/25, 27 Grants by Robert Clement of East Dereham, yeoman, to Robert Lussher of Foulsham, tanner, of right in Yevering close in Guist File 13 Oct 1572
BL/O/E/26 Grant by William Hawe of Salle, husbandman, to Elizabeth Harlewin, widow, and Avi, her daughter: tenements called Grymbyes in Salle; mention of Lonton Grene. File 18 Apr 1591
BL/O/E/30 Grant by Henry Dabrey of Sharrington, gent., to Edmund Gilberd of Kelling, husbandman: tenements in Thwing [Thurning] File 4 Jan 1559
BL/O/E/35 Grant by Oliver Browne of Norwich, worsted weaver, to William Payne of Salle, husbandman: messuage in Salle at Mersshegate Grene; witnesses: William Gedd, Andrew Gedd. File 10 Apr 1560
BL/O/E/39 Will of Thomas Hawgh of Salle, husbandman, with bequests to parish church and repair of Collington Haven. Birth certificates and receipt enclosed File 5 Jan 1579
BL/O/E/40 Grant by William Hawe of Salle, husbandman, to Thomas Brigham of Hakforde near Reepham, butcher, and others: tenements in Salle, Reepham and Kerdiston File 20 Mar 1579
BL/O/E/45 Grant by Firmin Neave of Wood Dalling, yeoman, and son John Neave of Gray's Inn to John Birde of Witchingham Magna, yeoman: tenements in Thurning including a pightle called le Safferun Yard; mention of fee of Maulmeby, Dunston meadow, Skaytebrigg. File nd [1558x1603]
BL/O/F/1 Grant by Nicholas Legge, clerk, and John Auntell of South Creake, feoffees of John Legge senior of South Creake, to John Heydon, Simon Thorneham, clerk, John Legge junior, John Norton, John Howys, chaplain, and Richard Tibenham: messuage in South Creake at Robynsgrene, and tenement called Banberys, with appurtenances in South Creake and Sisestern; witnesses: William Harde of South Creake, Richard Norton, John Crane senior, Bartholomew Harde and Robert Cowale File 5 May 1456
BL/O/F/3 Grant by Richard Tylney, Edmund Tylney, William Herward, butcher, Bartholomew Harde and Richard Scheryngham of South Creake, to Nicholas Morows, Richard Pentyng, William Cheny and John Bullewer of South Creake: tenements in South Creake at Wodgate; witnesses: Richard Norton, John Norton, Thomas Browne, William Freman, Andrew Tylney File 14 Nov 1463
BL/O/F/9 As BL/O/F/1 File 12 Apr 1456
BL/O/F/12 Grant by Thomas Jeck of Guestwick, butcher, to Robert Drewrye, husbandman, of close in Guestwick File 12 Nov 1582
BL/O/F/16 Grant by Arthur and Thomas Athill of Guestwick, yeomen, to James and Francis Athill of Guestwick, yeomen: Sheepes close and half new close; mention of Callys and Bottom closes, Moregate field manor of Hollwoodhall, Swyngalls Hirne. File 20 Jul 1621
BL/O/F/18 Grant by William Mosse of Wolterton, yeoman, to John More of Ingeworth: tenements in Guestwick. File 24 Sep 1611
BL/O/F/21 Grant by Giles Lambert of Oxnead, gent., to William Mosse of Wolterton, of right in tenements in Guestwick File 5 Dec 1607
BL/O/F/22 Grant by William Tubbinge of Calthorpe, yeoman, to John Moore of Guestwick, yeoman: tenements in Guestwick File 18 Feb 1613
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