Mary Pendlebury Dowson (1800-1877) Inventory list

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ENF/B 3/1-3 Friedrich Becker (1815-1887), Basel: sends accounts for John Dowson at his school at Basel, 1856-1857, regrets early departure of Russell, nd File 1856-1857
ENF/B 8/1-4 Anna Dowson (1814-1860), sister-in-law (daughter of Harry Enfield, wife of Septimus Dowson): Mary's health – I do think you might all be at death's door before we should hear anything about it; sorrow at death of Mary's daughter Susan Dowson – her own father [Harry Enfield] cannot continue much longer, 1845; asks if son Benjamin can stay with Mary during his holiday until they know whether their housemaid has small pox or cow pox, which she developed after vaccination. [ENF/B8/2 has page missing.] File nd [1840s-1850s]
ENF/B 11/1-9 Emily Dowson (1803-1873), sister-in-law, Geldeston: news of children who are staying with her File 1829-1859
ENF/B 14/1-9 Henry Gibson Dowson (1798-1876), husband: visit to breweries with daughter Susan, and to Harry at school in Hove, 1839 [with parts written by Susan Dowson], and in 1842, from Tulse Hill with news of Martineaus, 1853, Llandudno, 1862. File 1839-1862
ENF/B 16/1-8 John Withers Dowson (1800-1879), brother-in-law: Henry's vast debts and his sanguine temperament, 1842, news of Travers Madge, 1845, Henry's health, 1863 File 1837-1863
ENF/B 25/1-27 Childhood letters about lessons, including in Latin, Mrs Turner's school at Lenton Fields, 1844-1845, family news File 1837-c 1849
ENF/B 25/28-42 Her engagement and marriage to Richard Enfield, honeymoon in Scotland File 1850-1853
ENF/B 27/1-4 Susie, Fanny and Mary Enfield, grand-daughters [daughters of Mary Pendlebury Houghton Dowson and Richard Enfield] File nd [1860s-1870s]
ENF/B 31/1-12 Letters from Revd Pendlebury Houghton to his daughter Mary Houghton, later Dowson, principally at Norwich: nd, a poem for Mary as a child; preparations for her following him to London [1809]; copy extract about conversation with a classical scholar turned coachman, nd; his forthcoming journey to Norwich, 1821; news of friends in Liverpool – his leaving is generally expected 5 Oct 1822; his resignation from Paradise Street, is to receive £1025, news of Liverpool friends, 8 Nov 1822; is planning to go to Cromer to see Mary and her husband – they need not enquire for a lodging as he will remain at the inn that night where he is likely to find a bed ‘constantly slept in – the great requisite’, 4 July 1823. File 1808-1823
ENF/B 34 Eliza Kinder [née Enfield], Sutherland House, Weston super Mare: Philip and Russell must remain in Spring Street as long as it suits them. File nd
ENF/B 35 Phebe Lankester, 8 Savile Row: could not possibly bring all the children to stay but they will shortly be at Felixstowe when she and the doctor and perhaps one of their children will be delighted to call. File nd
ENF/B 37/1-16 Caroline Lewis, née Cooper, girlhood friend, wife of Israel Harris Cooper of Gallants, Kent: including list of clothes which the boys will need at Mr Malleson's school (B37/3), education of her son Leyson and Mary's children; Bartlett of Maidstone undertook a slight repair to their electrical machine and broke it all to pieces – the conductor too (B37/8); reading by Charles Kemble (B37/11); great fire at Mr Ellis's oast house at Barming (B37/12), Philip Dowson's decision to go to America (B37/16). File nd [1819-1862]
ENF/B 38/1-2 Leyson Lewis [son of Caroline Lewis], Farleigh: thanks for print, wedding present for self and wife Isabella [Martineau]. File nd [1853]
ENF/B 45 Michael Maurice, 7 Ladbroke Villas: condolences on death [of Susan Dowson] File 23 Mar 1846
ENF/B 49 Mary J. Robberds, Yarmouth: accepts invitation to Geldestone; will stop at Rudham Station and is quite able to walk four or five miles. File nd
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