Manorial and Estate Records and Title Deeds relating to the Hare Estate Inventory list

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HARE 3032A, 201X3 Charter: Grant. John Knape, senior, of Garbeysthorp to William Fyscher of Lyston (Essex), clerk, John Warde of the same and John Fyscher of Stokefey. File 10 Nov 1495
HARE 3037, 201X4 Papers relating to land in Garbeysthorp File nd [early 16th century-mid 16th century]
HARE 3044, 201X4 Charter: Feoffment. John Pycott, gent., to William Butte, Thomas Harpley and Richard Whyte of Garboysthorp. File 4 Mar 1522
HARE 3050, 201X4 Charter: Grant. Edward Whyte of Garboysthorp son and heir of John Whyte of the same to Thomas Harple of the same John Muste and William Gedney of the same. File 9 Mar 1525
HARE 3057, 201X4 Deed of Conveyance Indented File 6 Oct 1533
HARE 3060, 201X4 Charter: Grant. Henry Marten of Watlyngton, wever, and Margareta his wife, to John Wharlton of Garbeysthorpe, yeoman. File 19 Jul 1563
HARE 3076, 201X5 Indenture - Bargain and Sale File 1 Oct 1585
HARE 3077/7, 201X5 Charter: Feoffment. John Seman of Shuldham and Edmund Peris of Wigenhall to John Must of Garbisthorpe, Thomas Peris of Wigenhall, Nicholas Kyrton, John Halle of Rungton holme and William Butt of Garbischthorpe. File 12 Nov 1508
HARE 3078/1, 201X5 Charter Indented: Feoffment. Richard Harpley of Garboisthorpe, yeoman, and Christofer Harpley of the same, husbandman, to Christofer Whighte of the same, husbandman. File 20 Nov 1569
HARE 3078/3, 201X5 Indenture - Bargain and Sale File 4 Jun 1591
HARE 3078/5, 201X5 Letter of Attorney File 20 Apr 1593
HARE 3078/6, 201X5 Deed of Feoffment File 2 Jul 1596
HARE 3078/10, 201X5 Charter Indented: Feoffment. Robert Harpley of Garboisthorp, yeoman, to Richard Smith of Lenne Regis, grocer, and another. File 14 May 1599
HARE 3079/1, 201X5 Charter: Feoffment and Confirmation. Thomas Harple son and heir of Thomas Harple of Garboysthorp, dec'd, to Richard Whyte of the same, John Harple, senior, and others. File 26 May 1524
HARE 3080/4, 201X5 Deed of Release File 16 Oct 1585
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