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  • A rental is a document listing tenants and rents payable, often used repeatedly over a period of years.
  • Where an estate contained a group of manors, estate rentals, although not manorial documents, should be included here for the information on manorial tenants which they may contain.
  • A further description of the subject of the rental may be included. For example, copyhold, cottage rents.

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  • A keyword used by TNA Manorial Records Project (Norfolk) 2013.

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'Liber Anthony Harrison Clerici Rectoris Catfeldehsis propria manu transcript in usum E[pisco]porum Norwicensium anno aetatis sua currentis septuagesimo inchoat 13 November 1632.'


First six folios are unnumbered, containing the title page, an index and a page of quotes concerning the founding of St Benet's Abbey.

f.1 note concerning Harison's date of birth, 28 November 1565.

ff. 1-8 Charter confirming ancient charters of St Benet's belonging to the bishopric of Norwich, 1565.

f.8 Exceptions against the election of a Bishop of Norwich.

ff. 9-13 Statutes concerning the transfer of the bishopric of Norwich manor and estates to the Crown and their replacement with those of St Benet's, 1536, 39 Elizabeth.

ff. 14-16 Valor of the bishopric's spiritualities and temporalities, nd [? temp. Henry VIII].

ff. 16-17 Privy Seal for stalling the first fruits of the bishopric for four years, 1603.

ff. 17-18 Certificate of the First Fruits Office for the composition of the bishop of Norwich's fruits, 1603, with notes.

ff. 18-19 Case re bishop's house on Channon Rowe, Westminster.

f. 19 Copy of a letter to the Chief Baron [of the Exchequer] re payments for tenths, 1606.

ff. 19-20 Statute of exchange of bishopric lands, 1559.

ff. 21-23 Dishcarge of the Tenths of the Bishop of Norwich by exchange and sale of the manors of Southborne and Swanton, 1569.

ff. 24-29 List of pensions, synodals, alms, tenths, stipends etc. and other issues of the bishopric extant on 2 August 1610 as found by Harrison, bishop's secretary.

ff. 30-33 Notes and copies of documents re discharge of arrears upon the bishopric due from Blackborough Priory, 1610.

f. 34 Application for discharge of payment of impost of wine, 1610; list of archbishop's and bishop's annual new year gift to the King.

f. 35 Notes concerning contribution to royal aid, 1609, and certainties collected by the bailiffs of Happing hundred, 1614.

ff. 36-48a Charters augmenting land to the bishopric on the translation of Thoman Thirlbie, 1550.

ff. 48b-50a Blank

ff. 50b-52 Indenture between Bishop Rugg and John Corbet the elder Esq. re manor of Woodbastwick and Chambery Hall and rectory of Woodbastwick, 1545.

ff. 52-53 Indenture between Bishop Rugg and John Huse, one of his servants, concerning Bacons manor in Ludham, 1545.

ff. 53-54 Concerning a lease of land in Catfield and Ludham, 1608.

f. 55 Bacons manor rental, 6 Edward VI.

ff. 55-59 Various leases of land in Ludham, 1544-1546, 1577, 1589, 1592, 1608, 1615.

ff. 60-68 Audit account, 1612, temporalities and spiritualities.

ff. 68-73 Annotations and explanations to audit accounts, 1612.

f. 74 Blank.

ff. 74-75 Benefices in collation or nomination of the Bishop of Norwich after the exchange, nd [temp. Henry VIII].

ff. 76-77 Extent and valuation of Bacons manor in Ludham, Catfield and Potter Heigham, nd.

f. 77 Notes on St Benet's Abbey, Antingham manor and rectory, the demise of manors in Alderton, and appropriations of Ludham, Potter Heigham, Barton Turf, Happisburgh, Wormegay and Wingfield, and Horning rectories.

f. 78 Valuation of the four archdeaconries with deaneries in each; note re creation of South Elmham deanery, a peculiar jurisdiction granted a special commissary, who sat in the bishop's place as Ordinary at the assizes and quarter sessions in Suffolk; a patent of the commissary of S. Elmham and Melfield granted to the bishop's subordinary, 1603, 1609; list of parishes in S. Elmham deanery; notes on demise of manors in Thurne, Ashby and Oby.

ff. 79-98 Notes with page references to leases and other matters relating to: Ashmanhaugh tithes and rectory, Ludham audit roll, manor of Bacons in Ludham, manor of Bastwick and Chambrie Hall, Banningham and Tuttington, appropriations of Barton Turf rectory, Beeston Kybalds, Belaugh, pensions paid to the farmer of the bishop's pensions, Ingoldisthorpe, Blackborough, Burnham Overy and Burnham Thorpe, Burston, Catfield, Calthorpe, Caister, 'the bishop's house at Channon Rowe' charters, apportionment of responsibilities for upkeep and repair of churches, cellerars, Clippesby, counterparts of leases, Coltishall, Wingfield College, composition between the abbot and his tenants at Ludham, courts and court rolls, coroner of the bishop of Norwich, N. Creake, Cromer, Curples in W. Dereham, Dagworth Sorrells Earle House in Alderton Beckling in Snape, Drayton, Dersingham, Dean and Chapter of Norwich, Dereham, dilapidations, Earlham, Edgemere, manor of Kerdeston, Neathershall, Erpingham, Easton, E. Watton, grand courts in E. Winch, exceptions, fees taken by Bishop Jegon and his officers (ff. 84-85) (institutions and collations, resignations, letters of orders, personal unions, submission of recusants certified, licences, sequestration), Felmingham, Felthorpe, Taverham, Uphall Tollthorpe, Hellesdon and Drayton, (inc. advowsons of Drayton, Taverham and Felthorpe), Ludham Hall fire, 1611 (f. 87), demise of Ludham Park and other grounds, and the dilapidations there after death of Bishops Jegon and Overall (ff. 88-90), first fruits, Flegg conventuals, Snorings manor in Flitcham, fold course sheep course, Foulsham, Gresham Hall, Grand court, Grashaw, Gunthorpe Wells, Happisburgh, Hautbois, Scottow and Little Hautbois, Hardale, Herbage, Hevingham, Hickling, Heigham (inc. watermills), Eaton, Heigham Potter inc. tithes and herbage and a description of Harison's books and dealings with various bishops (f. 96).

ff. 98-102 Bailiffs accounts, 1626, for Heigham, Hellesdon, Drayton with Taverham, Tolthorpe with Felthorpe, Horning, Neatishead with the manor of Burwood, Ludham manor with media curia, Ludham conventuali, Ludham Bacons, Potter Heigham, Flegg conventuals, N. Walsham, N. Walsham conventuali, Thurgarton with Skyton Hall, Thurgarton conventuali, Cromer, bailiffs's and farmer's charges.

ff. 103-110 Catfield leases, 1610, 1628 (ff. 104-109 blank).

ff. 111-127 Bailiff's accounts, 1565 for Horning, Horning convent, Hospital next to St Benet's, Neatishead, Neatishead convent, Ludham, Ludham convent, Potter Heigham, Flegg convent, N. Walsham, N. Walsham convent, N. Walsham rectory, Thurgarton, Thurgarton convent, Hoveton St John, Heigham, Heigham convent, Tibenham, Shotesham, Stoke Holy Cross, Thornham, Langham, Thurne, Ashby and Oby, Felmingham rectory, Antingham, Redenham, Scottow, Worstead, Tunstead hundred, Ingham grange, Walcott rectory, Ingham rectory, Wells and Gunthorpe, Dersingham rectory, Ludham Bacons, Hellesdon, Drayton, Taverham, Felthorpe, Tolthorpe, Laxham in Howton, Graunchehall in Wiveton, Peterston (manor in the villages of Holkham, Creake, Wavehem, Edgmere and Barsham), Duling Cross, Kerdeston and Ketherhall in E. Ruston, Blackborough, N. Creake, Happisborough rectory, Burston Hall, Snoring in Flitcham, E. Walton, Wormegay late Priory, Grauntcoates in E. Winch, Carples in W. Dereham, Cagworth, Stonestrat, Wingfield and Bacons in ? Ipswich, pensions, synodals.

ff. 127-138 Rentals for Ludham, Potter Heigham, Walton Hammell in Catfield, Bacons in Ludham, Walton Hall, Horning, Neatishead, 6 Edward VI, 1614 and nd.

ff. 139-140 Terrier of Oxendalls, Kendalls and Hardfleet, nd.

f. 140 Exceptions against the Dean and Chapter of Norwich and their desire to be justices of the peace both within and without the close; note on Dean Suckling, 1627.

ff. 141-143 Potter Heigham dragg, nd.; and notes on other land in the parish.

f. 144 Note concerning previous tenants of Harison's property inc. Thomas Caborne, Bishop Jegon's secretary and 'servant' to Bishop Scambler; N. Walsham rental, 6 Edward IV.

ff. 145-151 Compositions involving the Abbot of St Benet's, 1305, 1518, 1522; notes on Hellesdon glebe and the 'mesne' court of the bishop of Norwich and Lord Abergavenny for Sutton Outsoken manor (f. 147 missing).

ff. 152-171 Horning terrier, 1461/62.

ff. 172-173 Potter Heigham vicarage, 1354.

ff. 174-178 Valuation of the bishopric, 2 or 3 Edward VI.

f. 178 Note and verse re Bishop Rugg.

ff. 179-181 Lease to treasurer of First Fruits Office, 1549; grant of annuity by the King to Bishop Rugg and a discharge of all dilpidations and ruins made in the bishopric, 1549; grant of annuity by Abbot of St Benet's to the master of the ? charnel-chapel in Norwich, 1494.

ff. 182-185 Valuation of the bishopric, 1556-1557.

ff. 186-190 Bailiffs', farmers' and collectors' accounts for various manors. c 1556.

ff. 191-201 Potter Heigham terrier, 1569-1571.

ff. 201-202 Notes re waste land in Ludham, Potter Heigham and Catfield; re exchange of Hickling Priory for Ingham Grange, 1535; re a statute of Richard II concerning appropriations; valuation of Waxham.

ff. 203-206 Blank.

f. 206 List of bishop's of Norwich up to Corbet.

f. 207 Description of the bishopric arms; valuation of bishoprics in England and Wales with number of parishes in each, nd.

ff. 208-209 Blank.

ff. 209-210 Documents at the Bishop's Palace not destroyed in the Ludham fire in 1611.

f. 210 Potter Heigham, lease, 1630; barley rents due in 1631, Ludham, Potter Heigham, Catfield and N. Walsham.

ff. 211-215 Blank.

f. 215 ? Sermon notes.

ff. 216-222 Blank.

ff. 222-223 Parsonages and vicaries in collation of the bishop of Norwich.

f. 224 Blank.

ff. 225 Ludham appropriation, 1220

ff. 226-227 Receivers' account for all bishopric manors and estates, 1602.

ff. 228, 229 Blank.

ff. 229-230 Index.

ff. 230-231 Barley and wheat rents due c 1605.

ff. 231-232 Blank.

f. 233 Account of a pension paid out of Redenham and Hoveton St John manors, nd.

ff. 234-239 Lease of lands to Elizabeth I, 1588.

f. 240 Demises of property in Norwich, c 1542, c 1610.

f. 241 Articles of agreement between Bishop Jegon and his gardener at the Bishop's Palace, 1608; and with a beer brewer re the Palace brewhouse, 1613.

f. 242 Leases re Lord Curzon's Ipswich house, 1582, 1594.

ff. 242-245 Patents for the Keeper of the Palace, 1588, porter of the Palace gates, 1588, the keeping of Ludham Hall park and wood, 1543, court understewardship, 1592, chief stewardship and understewardship, 1593.

f. 246 Notes concerning the actions of later bishop's contesting the stewardship appointments.

ff. 246-247 Receivers' accounts.

ff. 247-248 Patents for the auditorship, 1601, and surveyorship, 1577.

ff. 249-254 Patents for manorial bailiwicks, 1590, 1596, 1601.

ff. 254-262 Patents for 'plumer' of the Bishop's Palace, 1590, the keeping of Horning Wood, 1605, the chancellorship of the consistory court, 1589 (with memo. re replacement of court officials by new bishops), the Bishop's chief apparitor, 1592, the commissary of Norwich granted to Dr Burman, 1603, the commissaries of the Archdeaconries of Norfolk, 1587, and of Suffolk, 1589 and 1596, the registership of the Archdeaconry of Sudbury, 1597, the bailiwick of Gunthorpe and Wells, 1546-1547; lease of Cromer manor, 1608.

f. 263 The days of the Bishop's manor courts and the prerequisites, 1590.

f. 264 Pensions, c 1588.

f. 265 Testimony from 1418 Bishop's Visitation re abbot of Holme's 'enter' rights.

ff. 265-269 Extracts from Bibl. Cotton mainly re portions, tithes and rents.

ff. 269-272 Return of commissioners, inc. Bishop Jegon, appointed by the King to investigate a controversy between the City and the Dean and Chapter of Norwich re the extent of the precinct over Holme Street and the assessment for the fifteenth, 1605.

ff. 272-273 Composition of the Abbot of St Benet's for the haywardship of his tenants of Neatishead manor, 1522.

f. 274 Land in Catfield and Ludham not demised to Elizabeth I.

[foliation ends] Demises of land in Horning, 1545, 1547 (inc. Horning Hospital), N. Walsham, Hoveton St John, Hoveton St Peter, Thurgarton, Ashmanaugh, Antingham manor and tithes, Redenham manor, Scottow and Lt. Hautbois, Drayton and Taverham, Felthorpe, Hellesdon, Earlham, Alderton, manors of Gunthorpe and Wells.

'Liber propria manu sua scriptus, in usum Epo[rorum] Norwicensium anno aetatis sui currentis septuagesimo'

Compiled between c 13 November 1632 (f.1) -c 8 June 1636 (f. 319)


ff. 1-2 pp. 3-25 Lease between Bishop Scambler and Queen Elizabeth concerning various bishopric lands and by her assigned to Sir Thomas Hennage, 1588.

pp. 26-30 Indenture between Sir William Paston and the Abbot of St Benet's concerning Chamberer's Marsh near Postwick Marsh in Runham the rent for which to be paid out of Garbridge Marsh, 1517.

pp. 31-32 Notes concerning marshes and pastures called Spurnings, common land used by the inhabitants of Ludham, Catfield and Potter Heigham and Heigham Holmes in Potter Heigham.

pp. 33-37 Composition between Hugo de Veer Lord Abergavenney and the Abbot of St Benet's, 1305.

pp. 37-42 Composition of the Release of the Heywardship of Ludham manor by the Abbot of St Benet's to the manorial tenants, 1518.

pp. 43-46 Memo describing losses through fire at Ludham Hall, 1611.

p. 46 Memo concerning an earlier fire at Ludham Hall in 1450.

p. 47 Extracts from Holinshed's 'Chronicle' and Camden's 'Britannia' concerning the building of St Benet's Abbey, plus Harison's verse 'What good was deemed six hundered yeares now paste'.

pp. 48-51 Charter of Edward the Confessor granting churches, manors and lands etc. to St Benet's Abbey, nd.

p. 51 Notes re charter of confirmation by Richard I (of Scottow and Lammas in particular); charter of confirmation of Henry (?) of free warren and demesne lands of the Abbot [parishes given]; and charter of appropriation of Barton Turf rectory granted by Richard II [all cross-referenced to a Book of Charters].

pp. 51-52 Extracts from the Statute of Appropriations, 15 Richard II c. 6 [1392].

p. 52 Memo concerning the exchange between Bishop Rugge and William Woodhouse of the site and premises of the late priory of Hickling and the parsonages of Ingham and Walcot lately appropriated to Ingham Priory, 1543.

p. 53 Benefices in the presentation of the Abbot of St Benet's in Waxham deanery appropriated to the Abbot before the statute of Richard II, and vicarages valued in the Papal office of First Fruits.

p. 54-56 Statute transfering bishopric lands to the crown, 27 Henry VIII [1535].

pp. 56-59 Alienation of Hickling Priory, manor and rectory and exchange of Ingham Grange, 1542, with leases of latter, 1545, 1584, 1596.

pp. 60-62 Release of the Haywardship of Potter Heigham manor, 1518.

pp. 63-67 Demises of a farm called Bearfootes in Horning, 1547, the site of Horning manor, 1545, and Horning Hospital, 1545.

pp. 68-75 Blank

pp. 76-78 Schedule of lands demised in Potter Heigham, with the manor and parsonage, to Robert Baspoole by Dorothy Redmaine and her son in law, 1629.

p. 79 Page references re Potter Heigham.

pp. 80-104 Potter Heigham terrier, with index, nd, [? temp. Bishop Parkhurst].

pp. 105-316 Blank

pp. 317-319 Appropriation of Ludham vicarage, 1214.

p. 319 Note concerning an incomplete personal union at Catfield, 1537.

pp. 320-321 Blank

pp. 322-327 Copy of unprinted statute re exchange of bishopric lands and leases, 1559, and royal writ taking manors of Swanton Abbot and Sudbourne (Suffolk) into Crown hands in lieu of tenths, 1559.

pp. 328-331 Leases for Barton parsonage, 1542, 1604; Beeston Kybalds manor, 1537, 1543.

pp. 334-335 Extract from Statute of Appropriations, 15 Richard II c. 6; appropriation of Barton Turf, 1394.

pp. 336-337 Charter of Henry III granting rights of warren to the Abbey of St Benet's, 1253.

pp. 338-339 Memo re the bishop of Norwich's lordship of Catfield Walton Hall manor and the rights dues; page references to Bacons manor in Ludham; note concerning lease of land of Ludham manor, nd.

pp. 340-342 Blank

p. 343 Page references for Bacons manor in Ludham.

pp. 344-366 Leases, valuations, extents and particulars of land held of Bacons manor in Ludham, Catfield, Potter Heigham, Clippesby and Salhouse, 1545-1628, inc. a rental of Bacons manor in Ludham, 1552, and a charter (pp. 353-360) of exchange of the manors of Woodbastwick and Chamberers Hall and the appropriated rectory of Woodbastwick for Bacons manor in Ludham between Bishop Rugg and John Corbett the elder, 1545.

pp. 367-372 Missing

pp. 373-375 Blank

p. 376 Note on a statute concerning husbandry, nd [temp. Henry VII].

Ryburgh and Stibbard: court books and rentals

Court books for Stibbard, 1582-90, 1596-1601; Little Ryburgh Horsham St Faith, 1588, 1598-1600; Little Ryburgh Paveles 1600-1; Scarning Hall with Dillington, 1588-97. With rentals for Scarning Hall 1549, 1583; and terrier for Little Ryburgh Paveles, renewed 1479.

Stibbard Manor; 1189-1925; Stibbard, Norfolk

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