(Lucy) Alice Enfield (1849-1923) Inventory list

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ENF/T 6/1-3 Honora 'Nora' Enfield (1882-1935), daughter: in Italy with the Gigliolis, 1914 File 1914-1917
ENF/T 7/1-3 Joyce Enfield b 1895), daughter: visit to Leiden, nd; in Italy with the Gigliolis, 1914, etc. File 1914
ENF/T 8/1-21 Ralph Roscoe Enfield (1885-1973), son File 1890s-1921
ENF/T 9/1-10 Constance Giglioli (English wife of Italo Giglioli), Portici, Pisa: news of husband and children; her father, a High Church clergyman, would be distressed to know that their children are unbaptised; 1914 asks Nora and Joyce to stay with them in Cutigliano in the Appennines (with note on the envelope that the girls accepted this kind invitation little dreaming of the awful events coming and were detained there for ten weeks); 1916, death of Alice's brother [Arthur] 'after his long twilight', son George has gone to the military school at Caserta, Lilia is assistant in the American school in Rome; 1919, shortages of food in Italy and they are having to export all their coal; 1920, last illness and death of Italo Giglioli, his friendship for Arthur Lawford and his love for Alice; 1922, visit of Ralph and his wife, doesn't think she can travel to England again. File 1891-1923
ENF/T 4/1-23 Ernest William Enfield (1849-1925), husband: love letters from Nottingham before their marriage in Jan. 1881, 1880 (12); 1900 (1); choice of Leif Jones [later lord Rhayader] to stand for Rushcliffe, 1909-1910 (8); Ralph [their son] has practically the whole supply of acids for England in his hands and has four assistants so he is 'doing his bit', nd (1) File 1880-1909
ENF/T 5 [Fanny Enfield] (1857-1931), cousin: gives details of Enfield family tombstones in graveyard of Renshaw Street Chapel, Liverpool File 1902
ENF/T 10/1-8 Italo Giglioli (1852-1920), agricultural chemist: condolences on deaths of members of Lawson family, news of his own family, European politics, reminiscences, photograph, 1919, printed notice of death [in Italian] 1920, with translation. File 1897-1920
ENF/T 16-18 Jane Lawford (1822-1897), mother: letters to Mrs Lawford about Alice's engagement from F.A. Lewin and Rose E. McDonnell, niece, 1880 (2); John L. Lawford (1818-1908), father, Boulogne, 1859 (7), letter to 'dear father' from Alice, [1886] but probably to her husband, E.W. Enfield; Percy Lawford (1847-1919), brother, nd (1), letter to Percy from B. Donkin, St Ann's Manor, Sutton Bonnington, Loughborough, about horses, nd. File 1859-[1886]
ENF/T 19/1-35, 36-61, 62-107, 108-112 (William) Douglas Lawford (1856-1940), brother, and wife Annie, Margate: letters to Alice and Ernest Enfield about their financial difficulties, payment of school fees, debts and risk of imprisonment, etc., with draft replies and letters from others, including Dr J.B. Lawford, Harley St, Henry and Mary Worthington, Bindon Wellington, Somerset, James W. Reid, 36 & 37 Gt St Helen's, London, A.R. Butterworth, 7 Fig Tree Court, Temple, etc., many about possible fortune to be made through sub-marine telegraphic cable to the Cape, proposed agreement with Siemens, withdrawal of his partner Mr Bevan, an American, 1902, growing apples at Tunbridge Wells, Admiral Beresford is sending his letters to naval intelligence, 1904 File 1898-1904
ENF/T 30/1-32 Letters to Alice and Ernest Enfield about Ralph's academic progress [original bundle] File 1902-1910
ENF/T 11/1-3 Lilia Giglioli b 1887), daughter of Italo and Constance: teaching in Folkestone – has joined the Folkestone Music Society but it is awful and quite hopeless, 1911; family news, values their family friendship, applauds splendid movement of the fascismo, 1921, family news, has seen Ralph and wife, 1922. File 1911-1922
ENF/T 12-14 Sarah Gray (1860-1941), 21 Regent Street, Nottingham: regrets their move from Burton Joyce; glad and thankful for their friendship, 1919; M[argaret Lady?] Holland, Knutsford news (before 1881); Dorothea Hunt, with photographs of wedding (of Arthur Enfield and May Hunt), 1922. File 1919-1922
ENF/T 15 Arthur G. Lawford (1850-1916), brother: 2 letters from his sister Alice (later Enfield) in France, 1874, and about her engagement ' I can't think how I could have married G! but I shall always be interested in his beautiful mind', 1880; from Arthur at St Andrew's Hospital (St Andrew's Hospital for Mental Diseases from 1887), Northampton, a series of disturbed letters which improve progressively, 1881. File 1874-1881
ENF/T 32 Diary of L.A.E., mainly about upbringing and development of her children, 1888-1893, typescript of a play, misc. scraps, notes, photos, etc., File 1888-1894
ENF/T 1 R.A. Armstrong, Sherwood Rise, 1883; Berny [servant], 1921. File 1883, 1921
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