Leslie Hall collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
MC 3502/2 Widdow Nevell's petition File 1758
MC 3502/11 Printed list of Mayors File 18th century
MC 3502/15 Transfer of Hunstanton Lighthouse to Trinity House File 19th century
MC 3502/1 Bills for repair of King John Cup File 1749-1750, 1770
MC 3502/3 Letter of acceptance File 1759
MC 3502/6 Freeman Certificate File 1781
MC 3502/7 Printed copy of loyal address to the King File 1803
MC 3502/8 Bill for damages to Duke's Head Hotel File 1822
MC 3502/9 Copy of address given for the opening of Grimsby docks File 19th century
MC 3502/10 Mayoral Seal File 19th century
MC 3502/12 Partial Letter File 17th century
MC 3502/4 Act creating Port Trustees File 1764
MC 3502/5 Sale of pews in St Margaret's File 1774
MC 3502/13 Letters Patent of Charles II File 1662-1663
MC 3502/14 Oil consumption accounts File 1794-1832