Ketton and Ketton-Cremer Families Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
WKC 6/382, 403X8 Bank book File 1852-1854
WKC 6/387, 403X8 Bank book File 1863-1866
WKC 6/389/1-5, 403X8 Bundle of paper re stocks and shares File 1845-1846
WKC 6/390, 403X8 Petty ledger File 1863-1872
WKC 6/392/1-4, 403X8 Vouchers File 1863-1872
WKC 6/394, 403X8 Uncompleted questionaire re Rectory of Felbrigg and Metton, with covering letter File 1864
WKC 6/480 Inventory of contents of Felbrigg Hall File 1863
Rachel Goose Sub-sub-series 1870
WKC 6/404, 403X9 Copy of her will proved File 1870
WKC 6/412, 403X9 Accounts of Edmund Hervey's purchases of malt, barley, sacks etc. 1674-1678; with accounts of farm at Shimpling, 1831 File 1674-1831
WKC 6/418, 403X9 Part of will of Thomas Hook of Beeston Regis File 1733
WKC 6/421, 403X9 Copy of letters from Francis Wilde in Bengal to his parents File 1776-1783
WKC 6/426, 403X9 List of books packed at Plaistow File 1801
WKC 6/428/1-3, 403X9 Papers re executorship of will of William Clabburn of Norwich File 1811-1813
WKC 6/450, 440X8 Key of plan of Rome File 18th century
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