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Photographs of (mainly) Norfolk windmills. Includes Harry Apling's collection of photo albums, most of which include an index at the front of each volume. The vast majority of these images are photographs taken of the mill at a particular date but a small number feature earlier representations (e.g. in maps, paintings and bosses). The information provided in the 'Date' field therefore refers to the date of the content of the photograph.

Papers mainly relating to the history of the Cathedral collected by W.T. Bensly, chapter clerk, 1869-1909. Included are papers of L.G. Bolingbroke, chapter clerk, 1909-1927, and Bensly's son-in-law.

Papers mostly dating from the late 1870s-c 1907 but with some earlier material. The following are included: notes for addresses by Bensly to learned societies, on Cathedral history to the Huguenot Society, 1888, on the Tanner MSS, 1891, and on the cathedral archives; notes on military flags in the Cathedral, the Bauchan Chapel, its bosses and its restoration, 1873-1907; offprint from 'Norfolk Archaeology' vol. 8 on sealed altar slab and letter from Sewell re inscription at Denham, Suffolk, naming Prior William de Kirkebi as donor, 1879; drawings and rubbings of masons' marks in Cathedral, 1893; list of Chapter Clerks, 1660-1870; refs. to altars in Cathedral, 1274-1343; papers, photos and plan rel. to printed reports by Bensly and W. St John Hope re 'unflaking' of Nave and associated discoveries inc. drawings of pattern of mass-vestments found in Bishop Lyhart's grave, 1898-1899; proof copy of 'Memorials of Old Norfolk' by Bensly, 1907-1908; texts of lectures by Prof. Willis to the Archaeological Institute, 1847, and by L.G. Bolingbroke on history of Close, 1916, the latter with MS plans; letters from the S.P.A.B. protesting against work to the West Front with copy report by W. St John Hope, 1880, and letters from Hope attacking proposed arrangement of Choir, 1892 ('Mr Pearson must be kept out of Norwich'); correspondence with Dean Kitchin of Durham on Norwich Cathedral statutes, 1900, and with Revd A. Clark on ballad of 1601 describing the Cathedral, 1905; letters from Archdeacon Nevill, Dean Goulburn, Augustus Jessopp, William Hudson and Fred Johnson; transcript of notes of arms and monument in the Cathedral by the 16th century herald Henry Chitting; newscuttings relating to the history of the Cathedral and events connected with it, e.g. the 800th anniversary, 1896, Bishop Pelham's death, 1894, controversy over reduction of Minor Canons' stipends, 1893; interior and exterior photographs of the Cathedral and Close inc. of Presbytery pier showing Norman work below later floor line, grave in which signet ring of c 1520 was found, opened 1899, figure of Sir Thomas Erpingham, from Erpingham Gate, and No. 67, Upper Close; printed order of 1716 regulating mode of repairing Chapter property; copy of poem of 1781 on desecration of Cathedral burial ground; printed 19th century poem on the Cathedral by W.L. and printed poems on H.J. Minns the Cathedral suicide, 1880, and in memory of Bishop Pelham by T.P. Perowne, 1896; transcript of Sacrist's burial register, 1703-1773; rough sketch by Brakspeare for restoration of flying buttress, and drawing for Bishop's crook, nd; various prints of the Cathedral inc. circulars advertising reproductions of paintings of it, nd.

Augustus Jessopp; 1823-1914; clergyman and historian; Scarning, Norfolk

Notes on the history of Bixley, with special reference to the church, by Leslie Fenn, c 1975-1989

Includes photostats of parts of Faden's Map of Norfolk, 1797, and Bryant's Map of Norfolk, 1826, showing Bixley; transcripts of Bixley baptism register, 1814-1893, and marriage registers, 1561-1738; notes on Bixley records, c 1294-1981; list of churchwardens, 1848-1926, and of overseers, surveyors and church constables, 1862-1894; Fenn's booklet on the history of Bixley church; photographs of church including interior and monuments, 19th century-20th century; notes on the Ward family of Bixley including family tree and list of entries in Bixley parish registers; copy photographs of Bixley Hall (one of originals dated 1854); extracts from the Bixley Enclosure Award of 1805.

Photocopy of an agreement between the Prior and Convent of Bromehill (in Weeting) and the Mayor, Burgesses, Tenants, Merchants and Residents of Thetford concerning the toll, stallage and picage of Bromehill Fair

With colour photographs of the seal showing the mitre (referrring to Archbishop Thomas a Becket, the priory's patron saint). Formerly in collections of Thomas Martin and Sir Thomas Phillipps. Copied 12 Dec 1994.

Photograph album of Norfolk windmills: L-R

Mills included are:
North Lopham windmill (5 photographs) nd
Ludham mill, How Hill (1 photograph) 1970
Mattishall Mill Street windmill (2 photographs) nd, 1972
Little Melton windmill (1 photograph) nd
Methwold Brandon Road windmill and showing on 16th century map (2 photographs), c 1907, nd
Middleton Blackborough End windmill (2 photographs) 1927, nd
Mileham windmill (1 photograph) 1970
Mulbarton windmill Common and Norwich Road (8 photographs) 1934, nd
Neatishead windmill (2 photographs) nd
Necton windmill (3 photographs) c 1900, 1971
Norwich (50 photographs): Norwich Cathedral boss of windmill, nd; Bracondale windmill (including images of pictures dated 1829 and 1844) nd; Black Mill, Mousehold Heath (photographs of drawings of 1830 and nd); Black Tower, Carrow Hill (photographs of drawings of c 1780, 1829 and nd) and nd; Upper Hellesdon (after fire of 1913); Peafield, Lakenham, 1893, 1970, 1973; Plumstead Road Mill (photographs of drawings of 1723, 1792, c 1810 and nd) nd; Kett's Castle, Mousehold Heath (photograph of Cotman drawing of c 1809-1810); Pockthorpe Mills (including photographs of 2 maps of 1558 and 1585) nd; Magdalen Gates, Pockthorpe, nd; Sprowston windmill (shows location near shops, includes photograph of Cotman drawing) 1930, 1932, 1933, nd; Trowse windmill (photographs of drawings) 1806, c 1827.
Oby Drainage mill (1 photograph) 1973
Palling windmill (5 photographs) 1970, nd
Paston windmill (4 photographs) 1920, 1962
Poringland High Mill (1 photograph) nd
Potter Heigham windmill (2 photographs) nd
Pulham Market (3 photographs) nd
Reedham windmill, Berney Arms (12 photographs, including of drawing by C.H. Harrison, 1874) c 1890, pre 1957, 1960, 1973, nd.
Ringstead windmill (1 photograph) 1976
Rockland St. Peter windmill (3 photographs) c 1930, 1970, 1975
Roughton windmill (3 photographs) nd
East Rudham windmill (2 photographs) nd
Runhall windmill (2 photographs) 1935, nd
East Runton windmill (3 photographs) 1970, nd
East Ruston windmill (3 photographs) nd
East Ruston High Mill postmill (2 photographs showing mill in ruins) nd.

Photographic survey of Norfolk windmills

The vast majority of photographs are mounted on 8 inches by 5 inches record cards. Many of these are prints from the negatives obtained by Philip Unwin from old photos of working mills and housed in the Colman Rye Library of Local History at Norwich Central Library. Others are black and white photos derived from colour slides of the state of the mills externally and of what machinery remains in some of them. Altogether these amount to just over 600 photographs. Each record card includes information about the donor and the date (where known).

Yaxham Allsorts: notes copied from Yaxham Parish Papers

Photocopies of documents including: Yaxham deeds, some le Churchcroft in le Campingland 1487-1789; extracts from Yaxham wills 15th-17th centuries and notes on Yaxham wills 15th-16th centuries; Yaxham Enclosure Award, Map and Statement of Claims 1810; notice re registering births and deaths 1837; churchwardens' bills 1840-1844; Mitford and Launditch Poor Law Union notice re smallpox vaccination 1841; deeds of Yaxham School 1843, 1850, 1903; parochial assessment 1869-1870; photograph of Canon Johnson of Yaxham and his sons 1899 with newspaper cuttings on him, the church, the Cowper Congregational Church and Cowper memorial 20th century; papers re charities 19th-20th centuries; minutes and accounts of coronation festivities and poster for Coronation sports 1911; letter re parish room 1924; faculty for bells 1957; plan of churchyard naming known graves 1965; terrier 1980. With transcripts of Yaxham banns 1825-1900 and marriages 1892-1917; leaflet on Yaxham Church [20th century]; list of Yaxham place names with notes on where references to them are to be found nd.

Photographs of a bargain and sale of timber and wood from Whitacreborowe Wood [Wheatacre Burgh Wood]

In return for £120, Katherine, Duchess of Suffolk conveys to Osbert Mounteforde and Nicholas Arrowsmythe Whitacreborowe Wood and all great trees, timber, woods, underwood, bushes and shrubs growing within the wood for 4 years, from the feast of the purification of Mary after the agreement [2 February 1548]. The terms of the agreement allow Mounteforde and Arrowsmythe to sell and carry away all the wood, great timber, underwood, shrubs and bushes in the wood, except the trees, wood, timber and underwood growing or renewing upon or about a piece of ground called the Launde or the little breche, which adjoins Whitacreborowe Wood. During the term of four years, they are not to fell or cut down any trees, timber, woods or underwoods from the beginning of June until the feast of St Michael the Archangel, nor to fell or cut down any trees, timber, woods or underwoods within the spring of Whitacreborowe Wood after the nativity of St John the Baptist. Mounteforde and Arrowsmythe are to make and keep in good repair a fence, hedge or ditch about the young spring or springs to protect them. They are to leave growing within every acre of Whitacreborowe Wood, the 'fairest and best' of hookwood and underwood, where any hookwood or underwood is renewing or growing, and that left remaining is to be 'stonders' [standers, trees left for timber], with twenty stonders per acre, which are to be the greatest of the hookwood and underwood. They are also to sell to the tenants that live within the Manor of Whitacreborowe trees, wood and underwood from the wood for repairing the tenants' houses, the tenants to pay the same as any other person would. Photographs taken c 2008.

Katherine Brandon; 1519-1580; Duchess of Suffolk

Photographs of MS inventory of the plate, jewels, vestments, bells and ornaments belonging to the various churches in the Hundreds of Blofield and Walsham

Particulars given for items sold, prices realised and purposes for which the money was used, e.g. purchase of books, repairing the church and highway. The MS formerly belonged to the antiquary Thomas Martin of Palgrave (1697-1771) and bears his ownership inscription, recording the fact that it was given to him by the Hon. Roger North of Rougham in 1728. Copied at an unknown date.

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