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Gt. Yarmouth Borough: Weights and Measures

  • Y/WM
  • Fonds
  • 1870-1986

Regulations, annual reports, indentures of verification and other records.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council, Weights and Measures Department; 1864-?; Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Gt. Yarmouth Borough: Welfare Department

  • Y/WE
  • Fonds
  • 1773-1964

Guardians of the Poor minutes; Public Assistance Committee Minutes; House Committee Minutes; Relief Committee Minutes; Assessment Committee Minutes; Boarding-out Committees Minutes; Finance Sub-committee Minutes; Overseers' Minutes; Weekly Register Bills; accounts and other financial records; Returns of Births and Vaccination registers; Workhouse Master's report books and journals; records relating to Children's Homes; and records of the Social Welfare Committe.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council, Welfare Department; ?-1974; Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Gt. Yarmouth Borough: Vehicle licensing and registration

  • Y/VLR
  • Fonds
  • 1921-1954

Declarations for licences and applications for registration of motor vehicles.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council, Vehicle Licensing and Registration; fl 1921-1954; Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Gt. Yarmouth Borough: Treasurer's Department

  • Y/TR
  • Fonds
  • 1741-1994

Y/TR 1-29 Borough fund ledgers and journals, 1836-1929
Y/TR 30-43 General cash books, 1901-1929
Y/TR 44-45 Printed abstracts of account, 1837-1971
Y/TR 46-147 Ledgers and cash accounts, 1836-1940
Y/TR 148 Market tolls collectors account, 1860-1863
Y/TR 149-167 Fish wharf ledgers and cash books, 1867-1921
Y/TR 168-169 Police Superannuation Fund, 1867-1885
Y/TR 170-172 Free library, 1896-1925
Y/TR 173-198 Electricity, Tramways and Pier, 1902-1947
Y/TR 199-201 Mortgage records, 19th century-20th century
Y/TR 202-237 Miscellaneous financial records, 1894-1947
Y/TR 238-243 Yarmouth Burial Board, 1855-1904
Y/TR 244-246 Gorleston Burial Board, 1879-1908
Y/TR 247-252 Yarmouth Local Board of Health, 1851-1885
Y/TR 253-255 Gorleston and Southtown Board of Health, 1869-1872
Y/TR 256-271 Urban Sanitary Authority, 1872-1910
Y/TR 272-273 Education Committee, 1903-1936
Y/TR 274 Race Committee, 1904-1921
Y/TR 275-277 Distress Committee, 1906-1927
Y/TR 278 East Anglian Institute Ledger, 1917-1920
Y/TR 279-402 Poor Rates, 1741-1928
Y/TR 403-611 District, Poor and General Rates, 1927-1957
Y/TR 612-651 Second World War records, 1940-1957
Y/TR 652 Motor taxation section postage account, 1922-1929
Y/TR 653-664 Rents and Rentals, 1903-1951
Y/TR 665-671 East Anglian School, 1911-1932
Y/TR 672 Runham Vauxhall valuation list, 1933-1955
Y/TR 680 Expenditure Policy Reports, 1980-1999
Y/TR 681 Charities Report, 1981
Y/TR 682 Postcards of Gorleston, early 20th century

Great Yarmouth Borough Council, Treasurer's Department; ?-?; Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Gt. Yarmouth Borough: Planning Department

  • Y/TPL
  • Fonds
  • 1860-c 2000

Building plans and registers, plus building inspectors records.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council, Planning Department; ?-?; Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Gt. Yarmouth Borough: Town Clerk

  • Y/TC
  • Fonds
  • 1237-2002

Y/TC 1-5, 88, 92 Council and Committees
Y/TC 6 Bylaws
Y/TC 7 Seal registers
Y/TC 8-9 Justice
Y/TC 10 Freeman
Y/TC 11-17 Property
Y/TC 18-20 Elections
Y/TC 21-23 Officials
Y/TC 24 Contracts
Y/TC 25 Letter books
Y/TC 26-27 Financial
Y/TC 28-31 Legal, Parliamentary
Y/TC 32-33 Orders, returns
Y/TC 34 Licences, notices
Y/TC 35-36 Files, papers
Y/TC 37 Town Clerk's papers
Y/TC 38 Local Government orders
Y/TC 39-40 Registration, deposit
Y/TC 41 Estate maps
Y/TC 42 War emergency
Y/TC 43-68 Numbers unallotted
Y/TC 69 Photographic records
Y/TC 70-71 Maps and plans
Y/TC 72-82 Superseded bodies
Y/TC 83 Voluntary Committees
Y/TC 84 Yarmouth Harbour
Y/TC 85-87 Strays, Miscellaneous
Y/TC 89 Records of Persons Killed or Injured during World War Two
Y/TC 90 Town Clerk's Files
Y/TC 91 Deed Boxes found in Strongroom at 11 Hall Quay
Y/TC 93 Scooter Rally Committee Papers
Y/TC 94 Town Clerk's Photographs
Y/TC 95 Town Clerk: oil pollution report
Y/TC 96 Registers of Designated Posts

Great Yarmouth Borough Council, Town Clerk's Department; fl 1208-2018; Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Gt. Yarmouth Borough: Quarter Sessions

  • Y/S
  • Fonds
  • 1567-1893

Great Yarmouth obtained a separate commission of the peace by royal grant in 1494. Until Michaelmas 1676 the formal record of the borough sessions of the peace was entered on the borough court rolls (Y/C 4). After this date, the sessions books listed under the reference, Y/S 1 become the fair-copy record of the sessions of the peace until after 1732, when the so-called 'waste' sessions books (reference, Y/S 2) take over as the main record. This latter series survives up to 1864.

Yarmouth was scheduled to retain its commission of the peace by the Municipal Corporations Act of 1835, this being confirmed by a royal grant of 1836. Before this time the offices of town clerk and clerk of the peace had been held together. They were now separated and the sessions records (save those attached to the borough court rolls and certain others (Y/C 9-12), which the town clerk retained) passed to the clerk of the peace.
About the year 1900 the clerk of the peace placed in the town clerk's custody sessions records of date before 1863-1864, and it is these records that are listed here. A small group of recorder's rough minute books of the later 19th century (Y/S 11) probably found their way into the town clerk's hands at the same time.
The term 'quarter sessions' is used from the later 17th century, but it is not until 1836 that the sessions are held at regular quarterly intervals.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council; 1974-; Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Gt. Yarmouth Borough: Port and Haven Commissioners

  • Y/PH
  • Fonds
  • 1677-1981

Y/PH 1-79 Minutes
Y/PH 80-99 Survey Reports
Y/PH 100-124 Engineers' Reports
Y/PH 125-132 Officers' Reports
Y/PH 133-146 Letter Books
Y/PH 147-157 Acts of Parliament
Y/PH 158-169 Tide Logs
Y/PH 170-248 Financial
Y/PH 249-368 Tolls and Registration
Y/PH 369-875 Legal and Parliamentary
Y/PH 876-942 Byelaws
Y/PH 943-975 Handbills
Y/PH 976-1033 Agreements and Contracts
Y/PH 1034-1134 Correspondence and Miscellaneous
Y/PH 1135-1137 Yarmouth Corporation
Y/PH 1138-1165 Printed
Y/PH 1166-1721 Maps and Plans: Yarmouth and Breydon Water
Y/PH 1722-1780 Maps and Plans: River Bure
Y/PH 1781-1800 Maps and Plans: River Yare
Y/PH 1801-1854 Maps and Plans: River Waveney
Y/PH 1855-1912 Plans: Machinery and Installations
Y/PH 1913-1949 Plans by Consultant Engineers
Y/PH 1950-1985 Deposited Plans
Y/PH 1986-2011 Ordnance Survey Plans
Y/PH 2012-2129 Norwich River Yare Commissioners' records
Y/PH 2130-2332 Minutes
Y/PH 2333-2347 Financial and Registration
Y/PH 2348-2354 Financial and Registration River Yare
Y/PH 2355-2382 Copy letter Books
Y/PH 2383-2400 Legal and Parliamentary
Y/PH 2401-2433 Reports, Acts, Orders and Byelaws
Y/PH 2434-2551 Leases, Agreements and Correspondence
Y/PH 2552-2565 Miscellaneous
Y/PH 2566-2570 Maps and Plans
Y/PH 2571-2576 Registers, Certificates and Accounts.

Great Yarmouth Port and Haven Commissioners; 1670-2007; Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Gt. Yarmouth Borough: records transferred from library

  • Y/L
  • Fonds
  • 1550-1938

Y/L 1 Yarmouth Poor Rate Books 1745-1895; valuation lists 1887-1899; Gorleston and Southtown Poor Rate Books 1870-1898; valuation lists 1891-1900; Runham Vauxhall Poor Rate Books and Borough Rate books 1891-95
Y/L 2 Borough Gaol records 1798-1877
Y/L 3 Great Yarmouth Charity Trustees, 1556-1905
Y/L 4 Great Yarmouth Paving Commission 1821-1856
Y/L 5 Great Yarmouth Port and Haven Commission 1787-1890
Y/L 6 Great Yarmouth Friendly Society 1788-1893
Y/L 7 Deeds to property near Middlegate 1691-1753
Y/L 8 Deeds to 19 Market Row 1696-1851
Y/L 9 Deeds to property in Market Row 1727-1872, and in Post Office Row 1746-1871
Y/L 10 Miscellaneous Yarmouth Deeds 1629-1838
Y/L 11 Deeds to property in Gorleston 1645-1705
Y/L 12 Deeds to properties in Gorleston and Southtown 1602-1863
Y/L 13 Letters of Thomas Pengelly [London merchant] to his agent in Yarmouth 1656-1674
Y/L 14 Letters and papers of Charles Rombold [MP for Yarmouth] 1818-1857
Y/L 15 Letters and papers of William Wilshere [MP for Yarmouth] 1838-1845
Y/L 16 Miscellaneous documents, 1706-1938
Y/L 17 Records of Fellows and Company, Shipbuilders of Southtown. Listed as part of BR 26.
Y/L 18 Maps and Plans. Retained by Yarmouth Library. Photocopies of some of these are available, see Y/PP.
Y/L 19 Sarah Martin manuscripts. Retained by Yarmouth Library.
Y/L 20/1 Correspondence of C.J. Palmer
Y/L 20/2 Letters from Charles Townshend (Lord Bayning), MP for Yarmouth, 1782-96.
Y/L 20/3 Interleaved copy of Palmer's Perlustration of Great Yarmouth. Retained by Yarmouth Library.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council, Library Service; ?-?; Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Gt. Yarmouth Borough: Health Department

  • Y/HE
  • Fonds
  • 1878-1974

Medical Officer's annual reports; School Medical Officer's annual reports; draft Health committee ,minutes; registers of midwives; registers relating of infectious diseases; register of maternity homes; midwives' and home nursing case books; and other records.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council, Health Department; ?-?; Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Gt. Yarmouth Borough: Education Department

  • Y/ED
  • Fonds
  • 1713-1980

Y/ED 1-5 Yarmouth School Board Minutes, 1875-1903
Y/ED 6-58 Education Committee and Sub-committee Minutes, 1903-1944
Y/ED 59-65 Letter Books, 1936-1941
Y/ED 66-99 Cash Books and Financial Records, 1893-1947
Y/ED 100-154 Miscellaneous Records, 1903-1946
Y/ED 155-157 Plans of Cobholm, Stradbroke Road and Barracks Schools, 1912-1927
Y/ED 158-162 Printed Acts and Circulars, 1888-1942
Y/ED 163-268 Grammar School Foundation, 1905-1945
Y/ED 269-320 Bluecoat Charity School and Yarmouth Exhibition Foundation, 1713-1941
Y/ED 321-324 East Anglian School for the Deaf and Partially Sighted, 1912-1944
Y/ED 325-328 Gorleston Remand Home, 1934-1940
Y/ED 329-476 Records of Closed Schools
Y/ED 477-494 Annual Reports, 1875-1972
Y/ED 495-578 Committee and Sub-Committee Minutes, 1941-1974
Y/ED 579 School Medical Officer's Reports, 1910-1956
Y/ED 580-634 Copies of Out-letters, 1941-1954
Y/ED 635-640 Financial and Staff Records, 1946-1954
Y/ED 641-693 Education Policy, 1945
Y/ED 694-714 H.M.I. Reports, 1905-1962
Y/ED 715-736, 898-910 Schools and Pupils, 1941-1974
Y/ED 737-815 School Buildings and Capital Projects, 1877-1972
Y/ED 816-823 School Opening Files, 1950-1961
Y/ED 824-827 Advisors and Joint Bodies, 1948-1974
Y/ED 828-870 Individual Schools
Y/ED 871-897 Printed abstracts of borough accounts issued by the Treasurer to the Education department
Y/ED/S Records of other Yarmouth Schools transferred by their Head Teachers

Great Yarmouth Borough Council, Education Department; ?-?; Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Gt. Yarmouth Borough: deposited records

  • Y/D
  • Fonds
  • early 13th century-1967

Y/D 1 Great Yarmouth Title Deeds, 1682-1851
Y/D 2 Preston Family as Vice-consuls, 1713-1890
Y/D 3 Appointment of John Bell as collector of duties on Slate and Stone, 1794
Y/D 4 Great Yarmouth Sessions Indictments, 1692-1814
Y/D 5 Great Yarmouth Borough Court Files, 1698-1785
Y/D 6 Southtown Title Deed, 1664
Y/D 7 Number not used
Y/D 8 Great Yarmouth Title Deeds, 1794-1841
Y/D 9 Hospital Cash Book and Hotel Visitors' Book, Great Yarmouth, 1697-1939
Y/D 10 Lucas and Wyllys (Solicitors): Title Deeds, 1704-1888
Y/D 11 Lucas and Wyllys (Solicitors): Title Deeds, 1643-1887
Y/D 12 Title Deeds relating to no. 35 Blackfriars Road, Great Yarmouth, 1867-1900
Y/D 13 Fee Account Books of the clerk to the Great Yarmouth Justices, 1880-1883
Y/D 14 Tolver and Preston, Solicitors, Great Yarmouth Messrs., 1766-1898
Y/D 15 Title Deeds relating to nos. 82-83 High Street, Gorleston, 1801-1908
Y/D 16 Lucas and Wyllys (Solicitors): Title Deeds, 1693-1929
Y/D 17 Southtown Title Deeds, 1814-1844 (Withdrawn by depositor November 1998)
Y/D 18 Will, Letters of Marque and papers relating to the repair of Great Yarmouth Church, 1605-1811
Y/D 19 Lucas and Wyllys (Solicitors): Title Deeds, 1713-1914
Y/D 20 Will of John Steavynson, alias Simckinge of Great Yarmouth, 1563
Y/D 21 Great Yarmouth Title Deeds, 1796-1842
Y/D 22 Lucas and Wyllys (Solicitors): Title Deeds, 1756-1905
Y/D 23 Number not used
Y/D 24 Papers relating to Captain Victor Tolubieff Howes of Gorleston (1822-1907) and miscellaneous papers, 1823-1938
Y/D 25 Documents relating to ground on the Denes and the will of James Randall of Great Yarmouth, 1837, 1860
Y/D 26 Great Yarmouth Mortgage, 1684
Y/D 27 Will of Elizabeth White of Great Yarmouth and Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1791-1888
Y/D 28 Great Yarmouth Title Deeds, 1609-1777
Y/D 29 Great Yarmouth Historical Buildings Ltd Title Deeds see SO 19
Y/D 30 Title Deeds for Row 121, King Street, 1747-1801
Y/D 31 Great Yarmouth Title Deeds, 1631-1797
Y/D 32 Southtown Mills, 1826
Y/D 33 Plan and Elevation of Haven Bridge nd [c 1843]
Y/D 34 Number not used
Y/D 35 Number not used
Y/D 36 Great Yarmouth Ephemera
Y/D 37 Plaster Casts and Gutta-percha and Wax Impressions of Yarmouth Seals, 1677-1904
Y/D 38 Number not used
Y/D 39 Miscellaneous Papers early 13th century-1916
Y/D 40 Account of escape from wreck of Spanish brig 'Paquette de Bilboa', 1835, 1837
Y/D 41 Assorted Papers relating to Borough Administration, nd [c 1594]-1960
Y/D 42 Number not used
Y/D 43 Letter from Town Clerk of Great Yarmouth, 1884
Y/D 44 Census return of Charles Valient and family, Row 145, Great Yarmouth, 1841
Y/D 45 Letter from James Spicer and Sons to N.J. Mays, 1921
Y/D 46 Number not used
Y/D 47 Number not used
Y/D 48 Letters from Charles John Palmer to Sir John Peter Boileau, 1855
Y/D 49 Conversion Table, 1909
Y/D 50 Grout and Company, 1741-1949
Y/D 51 Lucas and Wyllys (Solicitors): Title Deeds, 1758-1945
Y/D 52 Number not used
Y/D 53 Assorted Papers, 1776-1820
Y/D 54 Number not used
Y/D 55 Aldred Family Papers, 1832-1905
Y/D 56 Title Deeds to 15 Row 125, Great Yarmouth, 1857-1914
Y/D 57 Great Yarmouth Town Hall, 1887-1888
Y/D 58 Number not used
Y/D 59 Park Baptist Church, 1861-1942 and Wellesley Road Tabernacle, 1868-1941, re-listed as FC 125
Y/D 60 Gorleston Congregational Church, 1812-1846
Y/D 61 Number not used
Y/D 62 Number not used
Y/D 63 Number not used
Y/D 64 Gus Lee and Boswell Ltd., Boilermakers, 1908-1944
Y/D 65 Committee minutes relating to Norfolk Agricultural Show, Great Yarmouth, 1907-1908
Y/D 66 Great Yarmouth Port and Haven Commissioners (additional), 1832-1960
Y/D 67 Friends of Rambouillet Society, 1966-1967
Y/D 68 Great Yarmouth Musical Society, 1867-1970
Y/D 69 Civil defence Leaflets and Government Memorandum concerning Building Work, 1939, 1941
Y/D 70 Lucas and Wyllys (Solicitors): Title Deeds, 1816-1930
Y/D 71 Street Directory, Postcards and Printed Views of Great Yarmouth, 1859-1930
Y/D 72 Correspondence concerning relief of captive merchant seamen from the Great Yarmouth area, 1813
Y/D 73 Number not used
Y/D 74 D.W. Bellamy and Sons Ltd., Butchers, 1878-1965
Y/D 75 Lucas and Wyllys (Solicitors): Corton, Hopton and Gorleston Enclosure, claims of property owners exercising common rights, 1809 with printed abstracts of same and printed extracts from the Enclosure Award, 1813
Y/D 76 Lucas and Wyllys (Solicitors): Title Deeds, 1841-1915
Y/D 77 Great Yarmouth Fishermen's Widows' and Orphans' Fund nd [? 1888]-1967
Y/D 78 Apprenticeship Indenture of Arthur Henry Atkins, 1881
Y/D 79 Sketchbook of J.W. Cockrill (Great Yarmouth Borough Surveyor, 1882-1922), 1892-1901
Y/D 80 Great Yarmouth and Southtown Title Deeds, 1781-1866
Y/D 81 Garson Blake and Son Limited, 1895-1963
Y/D 82 Number not used
Y/D 83 Military and Masonic documents, 1936-1953
Y/D 84 Lucas and Wyllys (Solicitors): papers 1609-1757
Y/D 85 Town Planning Maps
Y/D 86 Grout and Company (additional), 1692
Y/D 87 Youell Diaries, 1745-1815
Y/D 88 Number not used
Y/D 89 Great Yarmouth and Gorleston Title Deeds and Great Yarmouth Theatre Assignments, 1748-1894
Y/D 90 Number not used
Y/D 91 Title Deeds to 227-228 High Street, Gorleston, 1751-1889
Y/D 92 Grout and Company (further deposit), 1815, 1834
Y/D 93 Photographs (Gorleston) and Dinner invitation, 1897-1901
Y/D 94 Gorleston Church Restoration Committee Minutes and other documents, 1835-1938
Y/D 95 Ecclesiastical Records relating to Southtown, 1887, 1889
Y/D 96 Number not used
Y/D 97 Release of tenement near Row 128, 1838
Y/D 98 James Baird and Sons, Great Yarmouth, bootmakers and shoe retailers, 1907-1946
Y/D 99 Photograph of visit of Prince of Wales to Great Yarmouth, 1918
Y/D 100 'Burgess Letter' for Joseph Bay, 1830
Y/D 101 Great Yarmouth Parish Church Restoration Fund, 1942-1966
Y/D 102 Number not used
Y/D 103 Plans and elevations of Deneside Hospital Great Yarmouth, 1854

Great Yarmouth Borough Council; 1974-; Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

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