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Reffley Society of King's Lynn

  • SO 383
  • Archief
  • 19th century-20th century

Including rules, vouchers for food, drink and work done to the Temple

Reffley Society; 1650-; Gaywood, Norfolk

Gaywood Parish Council

  • PC 248
  • Archief
  • 1895-1935

Minutes of the Parish Council and Parochial Committee along with allotment plans and accounts.

It was absorbed into King's Lynn Borough Council in 1935. The records were held by the Town Clerk of Lynn for reference.

Gaywood Parish Council; 1894-1935; Gaywood, Norfolk

North Lynn Parish Council

  • PC 247
  • Archief
  • 1894-1930

Minutes and accounts for North Lynn Parish Council.

It was absorbed into King's Lynn Borough Council in 1935.

North Lynn Parish Council; 1894-1935; North Lynn, Norfolk

West Lynn Parish Council

  • PC 246
  • Archief
  • 1894-1935

Minutes, accounts, correspondence and declarations of the West Lynn Parish Council.

It was absorbed into the Borough Council of King's Lynn in 1935. The records were held by the Town Clerk of Lynn for reference.

West Lynn Parish Council; 1894-1935; West Lynn, Norfolk

Deeds to 97 London Road, King's Lynn

  • MC 3677
  • Archief
  • 1830-1997

Deeds to the house with items relating to numbers 95 and 96 London Road

Edward Everard; fl 1850; King's Lynn, Norfolk

Photos of Councillor Mayor Leslie Dutton

  • MC 3616
  • Archief
  • 1988-1989

Photo albums of mayoral and civic events with title cards.

Album 1) May - June
Album 2) June - Sept
Album 3) Sept - Oct
Album 4) Oct - Dec
Album 5) Dec - Feb
Album 6) Feb - Mar
Album 7) Mar - May
Album 8) May

Borough Council of King's Lynn and West Norfolk, Civics Office; 1981-; King's Lynn, Norfolk

Frederick Gittens Photos and postcards

  • MC 3503
  • Archief
  • 20th century

Fred Gittens, of King's Lynn, served as a mechanic in the Royal Flying Corps and then Royal Air Force. Medals are included in the deposit. Postcards and photos from before war and during the war

Fred Gittens; 20th century; mechanic in the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force; King's Lynn, Norfolk

Leslie Hall collection

  • MC 3502
  • Archief
  • 17th century-19th century

Records collected by Leslie Hall. They relate to King's Lynn and the lighthouse at Hunstanton, the Trustees of the Port for the Port of King's Lynn, a bill for damage done to the Duke's Head during an election riot in 1822, mayoral seal (side with St Margaret only).

Leslie Hall; 1903-1974; Town Hall Keeper, Mayor's Officer; King's Lynn, Norfolk

Hunstanton Convalescent Home Records

  • MC 3501
  • Archief
  • 1872-1934

Minutes of General Committee and Childrens Buildings Home Committee (1875-1921), Hunstanton Convalescent Home Minute book (1872-1927) and visitor book (1879-1930). Letter and newspaper cuttings have been inserted loose within the minute books

Hunstanton Convalescent Home Trust; 1872-1980; Hunstanton, Norfolk

Chesterton Report

  • MC 3495
  • Archief
  • 1964-1968

A bound copy of the Chesterton report of the Historic Core of King's Lynn. Has loose correspondence, plans and development plans. It forms part of the thinking about the redevelopment of King's Lynn and was part of the overspill initiative

King's Lynn Borough, Town Clerk's Department; ?-1974; King's Lynn, Norfolk

Conveyance of property and transfer of mortgage of properties in King's Lynn

  • MC 3457
  • Archief
  • 1863, 1881

Transfer of mortgage upon an estate in South Lynn, the property of Mr Henry Thomas Sturley, from Henry Mason to Edward Lane Swatman, 1 July 1863.
A conveyance of a freehold messuage and hereditaments in Frederick Place, King's Lynn, from John Newman to Henry Staniforth Patteson, 28 June 1881

Henry Thomas Sturley; fl 1851-1863; brewer; South Lynn, Norfolk

Scrapbooks about Councillor Raby

  • MC 3304
  • Archief
  • 1935-1937

Two scrapbooks of newspaper cuttings from various local outlets. They are about important local events or national events that impacted Lynn which involved the Coporation or Mr Raby. These include the death of King George V and the proclamation of Edward VIII. The ongoing slum clearances and the reprieves that were given to some houses. The Vancouver Jubilee celebrations. There are also a number of caricatures of the Town Council.
At the back of MC 3304/2 are a number of original photos seen in the newspapers. A number are missing. Others have come loose from the volume. A single photo is loose in MC 3304/1.

J.W. Raby; fl 1935-1937; King's Lynn, Norfolk

King's Lynn Angling Association

  • MC 3297
  • Archief
  • 1932-1971

Several volumes of handwritten signed minutes and financial ledgers

King's Lynn Angling Association; 1881-; King's Lynn, Norfolk

King's Lynn Borough Archives

  • KL
  • Archief
  • 1204-1974

Unreformed Corporation (before 1835) (KL/C)

Including series of records which continued unbroken after the Municipal Corporations Act.

Archive lists, 1732-1887 KL/C 1/1-11

Royal charters and letters patent, 1204-1737 KL/C 2/1-62

Royal letters close and privy seal writs, 1327-1495 KL/C 3/1-7

Episcopal and other non-royal charters, formal letters and agreements, 1204-1609 KL/C 4/1-17

Guild merchant of the Holy Trinity:minutes, 13th-16th centuries KL/C 5/1-4

Hall rolls, 1385-1422 KL/C 6/1-6

Hall books, 1372-3 and 1422-1902 KL/C 7/1-31

Hall, Committee, and statutory Commissioners' minutes, 1730-1866 KL/C 8/1-48

Freemen and apprenticeships, 1440-1868; honorary freemen, 1901-1969 KL/C 9/1-29

Red Register, Asshebourne's book, enrolled charters, deeds, precedents etc., c 1300-1924 KL/C 10/1-29

Enrolled private deeds, 1571-1881 KL/C 11/1-28

Enrolled and deposited wills, 1276-1751 KL/C 12/1-16

Assize of bread, 1296-1298 KL/C 13/1

Coroner's inquests, 1302-1305 KL/C 14/1

Constables' inquisitions, 1309, 1314 KL/C 15/1-2

Hustings rolls, 1334-1335 and 1349 KL/C 16/1-2

Leet rolls and books, 1309-1871 KL/C 17/1-41

Gaol delivery roll, 1455 KL/C 18/1

Commissions of the Peace, 1412 and 1836-7 KL/C 19/1-3

Quarter Sessions books, 1726-1957 KL/C 20/1-12

Quarter Sessions minutes, 1620-1865 KL/C 21/1-28

Oath rolls, 1689-1847, and sessions files, 1841-1971 KL/C 22/1-286 and unnumbered

Sessions presentments, formularies, estreats and miscellaneous papers, 1558-1957 KL/C 23/1-33

Petty Sessions books, 1794-1808 KL/C 24/1-3

Guildhall Court books, 1591-1842 KL/C 25/1-44

Guildhall Court plaint books, 1658-1846 KL/C 26/1-43

Guildhall Court papers (miscellaneous) and rules, 1657-1846 KL/C 27/1-33

Court of Requests minutes and papers, 1770-1846 KL/C 28/1-14

Court of Pie Powder minutes, 1618-1657 KL/C 29/1

Court of Admiralty court books, 1734-1835, and papers, 1604-1830 KL/C 30/1-17

Tolbooth Court orders, 1587 KL/C 31/1

Corporation officers' oath rolls, 1580, 1770 and 1828 KL/C 32/1-3

Appointments of High Stewards, 1665 and 1792 KL/C 32 /1-2

Returns of election of Members of Parliament, 1313 and 1701-1815 KL/C 34/1-18

Mayoral indentures of loan of corporation plate, 1346/7 and 1609-1815 KL/C 35/1-72

Appointments of Corporation officers, 1296 and 1623-1841 KL/C 36/1-266

Tallage rolls, 1292-1357 KL/C 37/1-7

Holy Trinity Guild account rolls, 1373-1509 KL/C 38/1-31

Chamberlains' accounts, 1319-1835 KL/C 39/1-241

Auditors' statements of revenue and expenditure, 1829-1835 KL/C 40/1-7

Chamberlains' cash books and vouchers, 1727-1832 KL/C 41/1-33

Treasurers' accounts, 1685-1835 KL/C 42/1-2

Other officers' accounts, 1413-1750 KL/C 43/1-12

Accounts of tolls, dues and water rents, 1557-1852 KL/C 44/2-128

Miscellaneous accounts, 1569-1823 KL/C 45/1-28

Accounts with Exchequer, 1351-1807 KL/C 46/1-73

Tax assessments, c. 1785-1705 KL/C 47/1-46

Surveys, terriers and rentals, c. 1279-1809 KL/C 48/1-13

Manor of King's Lynn rentals, 1575-1849 KL/C 49/1-13

Corporation estates: title deeds, c. 1280-1833 KL/C 50/1-664 and draft lists

Corporation estates: leases, 1571-1811 KL/C 51/1-153 and draft lists

Corporation estates: registers of leases, 1553-1853 KL/C 52/1-9

Ferry rights: deeds and papers, 1286-1924 KL/C 53/1-51

Snettisham estate: deeds and estate papers, c.1290-1909 KL/C 54/ interim list

Fitton Farm estate: deeds and papers, 1481-1866 KL/C 55/ interim list

Gaywood Hospital deeds and estate papers, 13th century-1865 KL/C 56/1-42

Religious gild records, early 13th century-1537 KL/C 57/ interim list (Gd)

Grammar School and related charities: deeds and papers, 1408-1921 KL/C 58/1-45

St Margaret with St Nicholas church and parish records, 1422-1866 KL/C 59/1-39

Tolbooth deeds and papers, 1316-1860 KL/C 60/ interim list

Mayoral Chronicles, 16th-18th century KL/C 61/1-6

Interim lists: Miscellaneous and working papers, 14th-19th centuries, including some historical manuscripts

Trustees under an Act for the relief of maimed and disabled merchant seamen etc.: minutes, accounts and papers 1747-1827 KL/TS

Town Clerk (KL/TC)

Council minutes, 1902-1974 (minutes before 1902 are included in the Hall books, KL/C 7); KL/TC1

Committee minutes, 1793-1969 KL/TC2

Byelaws and orders 1830-1966 Interim list

Electoral registers 1834-1915 KL/TC 10

Oaths and declarations of Coporation officers 1828-1900 Draft lists at Lynn

Miscellaneous deeds to Corporation properties Interim lists; some unlisted

Correspondence, reports and subject files, 19th-20th centuries Draft lists at Lynn; some unlisted

Borough Treasurer (KL/TR)

Annual statements of accounts 1835-1959 KL/TR1-2

Ledgers 1836-1856 KL/TR3

Cash books 1836-1856 KL/TR4

Vouchers, late 19th-century-1925 Draft list at Lynn; some unlisted

Theatre Treasurer's accounts and papers 1815-1947 Interim list

Planning (KL/SE)

Borough Surveyor and Engineers' plans 19th-20th centuries Draft lists at Lynn

Registers of deposited (building control) plans 1883-1962; plans 1883-1959. KL/SE 2

Registers of street and house numbering 1902-1970 Interim list

Maps and Plans KL/SE 3

Paving Commissioners (KL/PC)

Minutes, accounts, deeds and papers, 1790-1872 KL/PC and some unlisted

Parish Councils and Parochial Committees (KL/PCL)

Gaywood, North Lynn and West Lynn 1894-1935 KL/PCL

Borough of King's Lynn; 1204-1974; King's Lynn, Norfolk

Borough Council of King's Lynn and West Norfolk

  • DC 45
  • Archief
  • 1974-2023

Records of the Borough Council of King's Lynn and West Norfolk held at the King's Lynn Borough Archives. Also contains some records of the West Norfolk District Council, which it succeeded, where they have been kept together in a series.

Borough Council of King's Lynn and West Norfolk; 1981-; King's Lynn, Norfolk

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