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Apprenticeship indenture of Walter Codling of Norwich, with Recipe and Notice regarding Supplemetary Ration

  • MC 3408, 1096X2
  • Fondo
  • 1870-1918

Apprenticeship indenture of Walter Codling, son of Stephen Codling of St Michael at Thorn parish, Norwich to James Holmes, George Holmes and Robert Holmes, engineers of St Michael at Thorn, Norwich, to learn turning, planning and fitting, 1871. Half of the premium was paid by Stephen Codling and half by John Moy's Charity. On back is a receipt for the first half of the money, with note certifying that Walter had served his apprenticeship and had proved a good worker, 1877.
Typewritten authorisation from the Guildhall, Norwich for a supplementary food ration, 1918, with recipe on the back for untitled dish in which warm jelly and jam were heated together, nd [?early 20th century].

Moy's Charity; ? 1829-? 1951; Norwich, Norfolk

Apprenticeship indenture for Walter Richard Harrod

  • MC 2634
  • Fondo
  • 2 Apr 1901

Walter Richard Harrod, son of Richard Robert Harrod, was the apprentice of Albert Moore, coachsmith, of 32 Mill Road, Southtown, Great Yarmouth.

Walter Richard Harrod; fl 1901; Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

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