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Records of the Dean and Chapter of Norwich Cathedral

  • DCN
  • Archief
  • nd [c 1095]-2012

The records described in this collection are those of the priory of the Holy Trinity, Norwich, and its successor body the Dean and Chapter of Norwich Cathedral. The episcopal records of Norwich diocese are a separate archive.

The main series of pre-Reformation records are: deeds of title - royal, papal, archiepiscopal, episcopal and private grants or confirmations of grants to estates and to churches [DCN 41-45]; cartularies, known in Norwich as registers, with which are included a fourteenth-century letter book [DCN 40]; obedientiary rolls - account rolls of the monastic officials recording income and expenditure on the estates and churches in their care and the expenses which were the responsibilities of their department [DCN 1]: account rolls for the dependent cells and for the hospital of St Paul in Norwich [DCN 2]: bailiffs' accounts and manor court rolls for the sixteen prior's manors and a smaller quantity for other cathedral estates [DCN 60-66]; rentals, surveys, and extents of the estates [DCN 51-52]; accounts for charities [DCN 4]; acta and comperta rolls - visitation records of parishes within the jurisdiction of the priory on which wills are endorsed [DCN 67]; records concerning legal disputes with the city and other institutions about jurisdictional rights [DCN 84-89]. Pre-Reformation records among the collection not related to the cathedral include records to the bishopric and of St Benet's abbey [DCN 40/8, DCN 95], deeds of other religious houses in East Anglia [DCN 46]; title deeds for episcopal and private estates that have become mixed with the cathedral title deeds [DCN 44]; records of ecclesiastical and lay taxation including the ninth of 1297 [DCN 5-8]; an account roll of the steward of the Great Hospital, Norwich, 1515 [DCN 9/4]; and a deposited account roll of the debtors of Alderman Robert Toppes of Norwich, c 1467 [DCN 9/5] (an endorsement records that this was placed in the priory in 1492).

The main series of post-Reformation records are the cathedral statutes [DCN 27]; chapter act books and supporting papers [DCN 24-26]; treasurer's and receiver's accounts, audit books with related financial records and bundles of audit papers [DCN 10-23]; registers of leases of estates, known as ledger books, which also include institutions to benefices in the gift of the cathedral, patents and miscellaneous material [DCN 47]; rentals, surveys and valuations of estates including the Parliamentary Survey of 1649 [DCN 51, 52]; estate leases and papers [DCN 48-59] containing much miscellaneous material including a building account for the house of Sir John Fastolf at Earlham of the fifteenth century [DCN 59/11], the farming account book of a Mr Aldrich of Eaton, 1664-7 [DCN 59/12/13], Wacton vestry minutes and poor rate accounts, 1769-1798 [DCN 59/40], water colours of Fring parsonage [DCN 49/19/6]; maps and plans [DCN 127]; records of appointments of cathedral officials [DCN 30-39]; patent books recording diocesan appointments and leases which were subject to confirmation by the dean and chapter [DCN 93]; documents concerning the cathedral fabric from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries [DCN 102-108]; records of the various deans, including 'Dean Suckling's Book', diaries of Dean Prideaux, correspondence of Dean Pellew, and sermon notes of Dean Beeching [DCN 113-124].

Other series include records of peculiar jurisdiction [DCN 67-78]; records of precinct jurisdiction, including sessions rolls and coroner's inquests [DCN 79-83]; returns of scholars maintained at Trinity College and Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, 1586-1683 [DCN 100]; records relating to eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Norwich charities [DCN 96-99]; and records of the cathedral school collected by Canon E.A. Parr [DCN 101]. There are a number of antiquarian papers, including two volumes of nineteenth-century drawings of the cathedral and four watercolours of 1830-2 painted by David Hodgson [DCN 125, 127]. Stored with the cathedral archives are a quantity of family and business records of the Thurlow, Kitson, Rackham and Bensly families, who acted as diocesan registrars or chapter clerks [DCN 126] and of the architect John Brown and his two sons, employed as cathedral surveyors [DCN 131].

Some manor court records among the cathedral archives continue into the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries [DCN 60], but most post-Reformation manor court records, together with plans of the chapter estates and many leases, passed into the hands of the Church Commissioners: these records are also in the Norfolk Record Office.

The inhabitants of the precinct were parishioners of the church of St Mary in the Marsh. The church itself was pulled down in 1564 and the parishioners then used the chapel of St Luke in the cathedral. The parish records of St Mary in the Marsh are now on deposit in the Norfolk Record Office. Certain clergy and other persons, by special permission, used the Cathedral proper; their baptisms, marriages and burials were recorded in the sacrist's registers. A transcript of the sacrist's marriage register, 1697-1754 is in the Norfolk Studies Library in Norwich and cathedral marriages between 1754 and 1906 were recorded in the registers of St Mary in the Marsh. There are two lists in the cathedral archives of monumental inscriptions within the cathedral [DCN 112].

Later deposits are listed from DCN 132 onwards.

Norwich Cathedral Priory; c 1096-1538; benedictine; Norwich, Norfolk

Hare of Stow Bardolph Collection

  • HARE
  • Archief
  • nd [c 1100]-1952

Records of the Hundred of Clackclose.
Records of the Hundred of Freebridge.
Manorial and Estate Records and Title Deeds relating to the Hare Estate.
Norfolk: Shrievalty and Other Records.
Court of Sewers and other Drainage Records.
Estate Records.
Hare Family.
Deeds etc. relating to places in Norfolk not on the Hare Estate.
Norfolk Wills.
Non-Norfolk Wills.
Deeds etc. relating to places outside Norfolk.
Political Papers: Internal.
Political Papers: Foreign.
Legal: General.
Legal: Individual Cases.
Legal: Fees.
Ecclesiastical Miscellaneous.
Miscellaneous Family Papers.
Printed Books.
Abstracts and Schedules of Deeds.
Additional Deposits: Maps and Plans; Manor of Brancaster; Miscellaneous.
Second Deposit: Title Deeds: Norfolk; Title Deeds: Devon; Estate Records; Maps and Plans; Manorial;
Family; Printed and Miscellaneous.
Third deposit: additional maps and other estate records

Stow Hall Estate; 1086-1952

Gurney of Bawdeswell Collection

  • RQG
  • Archief
  • 12th century-1966

Gurney Family, 12th century-1966
Gurney and Related Families, 1481-1966
Non-family Material, 14th century-early 20th century
Family Records held at Barclay's Bank, 1772-1906
Miscellaneous, nd [c 1447].

Gurney family; 12th century-1966; Bawdeswell, Norfolk

Gillingham Estate

  • GIL
  • Archief
  • 12th century-1855

The Gillingham Estate was acquired from the Everard family by Sir Nicholas Bacon, 1st Bart, of Redgrave about 1611. The present house dates from this time. The estate then went via Sir Nicholas' younger son Nicholas to the Bacon baronets of Gillingham from whom it passed by marriage in 1685 to the Bacon baronets of Mildenhall. Further marriages brought it to the Schutz family in 1755 and then through the Beresfords, Edens, Kenyons and Todhunters to the present owners. Other Bacon marriages account for the presence of records of the Butts, Weston, Rous and Crane families.

Sir Nicholas Bacon; c 1543-1624; 1st Baronet

Wodehouse of Kimberley Collection

  • KIM
  • Archief
  • nd [12th century]-1935

The archive is extremely rich in medieval title deeds for property in Kimberley and nearby parishes (KIM 2). There is also an extensive collection of later title deeds for estates in the same area of the county and also for the Witton area in North east Norfolk where the family acquired land on marrying into the Norris family in 1796 (KIM 3-4). There are manor court records for manors in both areas (KIM 1).

There are many records of the family's involvement in county politics (KIM 6). They include a letter book of Sir Philip Wodehouse concerning the county militia, 1599-1602 (KIM 6/2); poll book for the county election of 1700 (KIM 6/7); details of election business and expenses 1728-1893 (KIM 6/14-33); letters concerning the riots of 1830 (KIM 6/38); papers re Forehoe House of Industry, 1770-1782 (KIM 6/10); papers re the building of Carleton Bridge, 1815 (KIM 6/13).

There are some papers relating to international affairs including St Petersburg in the 1850s and the siege of Paris in 1870 (KIM 7). However the main body of the political papers of the first Earl of Kimberley is at the Bodleian Library in Oxford. (There are also smaller groups in the British Library and in the National Library of Scotland.). The family correspondence includes a very detailed series of letters written from Sheerness during the naval mutiny there in 1797 (KIM 14/5/4).

The family kept no register of leases they issued on farms that they owned but there are many hundreds of counterpart leases (KIM 11). The estate's financial records (KIM 5) are also very extensive, especially for the second half of the nineteenth century: the Kimberley estate has probably the most detailed records for this period of any large Norfolk estate.

The collection includes family letters, journals and poetry (KIM 9, 14). These include some relating to the 'Grand Tour' of Europe (KIM 9/7-10; KIM 14/5/21-22). There are papers relating to work on Kimberley Hall itself, from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries (KIM 8). The first Earl took a great interest in the history of the family and there is a large quantity of genealogical material (KIM 13).

Wodehouse family; 1415-20th century; Earl of Kimberley

Bradfer-Lawrence Collection

  • BL
  • Archief
  • [12th century]-20th century

The Bradfer-Lawrence collection is rich and varied, ranging from medieval manuscripts to nineteenth-century business records. There are many groups of deeds and records of Norfolk families, and also papers relating to local and national government. The largest single group of papers relates to the Bagge family of Gaywood and their estates. Important smaller groups relate to a number of leading local families including Bacon of Stiffkey, Townshend of Raynham, and Paston, Earls of Yarmouth.

The principal series and categories are as follows:

Abstracts of Title, Sale Particulars, etc., [1632]-1947, BL/AB
Estate Papers and Deeds of the Adamson family of Wereham in Garboisthorpe, Shouldham, Stradsett, Crimplesham, Tilney St Lawrence, etc., 15th century-18th century, BL/AD
Antiquarian Papers, 17th century-20th century, BL/AQ
Bacon of Stiffkey, 1556-1621, BL/BC
Papers of Edward Milligen Beloe, senior, and Edward Milligen Beloe, junior, solicitors and antiquaries of King's Lynn, 19th century-20th century, BL/BE
Bagge Family, 18th century-20th century, BL/BG
Browne of King's Lynn Papers, 1680-1796, BL/BR
Castle Rising, 17th century-20th century, BL/CR
Philip Case Papers, [1423]-20th century, BL/CS
Drainage, Harbours and Navigation, 1320-20th century, BL/DR
Miscellaneous Deeds collected by Harry Bradfer-Lawrence BL/DV
Dixon of Islington, 16th century-1812, BL/DX
Everard of King's Lynn, 1646-1901, BL/EV
Families, Individuals, Autographs, 16th century-20th century, BL/F
National and Local Government, 1568-1858, BL/GT
Hamond of Westacre, 1527-1914, BL/HA
Antiquarian Papers of Revd George Hunt Holley, 19th century-20th century, BL/HO
Inclosure Papers, [1779]-1847, BL/IN
King's Lynn, [14th century]-20th century, BL/KL
Harry Lawrence Bradfer-Lawrence Papers, 19th century-20th century, BL/LW
Manorial Records, 13th century-20th century, BL/MA
Miscellanea, 1300-20th century, BL/MC
Medieval Deeds, 12th century-19th century, BL/MD
Letters and Papers of Revd George Munford [d 1871], vicar of East Winch, relating to Natural History and Antiquarian Topics, 19th century, BL/MF
Original Series of Deeds, 13th century-20th century, BL/O
MS transcripts of Parish Registers and Register Bills, mainly by Revd George Hunt Holley, [16th century-19th century], BL/PR
Religious and Charitable Foundations, [12th century]-19th century, BL/R
Records of the King's Lynn solicitors, Archer and Archer, and their predecessors, 1828-1930, BL/SL
Surveys, Reference Books and Plans, 16th century-20th century, BL/SY
Townshend Papers, 1660-nd [c 1853], BL/T
Tithe Records, 1609-20th century, BL/TI
Turnpikes, 18th century-19th century, BL/TP
Walpole of Houghton, 13th century-20th century, BL/WA
Title Deeds to property in Weeting on the Norfolk/Suffolk border, 17th century-19th century, BL/WG
Norfolk will extracts by Revd George Hunt Holley from the Norfolk and Norwich Archdeaconry Courts, the Norwich Consistory Court and the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, [14th century-18th century], BL/WL
Wyche of Hockwold Hall, 1676-1841, BL/WY
The Yarmouth Letters, 1660-1688, BL/Y
Maps and Plans, 16th century-20th century
Aerial Photographs, [? 1930s], [12th century]-20th century

Harry Lawrence Bradfer-Lawrence; 1887-1965; antiquary; King's Lynn, Norfolk

Manuscripts of Sir Thomas Phillipps (1792-1872) relating to Norfolk

  • PHI
  • Archief
  • 12th century-20th century

Deeds and related documents, Norfolk
Deeds, unlocated: Norfolk
Deeds, unlocated: non-Norfolk
Ecclesiastical and Monastic Estate and Administration
Manorial and Estate
General and Local Administration
City of Norwich
Personal and Miscellaneous
Additional Purchases

Sir Thomas Phillipps; 1792-1872; 1st baronet, collector of books and manuscripts

Lothian of Blickling (Additional)

  • MC 3
  • Archief
  • 1146-1952

Title deeds, Estate and household, Family, Blickling Library and Miscellaneous papers. No manorial records.

Hobart family; 1611-1793; Earl of Buckinghamshire

Norfolk Record Society Manuscripts

  • NRS
  • Archief
  • 1158-20th century

Accessions data is reasonably well recorded before 1939. There was no archivist at the Norwich Public Libraries during the Second World War but the Norfolk Record Society officers kept on rescuing and collecting archives and these were gradually brought in to the Library in the years following 1950, collections often being muddled and provenance forgotten. The situation was made worse by a new chief librarian in 1955 who destroyed any accessions correspondence the library had, though notes with the records themselves and box labels in the series termed 'pre 1955 uncatalogued' are sometimes helpful. 'Pre 1955 uncat.' includes documents deposited directly, as well as those received via the Norfolk Record Society.

In the following list, the Hobart of Blickling collection is referred to as 'Lothian' and the Harbord of Gunton collection as 'Suffield'.

NRS number Title Date of accessioning NRS report
1-548 [Marcon of Edgefield] 1936
549-845 Unknown, ? Solicitors or mixed 1936
846-1422 Folkes of Hillington 1936 1938 Dowager Vice Countess Downe & Hon. George Dawney
1423-1695 Unknown, ? Solicitors or mixed 1936
1696-1723 [Lord Suffield] 1936
1724-2302 Unknown, ? Solicitors or mixed 1936
2303-2560 Basil Cozens-Hardy (? as solicitor) 1936 1937, 1938
2561-2855 Executors of Col. Bulwer (See also MS 12182-12254, 12449-12676) 1937 1934 Mrs J.B.G. Duff, Heydon Hall, 1937, 1938
2856-2873 Sir Arthur Michael Samuel 1937 1934
2874-3637 Lord Suffield 1937-1939 1934-5-6
3638-4003 Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society 1939 1935, 1937, 1938
4004-4029 E. Michelmore & Co. (17th cent. Paston letters)
4030-4206 R.J. Colman (collection of maps) 1939 1936
4207-5726 Lord Suffield 1939
5727-5762 Revd W.R.M. Lewis 1939 1936
5763-5767 Mrs J. Augusta Berry (Great Cressingham manorial) 1939 1936
5768 Dr C.H.W. Page 1939 1936
5769-5789 Basil Cozens-Hardy (? as solicitor) 1939
5790-5792 [Percy] Millican 1939 1937
5793-5824 Basil Cozens-Hardy 1939
5825-5866 Mrs Bulwer 1939 1939
5867 J.E. Hennesy 1939 1937
5868-6018 Basil Cozens-Hardy 1939
6019-6023 cancelled
6024-6025 Col. Bulwer 1939
6026-6202 Norfolk & Norwich Archaeological Society 1939
6203-6213 Mrs Bulwer 1939
6214-6422, 6426, 6432 Basil Cozens-Hardy 1939
6423-6425 Tom Copeman 1939 1938
6427-6431 NNAS 1939
6433-6434 Lord Suffield post 1939
6435-6437 B. Cozens-Hardy post 1939
unnumbered R. Evans Mills (2 deeds) 1947
6438-7944 North of Rougham (returned to depositor; microfilm copies retained) post 1939 1938 Mr F.K. North
7945-8448 [Folkes of Hillington] post 1939
8449-8708 [Lord] Lothian post 1939 1939, 1941 per BCH
8709-8755 [Folkes of Hillington] post 1939
8756-8829 Jones of Sculthorpe post 1939 1939 Major L.E. Jones
8830-8860 [Bulwer] post 1939 1944 Mrs Edward Bulwer
8861-8902 [Lothian] post 1939
8903-8914 [Jones] post 1939
8915-8981 [Bulwer] post 1939
8982-10023 [Folkes] post 1939
10024-10045 [Bulwer] post 1939
10046-10056 [Lothian] post 1939
10057-10096 [Howes] post 1939
10097-10197 [Lothian] post 1939
10198-10224 [Howes] post 1939
10225-10330 [Lothian] post 1939
10331-10361 [Bulwer] post 1939
10362-10378 [? Suffield] post 1939 1941 per BCH
10379-10536 [Lothian] post 1939
10537-10580 [Howes] post 1939
10581-11344 [Lothian] post 1939
11345-11383 [North] post 1939
11384-11389 [Folkes] post 1939
11390-11434 [North] 6 Dec 1951
11435 W.M. Kemp 6 Dec 1951 1951
11436-11474 [North] 6 Dec 1951
11475-11829 [Folkes]
11830-12132 [Lothian] 22 Jan 1952-18 Feb 1952
12133-12238 Jones 18 Feb 1952-19 Feb 1952
12239-12612 Lothian 23 Feb 1952-9 Apr 1952
12613-12844A T.F. Barton (agent ? as NRS or a Norwich Union employee, inc. some Albemarle) 18 Apr 1952-4 Jun 1952 1951 (some Barton deposits may = Norwich Union deposit 1947-1948). Lord Albemarle 1948.
12845-13059 Lothian 4 Jun 1952-7 Jun 1952
13060-13175 Colman 7 Jun 1952-27 Jun 1952 1945 R.J. Colman; Mrs R.J. C. 1951
13176 Basil Cozens-Hardy 30 Jun 1952
13177-13207 [E.A.] Kent's executors 30 Jun 1952 1951-1952
13208-13276 Lothian 2 Jul 1952
13277-13295 Jones 2 Jul 1952
13296-13336 Lothian 8 Jul 1952-12 Jul 1952
13337-13385 Jones 12 Jul 1952-15 Jul 1952
13386-13862 Lothian 26 Jul 1952-31 Oct 1952
13863-13889, 13890A-13899C Jones 6 Nov 1952
13890-13997 Lothian 6 Nov 1952
13998-14016 Jones 6 Nov 1952
14017-14043 Lothian 6 Nov 1952
14044-14061 Jones 6 Nov 1952
14062-14078 Jones 7 Nov 1952
14079-14112 Lothian 7-8 Nov 1952
14113-14137 Jones 8-11 Nov 1952
14138-14195 Lothian 11-13 Nov 1952
14196-14221 Jones 13 Nov 1952
14222-14374 Lothian (poss. some Jones) 14 Nov 1952
14375-14432 Lothian 27-8 Nov 1952
14433-14445 Jones nd
14446-14588 Lothian 28 Nov-3 Dec 1952
14589-14608 Jones 3 Dec 1952
14609-15072 Lothian (but includes ? unrelated Bedingfield of Ditchingham material, 14843-14998) 3-22 Dec 1952 1941 Bedingfield MSS per Norfolk & Norwich Archaeological Society
15073-15075 Folkes 20 Dec 1952
15076-15080 ? Suffield 20 Dec 1952
15081-15085 Bulwer 20 Dec 1952 1941 per BCH
15086-15102 Lothian 20-22 Dec 1952
15103-15152 [Whinburgh etc. manorial] 22 Dec 1952
15153-15201 [T.E. Barton, own documents] 14 Jan 1952
15202-15205 Hobart [Lothian] 24 Feb 1952
15206-15776 Norris 27 May 1953-29 Jul 1953
15777-15783 T.F. Barton, own documents 12 Aug 1953
15784-15824 T.F. Barton [as NRS agent] 19 Aug 1953
15825-16160 Lothian 24 Aug-19 Sep 1953
16161-16175 ? Folkes 21 Sep 1953
16176-16609 Lothian 21-30 Sep 1953
16610-17021 Lucas & Wyllys solicitors per Mrs Blofeld 1-5 Oct 1953 1941, 1948
17022-17430 Lothian 5-27 Oct 1953
17435-17680 W. George & Sons 27-30 Oct 1953 1951
17681-17688 G. Wyrley Birch 3 Nov 1953 1951
17689-18042 Bulwer [18009-18027 possibly Lothian] 3-20 Nov 1953
18043 Miss Bailey 23 Nov 1953
18044-18628 Lothian 23 Nov 1953-1 Jan 1954
18629-19123 Partridge 23 Feb-5 Mar 1954 H.R.C. Partridge 1951
19124-19143 Barton (as NRS agent) ? poss. Suffield 6 Mar 1954
19144-19229, 19246-19247 Lothian 26-29 Mar 1954
19230-19245 ? Suffield 27 Mar 1954
19248-19255 Folkes 29 Mar 1954
19256-20218 Lothian (but 19258-19267 mostly Jones) 29 Mar-14 Apr 1954
20219-20244 Jones 14 Apr 1954
20245-20246 Bedingfield of Ditchingham 14 Apr 1954
20247-20260 Lothian 14 Apr 1954
20261-20312 [Whinburgh etc. manorial] 14 Apr 1954-24 Apr 1954 ? = manor rolls presented 1946 by Mrs Robinson of Manor House, Watton.
20313-20469 Jones 22-23 Apr 1954
20470-20553 ? Bolding of Weybourne 23-24 Apr 1954
20563-20655 Bedingfield of Ditchingham 20 Jun 1954
20656-20679 Folkes 16 Aug 1954
20680 Dr E.I. Puddy 12 Apr 1954
20681-20694 B. Le Neve Foster 12 Apr 1954 1954
20695, 20697-20715 Basil Cozens-Hardy 8 Jul 1954, 6 Jul 1954
20696 Mrs Llewellyn Jolly 14 Jul 1954 1954
20716-20742 Lothian 16 Aug 1954
20743-20870 Jones 23-24 Aug 1954
20871-20936 Bedingfield of Ditchingham 24 Aug-10 Sep 1954
20937-21146 Lothian 10 Sep-11 Jan 1954
21147-21151 A. Stuart Brown 11 Jan 1955
21152-21356 [Whinburgh etc. manorial] 26 Jan-1 Feb 1955
21357-21364 [Clayton papers, 16th-19th century] 8 Feb 1955
21365-21384 Folkes 8 Feb 1955
21385-21387 ? Lothian 9 Dec 1955
21388-21390 Jones 9 Feb 1955
21391-21398 Earl of Bradford 9 Feb 1955 1948, 1955
21399-21404 'Haveringland' 9 Feb 1955 Baroness Cedestrom 1940
21405-21416 Lothian 9 Feb 1955
21417 Bulwer 7 Feb 1955
21418 Miss Alice Cory, 1942 9 Feb 1955
21419-21424 Folkes 9 Feb 1955
21425-21428, 21437 Lothian 9 Feb 1955
21429-21436 Folkes 9 Feb 1955
21438-21469 [deeds relating to Filby] 9-16 Feb 1955
21470-21474 [Whinburgh etc. manorial] 16 Feb 1955
21475-22588 Suffield 16 Feb-6 Apr 1955
22589-22638, 22641-22673 Basil Cozens-Hardy (? as solicitor) 9 Apr 1955
22639 Mr I.C. Montford 14 Mar 1955 1955
22640 Mr A.T. Hughes Clark 14 Mar 1955 1955
22674-22693 T.F. Barton (? as NRS agent) 15 Apr 1955
22694-23514 Lothian 18 Apr-7 Jun 1955
23515 L'Estrange Collection 3 Jun 1955 1955
23516-23775 T.F. Barton (? as NRS agent) (except 23735-23737 or 23738, Wiltshire County Archivist 25/22 1954) 3-22 Jun 1955 1954
23776-23789 Miss B.R. Foster 22 Jun 1955 1954
23790-23876 Lothian 29 Jun-1 Jul 1955 National Trust 1955

Accessions reported on by Norfolk Record Society but not identified in NRS stockbooks to 1955

Miss Constance Webber, 50 Norwich St Peter Mancroft deeds 1516-1697

Major P[hilip] Hamond, Twyford deeds (known to be still uncatalogued)
Lord Walpole per Col. T.W. Purdy (of Purdy & Holley solicitors)

Revd A.F. Marsham, Marsham estate documents.
Major Felle, lease re Pockthorpe
Executors Joseph Fox, 3 Gresham town books
Revd W.H. Cowper Johnson, Cooper MSS

Dr George Day, Kirby Bedon etc. deeds
R.N. Jones
F.S. Leeder, MSS re Clippesby
National Museum of Wales
Messrs Stevens, Miller & Jones; Hansell, Hales & Bridgwater; Mr Bassett Horner; Mills & Reeve- per Mrs T.R.C. Blofeld (some known to be still uncatalogued)

L. Rider Haggard 39 deeds (? added to Rider Haggard Collection)
Major George Charlton Anne (known to be still uncatalogued), deeds
Mr L. Rivett of Kempston
W.H. Tillett & Co. per BCH including Waxham and Sea Palling manorial
Mrs T.R.C. Blofeld, Necton deeds (known to be still uncatalogued)
per Mr R.S. Butcher, Horningtoft court book
Foster, Calvert & Marriott, Bromholme Cellarer's account 1415-16.

H.W. Trotter, convict licence 1854, per L.J. Redstone
Sheriff's quietus 1615, per Mr Neil
Mills & Reeve per Mrs Blofeld

BCH, Sheriff's quietus temp. Anne
G.W. Oughton, Shipdham deeds
G.J. Levine, 18th cent. bond
J. Hales-Tooke (known to be still uncatalogued)
Percy Millican, Mattishall and East Tuddenham manorial

Arthur Wright of Bargoed, Glamorgan, brass rubbings (33 rolls)
H.W. Back, Bacton etc. recovery 1760

Clerk to NCC, MSS Blofield district (= Burlingham Estate known to be still uncatalogued)

Christ Church College, Oxford, per Farrer & Co., Wood Norton deeds
Revd A.G. Wiseman, Pulham Market churchwardens' accounts from 1557
J.E.T. Pollard, 17th century deeds
G.P. Boys, pedigree of du Bois
Mormons, various Norwich M.I.s

Col. Walton Jennings, 2 typescript volumes re Bacton and Bromholme
Clerk to NCC, various (? Burlingham Estate known to be still uncatalogued)

Mabel, Lady Champion de Crespigny, Kelling & Salthouse deeds
Dr E.G. Wales, 14 Fincham etc. deeds
Arthur Wright brass rubbings
Mr R.F. Tebbutt
Norfolk Association Baptist Churches, Hewitt MSS
Norfolk News Company, Catton Friendly Society rules 1826

J.J. Colman Ltd., Trowse etc. deeds
T.F. Teversham, transcripts Ingoldisthorpe etc. deeds
E.F. Key, Runton etc. deeds

L.H. Allwood [Dereham solicitor] Townshend letter 1782
Parker, Necton court roll
T.H.M. Baker, Hatchard of Wymondham documents
Sir Reginald Whitty, sundry
Sale Borough Archives Committee, Methwold deeds
Hendon Borough Council, Thursford doc.
A.C. Tyndale, 13th century Little Fransham deed
Worcester Record Office, deed
Mrs Norris, Wood Norton etc. deeds
Revd J.F. Williams, Tittleshall, South Creake etc. documents.

Earl of Trafford, 5 boxes re Wroxham etc. (known to be still uncatalogued)
Barclays Bank, Haddiscoe deeds
Revd J.P. Hill, diary Revd G. Calvert of Norwich St James

O.S. Watkinson, Burnham Ulph deeds
Sir Picton Bagge, Crimplesham manorial
Colchester Museum, Felbrigg deed 1599
Revd J.F. Williams, South Creake document, 1317
L.H. Allwood, manorial
Q.E. Gurney, Hempstead manorial

Norfolk Record Society; 1930-; Norfolk

Diocese of Norwich: Records of the Estates of the Bishop of Norwich

  • DN/EST
  • Archief
  • nd [? 1186]-1959

DN/EST 1-14: Records of St Benet's Abbey

DN/EST 1-6: Records of St Benet's among the Diocesan Archives

DN/EST 1. Bailiff's Account Rolls

DN/EST 2. Manor Court Rolls

DN/EST 3. Obedientiary Rolls

DN/EST 4. Rentals, Surveys, Extents

DN/EST 5. Miscellaneous

DN/EST 6. Papal Bulls

DN/EST 7-13: Records restored to the Diocesan Archives in 1962

DN/EST 7. Title Deeds

DN/EST 8. Manor Court Rolls, Thurne and Ashby

DN/EST 9. Bailiff's Accounts, Flegg

DN/EST 10. Bailiff's Accounts, North Walsham

DN/EST 11. Bailiff's Accounts, Heigham, Potter Heigham, Scottow and Shotesham

DN/EST 12. Obedientiary Rolls

DN/EST 13. Miscellaneous

DN/EST 14: Records restored to the Diocesan Archives in 1981

DN/EST 15: Records relating to the Bishop's estates before the exchange with St Benet's

DN/EST 16-99: Records relating to the Bishop's estates after the exchange with St Benet's

DN/EST 100: St Benet's Obedientiary Rolls restored to the Diocesan Archives in 1999

Records of the estates of St Benet's passed into the diocesan archives and are listed here as DN/EST 1-6.

Few estate records of the bishop of Norwich before the exchange survive: these are listed here as DN/EST 15.

Records of the bishop's estates after 1535 are listed here as DN/EST 16 onwards: little in fact survives earlier than 1641.

In the Middle Ages, the bishop of Norwich held estates in about 50 parishes in Norfolk, 30 parishes in Suffolk and a small number elsewhere. These are listed in Blomefield's 'History of Norfolk', vol. 4, pp 530-539. In 1535, almost all of these estates were granted to the king and the bishop received in exchange the estates of St Benet's abbey, mainly in the north and east of Norfolk (listed in Blomefield's 'History of Norfolk', vol. 4, pp 539-542).

Diocese of Norwich; 1095-

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