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Assorted Micklethwait estate papers

Entitled 'J N Micklethwait: Old General Papers from 1854 to 1857' but many of the papers are for his predecessor Nathaniel and include a note re carting of gravel dated 1837. The papers include bills for building work at Blythburgh, rental and warrant for the manor of Costessey on the part of Felthorpe and Taverham for lands for Nathaniel Micklethwait, 1854, 1855, statement of bills entered in tenant's account, 1855, catalogue of live and deadstock sold from Taverham Hall Farm, Sep 1856 and tax assessment 1856-57, account of Fosters & Co. with Nathaniel Micklethwait, 1855, watching accounts, copies of insurances, account of game received from Taverham Hall, copy of award of the court to Thomas Berney in the Taverham Water Case, 1850, insurance policy in the name of James Rumsey (crossed out and replaced by Revd. John Miklethwait in pencil), on behalf of his landlord Nathaniel Micklethait for a farm at Metfield, plus assorted scrap notes, including number of bricks made.

Birchanger estate papers

Papers relating to the Birchanger estate in Essex belonging the Revd J N Micklethwait, including particulars, valuations, copies of exchange deeds, plans, rent payments, and requests for repairs.

Assorted Micklethwait estate papers

Crisp's carting orders [Attlebridge?], 1868, an agreement between Henry S. Micklethwait, John Benstead Bugg and Isaac Bugg Coaks for the hire of a meadow at Taverham, Aug 1879 and an income tax return form for Revd. John Micklethwait, for the year ending April 1878 (incomplete due to death).


Notices served and acknowledged under the 'Agricultural Holdings' (England) Act, 1875, from John N. Micklethwait informing tenants that their agreements will remain unaffected.

Misc papers of Revd. J.N. Micklethwait

Includes a receipe for barley water, notes on the pedigree of Micklethwait's Clydesdale stallion, Windsor, a letter addressed to Micklethwait about bulls and sheep, notes on preserving fruit, designs and specifications for a pigeon trap, and directions for rearing young turkeys.

Mixed papers

Copies of Revd. Micklethwait's list of plate purchased, with covering letter from Robberds [solicitor] regarding Frederick Micklethwait choosing which items he wants to purchase from the estate, and covering other related subjects to Frederick's role as trustee of the settlement, a list of items Frederick wanted from Taverham Hall, an annotated copy of the sales catalogue for Revd. Micklethwait's shorthorn herd (catalogues available from Hornor's office) and catalogue for a second sale of cattle and Clydesdale horses (including one stallion bred by the Queen), which includes the cow's names, with lists of calves produced and their sires, plus others letters and papers relating to the discharge of outstanding debts under Revd. Micklethwait's will.

Papers re bankruptcy of Isaac Spelman, tenant of a farm at Ringsfield

Notice of first meeting of creditors of Isaac Spelman of Woodside Farm, Ringsfield, tenant of Henry Micklethwait. Includes notice of the first creditors meeting, addressed to Charles Hornor, letters from the Official Receiver, correspondence concerning the ongoing management of the farm, bills for seeds, and letters from Henry Isaac to Charles Hornor about the settlement of his rent etc. One letter, addressed to Minns, dated 5 Apr 1883, mentions the loss of Hornor's wife.

Taverham Hall farm letters and other papers

Assorted letters relating to the management of various Micklethwait farms. The main subject of the bundle revolves around Revd. Micklethwait's desire to give up the Taverham home farm, due to what he describes as 'heavy losses. Throughout 1886 and 1887 he is urging Hornor to make arrangements to give up the farm: his Attlebridge tenant, Mrs Ringer, wants to surrender her lease and he does not want to be burdened with another farm where he is losing money. Charles and his son, Charles Jared, urge Micklethwait to keep the farm on as he will lose more if it remains unculitivated and the labourers will be out of work. The suggestion is made by one of the parties to let the farm at a low rent but a draft letter (probably CH) suggests this will encourage other tenants to ask for reductions, as if Micklethwait can't get his expenses from his own farm, how can they from theirs? In a letter to his father in Aug 1888, Charles Jared suggests a change of manager would help, as the current bailiff, Dennis Gayford, is not capable. He recommends himself for this role, when writing to Micklethwait's solicitor in the same month.
In 1889 he claims to Young that Micklethwait asked him to perform this duty and agreed to pay him a salary, at the suggestion of his father, but Charles Hornor claims that this is untrue and that Charles Jared ' is not animated with any friendly feeling to the Taverham Estate.'
Also included in this bundle are several letters relating to the vicar of Westleton's request to have a stove put in the Chancel, sales particulars for farms and land in Hickling and Sutton ('Samuel Howard's Property') and a small bundle of letters on various estate matters.

Tallowin's Farm, Beeston

Estimates for major building work on the farm, including re-roofing the cart-shed and erecting new piggeries, 1911. and a draft agreement from G.N. Micklethwait, demising farm buildings and land in Beeston to Samuel Tallowin, in exchange for giving up his interest in another parcel of land in the same parish, 1896.

Cecil Mills: estate papers

Draft schedules of the settled estates of Cecil Mills in Norfolk and Suffolk, 1900, including tenants details and acreages and the apportioned accounts of the estates , with rough calcualtions, following his death, 1908.

Mixed papers

Cultivation order from the War Agricultural Executive Committee for land at Stalham, rough notes re Wenhaston, brief particulars of Hall Farm, Taverham, and part of a tracing of land near Taverham.

Mixed papers

Lists of silver dispatched to Revd Cecil Mills (1903), correspondence re curtains at Taverham Hall, plan of proposed housing site at Salehurst.

Mixed estate letters and papers

Expressions of interest in the hire of the farm at Beeston, addressed to Francis Hornor, 1906, receipts for payment of half-yearly rent charges to the Land Improvement Company, 1922-23, receipts for payment of Hickling tithe rent charge, 1922-23, carpenters bills for work done on farms in Hickling and surrounding area 1922, receipts for quit rents paid by Hornors on behalf of Mills, 1922.

Taverham Emergency Landing Ground

Correspondence concerning potential compensation for J. Pratt for damage to crops relating to the construction of an emergency night landing strip at Breck farm. Includes tracing outlining areas to be renstated and trees to be removed [fragile condition]

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