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North Lynn Parish Council

  • PC 247
  • Fondo
  • 1894-1930

Minutes and accounts for North Lynn Parish Council.

It was absorbed into King's Lynn Borough Council in 1935.

North Lynn Parish Council; 1894-1935; North Lynn, Norfolk

Reffley Society of King's Lynn

  • SO 383
  • Fondo
  • 19th century-20th century

Including rules, vouchers for food, drink and work done to the Temple

Reffley Society; 1650-; Gaywood, Norfolk

Particulars of the estate of Dr Joseph Denman

  • MC 3619
  • Fondo
  • 18th century

A booklet that gives a valuation of the property he owned in West Norfolk. Describes the property and land, and lists the assessments of two different valuers. Gives probable future rents as well as well as current prices. One, Mr. Lens, assigned for Earl Fitzwilliam and the second, Mr. Oldknow, for the purchaser.

Mr Lens; fl 1764; Valuer; Gaywood, Norfolk

East Dereham Hospital

  • H 12
  • Fondo
  • 1957-1978

East Dereham Hospital; 1938-; East Dereham, Norfolk

Freedom certificate of John Carmichael

  • MC 3618
  • Fondo
  • 1782

The Burgess Letter or Freedom Certificate given to John Carmichael upon being made a Freeman of the Borough. This was after an apprenticeship as a bricklayer under Thomas King.

Borough of King's Lynn; 1204-1974; King's Lynn, Norfolk

Norfolk Museums and Archaeology Service: Great Yarmouth Museums

  • AUD 19
  • Fondo

A collection of oral history recordings, capturing the memories of residents of the East Anglian coast line with focus upon Great Yarmouth. The collection focuses upon fishing trades, offshore industries, leisure and tourism, family life, and the world wars.

Norfolk County Council, Norfolk Museums and Archaeology Service; 1974-

Peculiar of Great Cressingham

  • PGC
  • Fondo
  • 1675-1760

PGC 1 Visitation Acts, 1684-1726
PGC 2 Citation Mandates, 1683-1736
PGC 3 Churchwardens' Presentments, 1728-1736
PGC 4 Will Register, 1675-1749
PGC 5 Original Wills, 1701-1754
PGC 6 Letter of Probate, 1705
PGC 7 Administration and Guardianship Bonds, 1702-1751
PGC 8 Probate Inventories, 1707-1720
PGC 9 Marriage Licence Bonds and Affidavits, 1719-1760

There are no pre-1813 parish register transcripts.

Peculiar of Great Cressingham; ?-1857; Great Cressingham, Norfolk

Architect's Department

  • N/AR
  • Fondo
  • 1920-1993

Norwich City Council, Architect's Department; ?-?; Norwich, Norfolk

Education Department

  • N/ED
  • Fondo
  • 1697-1974

School records and Education Department Committee Papers.

Norwich City Council, Education Department; ?-?; Norwich, Norfolk

Norwich Police Force

  • N/PO
  • Fondo
  • 1879-1966

Includes crime registers, duplicate annual returns re crime and the police establishment and some personnel and disciplinary files.

Norwich Police Force; 1879-; Norwich, Norfolk

Quarter Sessions

  • N/S
  • Fondo
  • 1818-1971

N/S 1 Files
N/S 2 Minute books (criminal)
N/S 3 Cases books
N/S 4 Registers of convictions Calendars of prisoners made after trial
N/S 5 Depositions of witnesses
N/S 6 Recorders' notebooks
N/S 7 Registers of certificates (appeal aid and legal aid)
N/S 8 Jurors' lists
N/S 9 Minute books of administrative business; Minute books of special sessions (lunacy)
N/S 10 Prisons
N/S 11 Lunacy
N/S 12 Highways (orders for closing or diversion)
N/S 13 Statutory returns and deposits (including building, friendly and loan societies, and freemasons)
N/S 14 Rating appeals
N/S 15 Settlement examinations
N/S 16 Clerk of Peace's correspondence, returns and accounts
N/S 17 Deposited plans and other deposited documents (Public history and Museum regulations. Savings Banks notes, Lakenham end Trowse to the Appointments etc.)

City of Norwich Quarter Sessions; c 1350-1971; Norwich, Norfolk


  • N/SH
  • Fondo
  • 1921-1922

Shrievalty of Norfolk; 1576-

Treasurer's Department

  • N/T
  • Fondo
  • 1718-1974

1 Rate estimates
2 Rate books
3 Abstracts of account
4 Abstracts of account: Paving Commission and Board of Health
5 Rate Fund Accounts
6 Loans
7 Wages
8 Cash payments
9 Tonnage dues
10 Private Street Works
11 Norwich Incorporation of Guardians of the Poor
12 River Yare Commissioners
13 Mousehold Heath Conservators
14 City Committee accounts
15 Education Committee
16 City Engineer
17 Works Department personal ledgers
18 Parks and Gardens Committee
19 Various accounts
20 Miscellaneous
21 Treasurer's Orders
22 Valuation Lists
23 Poor and General District Rate Books, 1825-1844
24 Housing
25 Elliott 405 computer
26 Rate Arrears
27 General Rate Books
28 City Accountants
29 Capital Expenditure Journals (uncatalogued)
30 Special Committee i.e. expenditure
31 Local Government Act 1958
32 Registers of local land charges
33 Poor rate assessments 1718-1824
34 Warrants to City Treasurer to recieve watch rate

Norwich City Council, Treasurer's Department; ?-?; Norwich, Norfolk

Guardians' Committee No. 6

  • C/GC 6
  • Fondo
  • 1930-1948

Minutes of Proceedings and Register of Boarded Out Children.

Norfolk County Council, Guardians' Committee No. 6; 1929-1948

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