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Charter of King John

Grant to the burgesses of Lynn, at the request of John Bishop of Norwich, that the borough of Lynn should be a free borough for ever, with rights of local jurisdiction, freedom from tolls except in London, and a merchant gild. They were to follow the law and custom of Oxford, and in the event of their being in doubt or contention as to how to resolve a question they were to send messengers to Oxford and abide by the decision of the burgesses there. The existing liberties and customs in Lynn of the Bishop of Norwich and the Earl of Arundel were to continue unchanged.
Dated at Ludgershall, 6 John.
Duplicate of KL/C 2/1, except for the name of an additional witness, Alan Basset.
Harrod reference: Aa 1.

King's Lynn Unreformed Corporation

Unreformed Corporation (before 1835) (KL/C)

Including series of records which continued unbroken after the Municipal Corporations Act.

KL/C 1/1-11: Archive lists, 1732-1887

KL/C 2/1-62: Royal charters and letters patent, 1204-1737

KL/C 3/1-7: Royal letters close and privy seal writs, 1327-1495

KL/C 4/1-17: Episcopal and other non-royal charters, formal letters and agreements, 1204-1609

KL/C 5/1-4: Guild merchant of the Holy Trinity:minutes, 13th-16th centuries

KL/C 6/1-6: Hall rolls, 1385-1422

KL/C 7/1-31: Hall books, 1372-3 and 1422-1902

KL/C 8/1-48: Hall, Committee, and statutory Commissioners' minutes, 1730-1866

KL/C 9/1-29: Freemen and apprenticeships, 1440-1868; honorary freemen, 1901-1969

KL/C 10/1-29: Red Register, Asshebourne's book, enrolled charters, deeds, precedents etc., c 1300-1924

KL/C 11/1-28: Enrolled private deeds, 1571-1881

KL/C 12/1-16: Enrolled and deposited wills, 1276-1751

KL/C 13/1: Assize of bread, 1296-1298

KL/C 14/1: Coroner's inquests, 1302-1305

KL/C 15/1-2: Constables' inquisitions, 1309, 1314

KL/C 16/1-2: Hustings rolls, 1334-1335 and 1349

KL/C 17/1-41: Leet rolls and books, 1309-1871

KL/C 18/1: Gaol delivery roll, 1455

KL/C 19/1-3: Commissions of the Peace, 1412 and 1836-7

KL/C 20/1-12: Quarter Sessions books, 1726-1957

KL/C 21/1-28: Quarter Sessions minutes, 1620-1865

KL/C 22/1-286 and unnumbered: Oath rolls, 1689-1847, and sessions files, 1841-1971

KL/C 23/1-33: Sessions presentments, formularies, estreats and miscellaneous papers, 1558-1957

KL/C 24/1-3: Petty Sessions books, 1794-1808

KL/C 25/1-44: Guildhall Court books, 1591-1842

KL/C 26/1-43:Guildhall Court plaint books, 1658-1846

KL/C 27/1-33: Guildhall Court papers (miscellaneous) and rules, 1657-1846

KL/C 28/1-14: Court of Requests minutes and papers, 1770-1846

KL/C 29/1: Court of Pie Powder minutes, 1618-1657

KL/C 30/1-17: Court of Admiralty court books, 1734-1835, and papers, 1604-1830

KL/C 31/1: Tolbooth Court orders, 1587

KL/C 32/1-3: Corporation officers' oath rolls, 1580, 1770 and 1828

KL/C 32 /1-2: Appointments of High Stewards, 1665 and 1792

KL/C 34/1-18: Returns of election of Members of Parliament, 1313 and 1701-1815

KL/C 35/1-72: Mayoral indentures of loan of corporation plate, 1346/7 and 1609-1815

KL/C 36/1-266: Appointments of Corporation officers, 1296 and 1623-1841

KL/C 37/1-7: Tallage rolls, 1292-1357

KL/C 38/1-31: Holy Trinity Guild account rolls, 1373-1509

KL/C 39/1-241: Chamberlains' accounts, 1319-1835

KL/C 40/1-7: Auditors' statements of revenue and expenditure, 1829-1835

KL/C 41/1-33: Chamberlains' cash books and vouchers, 1727-1832

KL/C 42/1-2: Treasurers' accounts, 1685-1835

KL/C 43/1-12: Other officers' accounts, 1413-1750

KL/C 44/2-128: Accounts of tolls, dues and water rents, 1557-1852

KL/C 45/1-28: Miscellaneous accounts, 1569-1823

KL/C 46/1-73: Accounts with Exchequer, 1351-1807

KL/C 47/1-46: Tax assessments, c. 1785-1705

KL/C 48/1-13: Surveys, terriers and rentals, c. 1279-1809

KL/C 49/1-13: Manor of King's Lynn rentals, 1575-1849

KL/C 50/1-664 and draft lists: Corporation estates: title deeds, c. 1280-1833

KL/C 51/1-153 and draft lists: Corporation estates: leases, 1571-1811

KL/C 52/1-9: Corporation estates: registers of leases, 1553-1853

KL/C 53/1-51: Ferry rights: deeds and papers, 1286-1924

KL/C 54/ interim list: Snettisham estate: deeds and estate papers, c.1290-1909

KL/C 55/ interim list: Fitton Farm estate: deeds and papers, 1481-1866

KL/C 56/1-42: Gaywood Hospital deeds and estate papers, 13th century-1865

KL/C 57/ interim list (Gd): Religious gild records, early 13th century-1537

KL/C 58/1-45: Grammar School and related charities: deeds and papers, 1408-1921

KL/C 59/1-39: St Margaret with St Nicholas church and parish records, 1422-1866

KL/C 60/ interim list: Tolbooth deeds and papers, 1316-1860

KL/C 61: Mayoral Chronicles, 16th century

KL/C 62: Mayoral Chronicles, 17th-18th century

Interim lists: Miscellaneous and working papers, 14th-19th centuries, including some historical manuscripts

Charter of Henry III

Inspeximus of charter of King John and further grant to the burgesses that they may elect a mayor in place of a reeve, in accordance with a charter previously granted to them by the Bishop and Chapter of Norwich. Dated at Westminster, 52 Henry III. Duplicate of KL/C 2/7.
Part of great seal.
Harrod reference: Aa 4

Royal Charters and Letters Patent

Charter of King John, 1204, and subsequent royal charters of confirmation and of additional rights, including incorporation, 1524, change of name from Lynn Bishop to King's Lynn, 1537, and the annexation of South Lynn to the borough, 1555 and 1557.

Also includes two charters to the monks of Bury St Edmunds, 11th century (purporting to be of King Cnut, c.1021 but written in the 1080s), and 12th-century, but purporting to be of King Hardecnut, c.1040, believed to have been acquired by the Corporation with deeds to gild land which once belonged to Bury St Edmunds Abbey.

Charter of Henry III

Grant to the burgesses of Lynn that they and their goods should be free from arrest for debt wherof they are not principals or sureties, with conditions, dated at Windsor, 39 Henry III. Duplicate of KL/C 2/5.
Part of great seal.
Harrod reference Aa 3

Charter of Henry III

Inspeximus of charter of King John and further grant to the burgesses that they may elect a mayor in place of a reeve, in accordance with a charter previously granted to them by the Bishop and Chapter of Norwich. Dated at Westminster, 52 Henry III.
Part of great seal.
Harrod reference: Aa 4.

Archive lists etc.

Schedules, inventories and reports listing or describing the borough records, including Henry Harrod's Repertory of the records, evidences etc., 1867, the manuscript of his Report on the deeds and records of the borough of King's Lynn, 1868 (published in 1874) and related correspondence, 1865-1868; J.C. Jeaffreson's report published in Historical Manuscripts Commission, Eleventh Report, Appendix 3: Manuscripts of the Corporations of Southampton and Lynn (1887).

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