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Charter: Grant. William son of Osbert de Wdetun’ to Benedict son of Richard de Bedigh’.

A piece of a watercourse lying between the watercourse of Margaret wife of Andrew de Walleford on the west and on the south abutts the watercourse of Walter the Chaplain and on the north touches the land of Nicholas de Stutewile. Rent 1d. Witnesses: William son of Gilbert de Wdet', Thomas de Wdet', Geoffrey son of Osbert, Albin the clerk de Bedigh', Roger Amfrey de Topecroft, John son of Herbert, Robert the forester, Bartholomew del Rof, Ralph del Haee, Walter son of John. Dated ? temp. Ric. I.

Charter. Grant by John Godchep of Norwich to the prior and monks of St Faith of Horsham of all possessions houses rents etc in Hintewde Ketringham Cringilford and Kesewic

Witnesses: Roger de Kalestorp, Andrew Walelin, bailiff of the hundred, Richard, parson of Swenestorp, William de Merkeshale, Simon de Hed'sete, Richard son of Baldewin, Walter de Karletun, Ranulf de Cringelford, Roger de Colneya, John son of Matilda, Robert de Blunvill', William de Lakenham, William de Wiho, Walter de Neutun'.

Quitclaim. Sir John de Vallibus, Kt., and [-] wife to the church of St Faith, Horsham and [-] serving there

Annual rent of 33d. out of tenement in Kesewyck?. Witnesses: Peter Roscelyn, William Roscelyn, Thomas Baldolf, Thomas de Hakeford, William de ?Quitwelle, Kts, John de Briston, John de Malle, chaplains, Walter de Bernham, Reginald de Sprouston, John Bardolf, Nicholas de Hestren, William Burel, Richard de Ketene.

Charter. Grant by Robert son of Wiliam Pernel de Wudetun’ to Alexander son of Isaac Copping de Topecroft

Land in Topecroft lying between the land of Alan son of Robert [?]ixan de Wudeton on the south and Robert Se[?]ue de Topecroft on the north and abutting the land of William Ro on east and land of Robert de Cruce on west. Rent one penny. Witnesses: William de Se[?]nges, Walter of the same, Roger Amfrey of Topecroft, William Herbert, Ralph Cauceps, Richard the forester, ?Hervicus de Cachom', Walter Le Poer. Dated temp. Hen. III.

Charter: Grant. William de Tweith son of John de Tweith of Hethil to William son of John le Deue of Brakene.

Three pieces of arable land in Hethil, one between the land of the prior of Alesburne on east leading from Hethil towards Flordone on west abutting the way called Schepegate on the north. Second piece at Sweteskinneshowe and the third at Heuerchenessik. Witnesses: John de Vallibus, Ralph de Malherbe, William de Blumvile de Colneye, Eustace le Curchun, William, his son, John Picot, [-], his son, Roger Cusin, Robert de la More, Andrew le Waleys, William Valiant, Robert Warin. Exaltation of Holy Cross 15 Ed I.

Photocopy of Flitcham deed

  • ACC 2002/35
  • Temporary
  • 1290

Grant by Reginald Paydot to Reginald son of Roger Adford, of 1 acre of land in the fields of Appleton.

Charter. Grant by Robert de Thweyt de Hayll to Ernald Kempe of Norwich, chaplain John le Vaus of the same, his nephew and Cecilia his wife.

Messuage with buildings and pightle in Hayll in Estgate. Witnesses: Gregory de Oldhaghe, William de Curchin, William Thweyt, Robert Picot, John Picot, John de Camp, Robert Michel, Robert Warin, William le Fraunceys, Martin de Estgate, Robert le Ding, Richard de Swerdeston, clerk, Richard de la Grene. Easter 23 Edward I.

Charter: Grant. [-] Sir [-] John de Asscewellethorp to John le Vaus of Norwich son of William de Berford and Cecilis his wife.

Three roods of arable land in Hetthyl in ?Abun Penab. Witnesses: William le Curzun, William de Tweyt, Richard, his son, Robert Michel, Roger Michel, John Rikedun, John Estryld, Richard le Meriant, Walter le Perker, Richard le Grey, Robert Doleman. Sunday before St Dunstan 27 Ed I.

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