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Writ-charter of Bertha, Countess [of Brittany] addressed to William [Turbe] Bishop of Norwich and all her men and friends of England, clerics and laymen, French and English, and especially those of the soke of Costessey (costescia)

Granting in pure and perpetual alms to Geoffrey the clerk son of William de Estunia the church of Honingham ('hunigham') with all things belonging and also all the land that Turstan son of Sifled held in Easton ('estunia') and Honingham and in (Honingham) Thorpe ('torp'') as his father granted it to him and as he established title to it ('disratiocinavit') in the court of Conan Duke [of Brittany] grantor's son at Costessey before his barons, to be held of Turstan in fee and inheritance as his predecessor William held it in wood and plain, in field, in land arable and not arable, in meadows, in water, in turbaries and pastures and in all places. Tongue lacking seal and with lace.
With 20th century translation.

Grant by Tedbald Haltein son of Walter Haltein by grant of Agnes his wife and by will of his sons to SS Mary and Faith of Horsham and the monks there

Of 67a. [in Hellesdon] of his demesne lying between the street from Norwich to Horsford by the hospital under Sutwuda, for the souls of King Henry, his sons, grantor's lord Humphrey de Buun, grantor's father and mother, his 'parentes' and those of his wife A[gnes] and John and his other sons, he having received from the Church of St Faith 27 marks in silver to complete a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and confirming this grant before Bishop William of Norwich, Bertrand, Prior of St Faith, etc.

Grant by Theobald Halth' to the monks of Horsham

Of 12a. land of the demesne of Helesdh' (Hellesdon) that his father gave them in the bruery viz. between the five mounds ('hogas') and the land he gave to the Hospital of Jerusalem; also 7a. in said bruery near said 12a. for safety of his soul and that of Agnes his wife and those of his mother and father and all his family ('parentum'). Endorsed 'parcell' faldag' de Horsham'.

Charter: Grant. William son of Osbert de Wdetun’ to Benedict son of Richard de Bedigh’.

A piece of a watercourse lying between the watercourse of Margaret wife of Andrew de Walleford on the west and on the south abutts the watercourse of Walter the Chaplain and on the north touches the land of Nicholas de Stutewile. Rent 1d. Witnesses: William son of Gilbert de Wdet', Thomas de Wdet', Geoffrey son of Osbert, Albin the clerk de Bedigh', Roger Amfrey de Topecroft, John son of Herbert, Robert the forester, Bartholomew del Rof, Ralph del Haee, Walter son of John. Dated ? temp. Ric. I.

Grant addressed to his friends and men present and future by Robert, son of Richard, to Walter his son, and joint grant by Robert and Walter to Sarah wife of Walter in dower, of all the land of Matlaske.

Among the witnesses are Henry, abbot of St Nicholas, of Mendham, and William, prior of same; Mendham Priory was founded c 1170. Phillipps 40277.

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