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Farming Records of the Fisher family at Avoca, near Durban, South Africa, Letheringsett and Gunton

  • BR 112
  • Fondo
  • 1887-1968

The main record is in the series of Farm Labour Books, which include subsidiary accounts, crop records, stock lists etc. and a detailed weather log, and between whose pages business and some family correspondence, vouchers, official circulars, trade literature etc. are preserved. Similar enclosures are found in the cash books.
The Farm Labour Books are printed by Webb 1897/8, 1901/2, 1911, 1914/15, Fletcher 1898/9, 1913/14, Wright 1899/1900, 1900/1, Jarrold 1902/3-1904/5, 1905/6-1909/10 and 1912, and King 1923. The rest between 1916 and 1939 are Webb's as printed by Jarrold and after 1943 they bear the name of Jarrold alone.

Fisher family; 1887-1968; farmers; Avoca, South Africa, Letheringsett and Gunton, Norfolk

Diaries, Photographs and Personal Papers of Marion Cropley (later Marion Gibbons, subsequently Marion Gissing)

  • MC 3139
  • Fondo
  • nd [late 18th century]-2011

Comprises diaries, 1940-1948, 1958-1959, 1970-1973, 1998-2005, 2010-2011; two photograph albums, 1940-1945; and personal papers, including souvenirs of Marion's life in Canada, as an evacuee during the Second World War.

Marion Cropley; 1927-2013; dressmaker; Norwich and Niagra Falls, Ontario, Canada, Framingham Earl, Norfolk

Diaries of Revd William Pelham Burn (1859-1901), vicar of St Peter Mancroft, Norwich

  • MC 2678
  • Fondo
  • 1893-1901

The diaries cover clerical, public, social and family life throughout, including stays at his wife's family home at Milton Court near Dorking, Surrey. Margaret Burn is referred to throughout as 'M'. Aspects of parochial life and duties recorded include church services and music, the restoration of St Peter's chancel and the opening of a new Mission Memorial Hall in 1899. Dr Edward Bunnett was organist at St Peter Mancroft throughout the period of Burn's incumbency and is referred to in the diaries.
Travel features strongly, both in the Norwich area (usually on foot or cycling) and across Norfolk (mainly by bicycle) for duty and pleasure and further afield in England, Scotland and Europe. Burn routinely noted books he was reading and also (especially when staying in London) commented on plays, exhibitions and other cultural events. Natural history observations occur (e.g., birds sighted in the garden of The Chantry) and also anecdotes and short overheard conversations.
The diaries are copiously illustrated with Burn's own photographs. Some letters, postcards and other travel mementos, foreign stamps and pressed flowers are also pasted in, as are annual printed 'Christmas Greetings' from The Chantry.

William Pelham Burn; 1859-1901; clergyman; Kensington, London, and Italy, Norwich, Norfolk, and Oxford, Oxfordshire, Bodmin, Cornwall

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