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North Walsham, Norfolk
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Provincial Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Norfolk

  • SO 264
  • Fonds
  • 1878-1983

Royal Arch Masonry has been working in Norfolk from before 1786. Chapters include Royal George Chapter No 52 in Norwich, Friendship Chapter No 100 in Great Yarmouth, Unanimity Chapter No 102 in North Walsham, Philanthropic Chapter No 107 in King's Lynn, Perseverance Chapter No 213 in Norwich, Cabbell Chapter No 807 in Norwich (founded 1881), Harvy Sparks Chapter No 996 in East Dereham (founded 1890), Joppa Chapter No 1114, Doric Chapter No 1193, Suffield Chapter 1808, Baring Chapter 2602 (founded 1905) in Cromer, Thet Chapter No 3334 (Founded 1950), Naval and Military Chapter No 3678, le Strange Chapter No 3730, Installed 1st Principals Chapter No 3905, Bowers Chapter No 4865, Watton Chapter No 7107, Bishop Herbert Chapter No 7859 (founded 1965) and Norfolk Broads Chapter No 8368 (founded 1972) in Wroxham..

Provincial Grand Lodge of Norfolk; ? 1846-; freemasons

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  1. Wacton Wesleyan Methodist
  2. Walpole Cross Keys Primitive Methodist
  3. Walpole Highway Primitive Methodist
  4. Walpole St Peter Primitive Methodist
  5. North Walsham Society of Friends (Quakers)
  6. North Walsham Wesleyan Methodist
  7. North Walsham Wesleyan Methodist
  8. North Walsham Primitive Methodist
  9. North Walsham Evangelical (ex Independent)
  10. North Walsham Gospel Hall
  11. North Walsham Salvation Army
  12. South Walsham Primitive Methodist
  13. Great Walsingham Russian Orthodox (ex Wesleyan Methodist)
  14. Little Walsingham Wesleyan Methodist, including leaflet re history of church.
  15. Little Walsingham United Free Methodist (ex Congregational)
  16. Little Walsingham Roman Catholic
  17. East Walton Primitive Methodist
  18. Warham Primitive Methodist
  19. Watlington Wesleyan Methodist
  20. Watlington Primitive Methodist
  21. Watton Methodist
  22. Watton Assemblies of God (ex Congregational)
  23. Weasenham All Saints Primitive Methodist, including press cutting and photo of conversion of chapel buildings, 1995.
  24. Welllingham United Free Methodist
  25. Wells Society of Friends (Quakers)
  26. Wells Congregational
  27. Wells Wesleyan Methodist
  28. Wells Primitive Methodist, including press cutting re renovation costs, 1990.
  29. Wells Roman Catholic
  30. Welney (Tips End) Baptist Zion
  31. Welney Primitive Methodist
  32. Wendling Primitive Methodist. Demolished. No photographs.
  33. Wendling Primitive Methodist
  34. Wendling Primitive Methodist
  35. Wereham Wesleyan Methodist
  36. West Acre Primitive Methodist
  37. West Beckham Methodist
  38. West Dereham Primitive Methodist
  39. Westfield Primitive Methodist
  40. West Rudham Primitive Methodist. Demolished.
  41. West Lynn Wesleyan Methodist
  42. West Raynham Wesleyan Methodist
  43. West Runton Methodist
  44. West Somerton Primitive Methodist
  45. West Walton Primitive Methodist
  46. West Winch Primitive Methodist
  47. Weybourne Primitive Methodist
  48. Whinburgh Primitive Methodist
  49. Whissonsett Primitive Methodist
  50. Whittington Wesleyan Methodist (form missing)
  51. Whitwell Primitive Methodist
  52. Wickhampton Wesleyan Methodist
  53. Wicklewood (High Oak) Primitive Methodist (Morley High Oak), including copy letters from former organist reminiscing of his boyhood at the chapel.
  54. Wicklewood Primitive Methodist
  55. Wickmere Primitive Methodist
  56. Wiggenhall St German Wesleyan Methodist
  57. Wiggenhall St German Primitive Methodist
  58. Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalene Baptist (general)
  59. Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalene Primitive Methodist
  60. Wiggenhall St Mary Virgin Wesleyan Methodist
  61. Wiggenhall St Mary Virgin (St Mary's End) Primitive Methodist
  62. Wighton Primitive Methodist
  63. Wilby Primitive Methodist, including copy of old postcard showing chapel, nd
  64. Wimbotsham Primitive Methodist, including copy extract from centenary booklet, nd
  65. Wimbotsham United Free Methodist
  66. Winfarthing Wesleyan Methodist. Demolished. No photographs.
  67. Winfarthing Primitive Methodist
  68. Winterton Primitive Methodist
  69. Witton Primitive Methodist
  70. Wiveton United Free Methodist
  71. Wood Dalling Primitive Methodist
  72. Wood Dalling Wesleyan Reformed Methodist (ex Congregational)
  73. Wood Dalling Salvation Army
  74. Wood Norton Primitive Methodist
  75. Woodton Wesleyan Methodist
  76. Woodton Primitive Methodist
  77. Wootton, South Primitive Methodist
  78. Wormegay Primitive Methodist
  79. Worstead (Meeting Hill) Baptist (strict and particular)
  80. Worstead Primitive Methodist
  81. Wortwell United Reformed Church (ex Congregational)
  82. Wortwell Roman Catholic (ex Baptist)
  83. Wreningham Primitive Methodist
  84. Wymondham Society of Friends (Quakers), including detailed plan of meeting house interior and extract from 'The Quakers of Wymondham' by Judy Hawkins.
  85. Wymondham United Reformed Church (ex Congregational), including detailed notes re history of cause.
  86. Wymondham Baptist, including press cutting re building extension, 1993.
  87. Wymondham Baptist
  88. Wymondham Wesleyan Methodist
  89. Wymondham (Spooner Row) Wesleyan Methodist
  90. Wymondham Primitive Methodist
  91. Wymondham (Suton Street) Primitive Methodist
  92. Wymondham (Silfield) Primitive Methodist
  93. Wymondham Primitive Methodist. Demolished.
  94. Wymondham Methodist
  95. Wymondham Salvation Army
  96. Wymondham (Rattle Row) Salvation Army
  97. Wymondham Plymouth Brethren, including biographical notes re architect and designer of chapel, Thomas Jeckyll.
  98. Wymondham Roman Catholic
  99. Wymondham Jehovah's Witnesses

Whinburgh Primitive Methodist Church; ?-?; Christian denomination; Whinburgh, Norfolk

'A Record for the People called Quakers in the County of NORFOLK of all their Burying Grounds, Meeting houses and Yearly Profits of Charitable gifts and Bequests to their Poor annually digested shewing By whom and when Purchased or Given, to whom and when since transferred in Trust and with whom the several Writings thereunto belonging are lodged.'

Dated 1859 (with later additions c 1937). Includes Estates in: Alburgh, 1701-1926: Beccles, 1791-1930; Diss 1698-1937; Downham, 1710-1899; Fakenham, 1667-1905; Hingham, 1708-1927; Harling, 1837-1937; Holt, 1713-1901; Kirtley, 1826-1869; Lammas, 1672-1931; Hunstaunton Meeting House, 1868-1920; Lynn, 1713-1924; Mattishall, 1687-1931; Lynn Meeting House, cottage and burial-ground, New Conduit Street, 1881-1896; North Walsham, 1692-1929; Norwich, c 1676-c 1931; Royden, 1740-1937; Stoke, 1741-1844; Tasburgh, 1707-1937; Thetford, 1696-1929; Thursford (with plan), 1719-1905; Tivetshall, 1674-1937; Pakefield Meeting House, 1895-1908; Upwell, 1697-1839; Wells, 1697-1906; Wymondham, 1687-1930; Wramplingham, 1739-1866; Worlingham, 1793-1809; Yarmouth, 1694-1931.

Case Record of Hannah Flaxman

Name: Hannah Flaxman; Age: 32; Gender: Female; Occupation: Labourer's Wife; Residence: North Walsham, Norfolk; Religion: ; Education: ; Martial Status: Married; No. of Children: ; Admission Photo: No: Classification: Mania; Outcome: ; Photo on Discharge: No; Notes: see page 270 & 322. Patient Notes transferred to New Chronic Case Book Fol 467

Case Record of John Bond

Name: John Bond; Age: 67; Gender: Male; Occupation: Tailor; Residence: North Walsham, Norfolk; Religion: ; Education: ; Martial Status: ; No. of Children: ; Admission Photo: No: Classification: Deranged'; Outcome: Died; Photo on Discharge: No; Notes:

Case Record of William Gowns

Name: William Gowns; Age: 44; Gender: Male; Occupation: ; Residence: North Walsham, Norfolk; Religion: ; Education: ; Martial Status: ; No. of Children: ; Admission Photo: No: Classification: Epilepsy; Outcome: Died; Photo on Discharge: No; Notes:

Case Record of Hannah Roberts

Name: Hannah Roberts; Age: 59; Gender: Female; Occupation: Wife of a labourer; Residence: North Walsham; Religion: ; Education: ; Marital Status: Married; No. of Children: ; Admission Photo: Yes: Classification: Bardswell; Outcome: Mania Recent; Photo on Discharge: Died; Notes:

Case Record of Mary Haggith

Name: Mary Haggith; Age: 82; Gender: Female; Occupation: Dressmaker; Residence: North Walsham; Religion: ; Education: ; Marital Status: Single; No. of Children: ; Admission Photo: No: Classification: ; Outcome: Senile Dementia; Photo on Discharge: Died; Notes:

Case Record of Sarah Howard

Name: Sarah Howard; Age: 60; Gender: Female; Occupation: Widow of a labourer; Residence: North Walsham; Religion: Wesleyan; Education: ; Martial Status: Widow; No. of Children: ; Admission Photo: Yes: Classification: ; Outcome: Dementia secondary; Photo on Discharge: Died; Notes:

Case Record of Lizzie Watts

Name: Lizzie Watts; Age: 19; Gender: Female; Occupation: Domestic Servant; Residence: North Walsham; Religion: Primitive Methodist; Education: ; Martial Status: Single; No. of Children: ; Admission Photo: Yes: Classification: ; Outcome: Mania Recent; Photo on Discharge: Continued; Notes:

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