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United States Army Air Force (USAAF) 2nd Air Division Memorial Library Archive

  • MC 371
  • Archief
  • c 1943-2010

This archive comprises a large and varied collection of documents relating to the Second Air Division, United States Army Air Force (hereafter 2nd Air Division, USAAF). They are records which veterans, their families, local people and researchers have chosen to donate to the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library, in order to preserve the history of the 2nd Air Division's presence in East Anglia, 1942-5. Most documents date from this period, but there are significant numbers of post-war documents relating, in particular, to veterans' reunions and memoirs. It should be noted that this is a commemorative collection and is not an official United States military archive, nor does it contain the official service records for individual personnel.
The archive contains many diaries, letters, photographs and memoirs relating to 2nd Air Division service personnel in their 'home from home' in Norfolk and East Anglia. A significant proportion of the records relate to the 2nd Air Division's bomb groups, as well as containing records about the 65th Fighter Wing, 2nd Air Division Headquarters and Women's Auxiliary Corps. The archive contains more records relating to the bomber crews, with relatively fewer records relating to the ground crews (who maintained the aircraft in flying condition) and affiliated support personnel (including administrators, medical staff, cooks etc.) even though they were greater in number than the combat air crews. Records relating to the ground crews are usually listed with the bomb groups in which they served. Some non-combat groups are more fully represented in the records than others. In particular, records of these groups include the 7th Photographic Reconnaissance Group, 231st and 77th Station Hospitals and the 987th Military Police Detachment.
The archive also contains some records, donated by veterans and their associates, relating more generally to wartime Norfolk. These include correspondence between veterans and local people, photographs of Norwich, local theatre programmes and guidebooks. There are also records relating to the activities of the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library, the 2nd Air Division Association, and the 2nd Air Division Memorial Trust. However, for business records of the Memorial Trust, please see catalogue reference SO 247.
As well as personal papers, there are copies of some official operational records, mainly movement orders, crew lists, unit citations, flight plans, navigation charts and copies of some mission reports and Missing Air Crew Reports. There are also copies of Record Site Plans of some Norfolk airbases, which are usually copies of Air Ministry plans.
However, except in a few cases, which are clearly marked in the catalogue, the archive does not contain copies of official service records for individual personnel. Official military service records are usually held by the National Archives and Records Administration's (NARA) National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) in the United States of America. On 12 July 1973, a fire at the NPRC destroyed approximately 16 to 18 million official military personnel files, including those of 75 percent of United States Air Force personnel discharged between 25 September 1947 and 1 January 1964, with names alphabetically after Hubbard, James E. Therefore, if you are searching for official military service records, we would advise you to seek guidance from NARA about these records. Further information is available from the NARA website: <> [accessed 7 December 2010].
This archive does contain copies of lists of names of those servicemen from each Bomb Group who were buried at the Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial at Madingley, or whose names appear on the Wall of the Missing there. These lists are arranged in this catalogue under each combat unit for which they are held. However, the archive does not usually contain burial records for individual servicemen. For further information about servicemen believed to have been interred in the cemetery, you are advised to contact the cemetery. For more information, see the American Battle Monuments Commission website: <> [accessed 7 December 2010].
The archive also contains sound recordings collected as part of the 2nd Air Division's Personal History Programme. As part of the programme, veterans recorded their own memoirs, following questions published in the 2nd Air Division Association 'Journal', vol. 24, no. 4, (December 1985) and sent them to the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library. For a copy of the questions published in 'The Journal', see MC 376/423/4. In this catalogue, recordings which formed part of the Personal History Programme are listed under the name of the individual veteran who made the recording. A few earlier recordings, dating from 1983, were also included when these records were deposited at the Norfolk Record Office. It is unclear whether they are incorrectly dated, or whether a few earlier recordings were sent in as part of the programme. Some other recordings, not of the memoirs of individual veterans, were deposited at the Norfolk Record Office by the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library with those of the 2nd Air Division Personal History Programme. They do not appear to relate directly to the programme itself, although many were donated to the Library around the same time. These recordings have been listed under the relevant catalogue section to which they relate.
Other sound recordings collected by, or created on behalf of, the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library and relating to the activities of the 2nd Air Division are listed in the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library section of this catalogue. They include taped BBC radio broadcasts, recorded memoirs and interviews with veterans and local people.
For all catalogue descriptions, we have tried to give accurate spellings of personal names and to identify correct military ranks. However, this has sometimes been difficult, especially in the case of sound recordings, and if you think that an entry should be changed or corrected factually, please let the Norfolk Record Office know.

2nd Air Division Memorial Library; 1963-; Norwich, Norfolk

Records of the Chapman Family of Griston, Ashill and East Bradenham

  • MC 2884 BOXES 1-2
  • Archief
  • nd [c 1889]-2011

Interim list of the records
Box 1
Biographical information about Edith and Albert Chapman and their family, including family tree and copies of photographs, nd [post 1980]-2011 (1 folder)
Chapman and Thompson family photographs, nd [c 1889]-1992, including Griston School, Group 1 (copy), nd [c 1889]; Albert Chapman with the Queen's Royal Sussex Regiment, nd [c 1918]; aerial photograph of Newling Farm, East Bradenham, 1956; and aerial photograph of Newling Farm, East Bradenham (2 copies), nd [1970s-1980s].
Miscellaneous family papers, 1893-1993, including baptism, marriage and death certificates, 1893-1993; Second World War identity cards; driving licences, 1945-1969; bank books, 1953-1980; and a badge and two printed birthday cards relating to the Wilfredian League of Gugnuncs ( 'Daily Mirror' children's club), 1927.
Box 2
Farming records of Frank Chapman and of his father, Albert ('Dick') Chapman, nd [c 1939]-1988:
Ashill: tenancy agreement, Norfolk County Council to Albert Chapman relating to Reeve's Farm, Ashill, 1939, with photograph of Albert Chapman, c. 1939, and postcard of Griston vicarage, nd [1930s].
Saham Toney Estate: two tenancy agreements, Norfolk County Council to Frank Chapman relating to 60.5 acres (shown on plan), 1954, 1957-1958.
Newling Farm, East Bradenham: annual trading and profit and loss accounts, with balance sheets, 1954-1971, 1973, 1975, 1982, 1985-1988; 1948 desk diary, recording dates of seasonal tasks (drilling, ploughing etc.), sales of crops, births and sales of pigs and cows, weather, 1948-1957; account books recording cheques paid, 1962-1970, 1970-1974; estimate for drainage improvements, with plan, 1985; copy ordnance survey map sheet TF 90 SW, showing Saham Toney, scale 6 inches 1 mile, nd.

Chapman family; nd [c 1889]-2011; Griston, Ashill and East Bradenham, Norfolk

Norfolk Wherries

  • MC 3007, PH 46
  • Archief
  • c 1930

Selection of black and white photographs and postcards depicting Norfolk wherries built 1897-c 1900, a mixture of external profiles and details of fixtures and machinery. Annotations on the reverse of the photographs give the names of the wherries as 'Gleaner', 'Shamrock' and 'Concupia'.

Photographs and slides of Norfolk scenes taken by John Percival Staddon

  • MC 3299
  • Archief
  • nd [1914-1950s]

Comprises photographs taken when Staddon was a soldier stationed at Coltishall during the First World War and glass slides taken during a family holiday in East Anglia.

John Percival Staddon; 1894-1973; soldier; Sunderland, Coltishall, Norfolk

Photograph album compiled by Reg Jones as the photographer, mainly of birds and the habitat of the chalk pits off the Newmarket Road, Norwich.

  • MC 3415, 1070X5
  • Archief
  • c 1950s-c 1960s

Most of the photographs are black and white prints and are not captioned. Some of the photographs were possibly added after the main album was compiled and copies appear to have been sent as greetings cards by Reg Jones. Birds shown, mainly at nesting sites, include inter alia: Blackcaps, Thrushes, Nightingales, Red-backed Shrikes, Treecreepers, Wrens, Long-tailed Tits, various warblers (including a shot of a warbler feeding a large Cuckoo nestling), Wheatears, Bullfinches, Skylarks, Green and Greater Spotted Woodpeckers, Great Crested Grebe, Herons, a Bittern, a Stone Curlew, Little, Barn and Tawny Owls, Kestrals, a Sparrowhawk, a Montagu's Harrier, Nightjars, Swallows and Jays.
Many of the photographs were taken in the chalk pits off the Newmarket Road in the 1950s, a habitat now lost but at that time an area rich in wildlife, including many Nightingales (now rare in Norfolk) and breeding Red-Backed Shrikes (no longer a breeding bird in the county).

Reginald (Reg) Jones; 1915-2003; naturalist, photographer; Eaton, Norfolk

Ordnance Survey Minor Control Point Albums

  • P/OS
  • Archief

These include photographs, some drawings, landowners' consents and other papers relating to O.S. minor control points. They date from the 1940s onwards and there is a separate series of photographic negatives. The numbers are those of the published O.S. sheets. Key map available in Norfolk Studies Library.

Ordnance Survey; 1791-; national mapping agency; UK

Norfolk Nonconformist Chapel Survey undertaken by the Norfolk Archaeological and Historical Research Group

  • SO 197
  • Archief
  • 1988-1992

In 1988 the Norfolk Archaeological Rescue Group decided to undertake a county-wide survey of all buildings then known to have been used for nonconformist worship (including that of the Roman Catholic and unorthodox, Christian denominations). This was in response to concern over the increasing incidence of neglect and rate of demolition or unsympathetic conversion of such buildings. Buildings surveyed included those erected or adapted for worship (either then in use, not then used but still standing or those demolished) and also those not adapted for worship but were once or were then still used for that purpose.

Surveyors were to make a visual appraisal of the buildings and to take a photograph of both the exterior and, where possible, the interior, and were also enjoined to record any documentary or oral evidence where available. Pro-forma sheets were supplied to surveyors on which they were to identify themselves, the location of each building visited, and when it was surveyed. They were to record details of the date of foundation and/or erection of the chapel and its predecessors, its denomination, its current use and, where known, the current owner. A short description of the exterior with rough sketchplans of the site and building should also be included. Occasionally, some chapels were surveyed more than once by different surveyors, leading to two sets of survey sheets being completed and kept. This seems to have been merely accidental.

The survey sheets were deposited in files arranged alphabetically, although occasionally inconsistently, by the place or hamlet name. Photographs are appended to most of the sheets though some appear to have become detached from the sheets and are now missing. The negatives of these photographs have been retained by the depositor. Occasionally, detailed plans of chapel interiors are also appended as are printed historical leaflets or guide-booklets and, in one or two instances, photocopies of original manuscript sources held locally.

Norfolk Archaeological History and Research Group; 1988

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