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Walsingham (Merton) Collection
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Walsingham (Merton) Collection

  • WLS
  • Fonds
  • 13th century-1976

I. Merton deeds, 14th century-17th century.
II. Bunwell, Merton etc. deeds, 14th century-16th century.
III. Merton manor records, 14th century-19th century.
IV. Estate of Robert de Grey recusant, settlements etc., 1566-1604.
V. Ellingham deeds, manor records etc., 14th century-19th century.
VI. Merton deeds, 16th century-18th century.
VII. Watton deeds etc., 16th century-19th century.
VIII. Washbrook, Suffolk, deeds and manor records, 16th century-19th century.
IX. Estate of Sir William de Grey, settlements, etents, etc., 1601-1662.
X. Estate of Sir William, James, and Edmund de Grey, settlements, deeds etc., 1611-c 1690.
XI. Estate of Sir Robert de Grey, settlements etc., 1597-1656.
XII. Estate of Thomas de Grey sen., deeds, settlements, estate papers, 1638-1746.
XIII. 1st Lord Walsingham, estate and personal papers, 1742-1781.
XIV. Mary wife of first Lord Walsingham and Cowper family, personal and household, 1739-1808.
XV. Augusta wife of 2nd Lord Walsingham, personal papers, 1801-1819.
XVI. Election papers, 1701-1806, and papers re 2nd Lord Walsingham's Chairmanship of Committees.
XVII. Gawdy letter book, 1588-1602, de Grey letter book, 1606-1663, estate papers, 18th century-19th century.
XVIII. Estate and personal papers, 19th century.
XIX-XXII. Thompson deeds and manor records, 14th century-19th century, and estate papers, 18th century-19th century.
XXIII. Tottington and Stanford deeds and manor records, 16th century-19th century.
XXIV. Bunwell deeds and manor records, 14th century-17th century.
XXV. Griston manor records, 15th century-18th century.
XXVI. Ickburgh deeds and manor records, 16th century-18th century.
XXVII, XXVIII. Tottington and Stanford deeds, 16th century-19th century, and estate papers, 18th century-19th century.
XXIX. Sturston and Stanford estate papers, 18th century-19th century.
XXX. Sturston deeds, 17th century-19th century.
XXXI. Merton deeds and estate papers, 17th century-18th century.
XXXII. Copdock, Suffolk, deeds, 14th century-18th century, and manor records, 17th century.
XXXIII. Washbrook and Copdock, Suffolk, deeds, 13th century-17th century, and estate papers, 17th century-19th century.
XXXIV. Little Cornard, Suffolk, manor records, 14th century-17th century, and deeds, 17th century-19th century.
XXXV. Copdock and Washbrook, Suffolk, estate papers, 18th century-19th century.
XXXVI. Boted and Glemsford, Suffolk, manor records, 14th century-16th century, and deeds, 18th century-19th century.
XXXVII. Watton deeds, 18th century-19th century.
XXXVIII. Miscellaneous Yorkshire, Norfolk and Suffolk deeds, manor records etc.
XXXIX. Watton deeds, 18th century-19th century.
XL. Miscellaneous Norfolk and Suffolk deeds and papers, 17th century-20th century.
XLI. Thompson and elsewhere, deeds, 18th century-20th century; settlements and papers, 19th century-20th century.
XLII. Settlements and some deeds, 17th century-19th century.
XLIII. London deeds, 17th century-19th century; settlements, 19th century.
XLIV. Watton etc. deeds, 17th century-19th century; estate leases, 19th century .
XLV. Merton estate papers, 18th century-19th century, inc. Merton Hall plans; some personal papers.
XLVI. Thomas de Grey jun., settlements and estate papers, 1738-1792.
XLVII. Patents of appointment, 1758-1786.
XLVIII. 2nd Lord Walsingham, correspondence, 1770-1821.
XLIX. Estate and personal correspondence and papers, 1772-1839.
L. 2nd Lord Walsingham, eecutorship papers, 1818-1827, and household inventories, 1769-1786.
LI. Augusta wife of 2nd Lord, personal accounts etc., 1759-1815.
LII. 4th Lord Walsingham, personal and estate papers, 1794-1830, and some papers of 5th Lord Walsingham.
LIII. 2nd Lord Walsingham, financial papers, 1818-1822.
LIV. 3rd Lord Walsingham, eecutorship papers, 1811-1841.
LV. 1st Lord Walsingham, official papers, 1741-1781, estate records, papers of his wife and the Cowper family.
LVI. 2nd Lord Walsingham, official papers, 1770s-1780s.
LVII. 1st and 2nd Lords Walsingham, official papers, 1760s-1780s.
LVIII. 2nd Lord Walsingham, official and private papers, 1760s-1820s.
LIX. 4th Lord Walsingham, papers, 1790s-1830s.
LX. Estate papers, 18th century-19th century; correspondence of 6th Lord Walsingham, 1867-1912.
LXI. Estate papers and maps, 17th century-19th century.
LXII. Clermont suit papers, 1770s-1820s.
LXIII. Financial papers, 1770s-1830s.
LXIV. Genealogical papers, 18th century-19th century.
LXV. Watton deeds, 19th century.
LXVI. Yorkshire estate, deeds, estate papers, and manor records, 16th century-19th century.
LXVII. Official papers of the 1st and 2nd Lords Walsingham.
LXVIII. Estate papers, 19th century; correspondence of the 6th Lord Walsingham, 1865-1912.
LXIX. William son of James de Grey, deeds, settlements, accounts, 1384-1715.
LXX. Family and estate papers, 1738-1929, inc. correspondence of the 6th Lord Walsingham.
LXI, LXXII. (appendi 1 and 2) estate and personal papers, 19th century.

de Grey family; 13th century-1976; Baron Walsingham

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