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Norfolk Nonconformist Chapel Survey undertaken by the Norfolk Archaeological and Historical Research Group
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Norfolk Nonconformist Chapel Survey undertaken by the Norfolk Archaeological and Historical Research Group

  • SO 197
  • Fonds
  • 1988-1992

In 1988 the Norfolk Archaeological Rescue Group decided to undertake a county-wide survey of all buildings then known to have been used for nonconformist worship (including that of the Roman Catholic and unorthodox, Christian denominations). This was in response to concern over the increasing incidence of neglect and rate of demolition or unsympathetic conversion of such buildings. Buildings surveyed included those erected or adapted for worship (either then in use, not then used but still standing or those demolished) and also those not adapted for worship but were once or were then still used for that purpose.

Surveyors were to make a visual appraisal of the buildings and to take a photograph of both the exterior and, where possible, the interior, and were also enjoined to record any documentary or oral evidence where available. Pro-forma sheets were supplied to surveyors on which they were to identify themselves, the location of each building visited, and when it was surveyed. They were to record details of the date of foundation and/or erection of the chapel and its predecessors, its denomination, its current use and, where known, the current owner. A short description of the exterior with rough sketchplans of the site and building should also be included. Occasionally, some chapels were surveyed more than once by different surveyors, leading to two sets of survey sheets being completed and kept. This seems to have been merely accidental.

The survey sheets were deposited in files arranged alphabetically, although occasionally inconsistently, by the place or hamlet name. Photographs are appended to most of the sheets though some appear to have become detached from the sheets and are now missing. The negatives of these photographs have been retained by the depositor. Occasionally, detailed plans of chapel interiors are also appended as are printed historical leaflets or guide-booklets and, in one or two instances, photocopies of original manuscript sources held locally.

Norfolk Archaeological History and Research Group; 1988

Files: K

  1. Kelling Primitive Methodist
  2. Kenninghall Baptist (strict and particular), including booklet re history of cause, 1989.
  3. Kenninghall Wesleyan Methodist
  4. Kenninghall Primitive Methodist
  5. Kettlestone Primitive Methodist
  6. King's Lynn Society of Friends (Quakers)
  7. King's Lynn Baptist Stepney Chapel
  8. King's Lynn Congregational Union Chapel
  9. King's Lynn Wesleyan Methodist London Road Chapel
  10. King's Lynn Wesleyan Methodist. Demolished. No photographs.
  11. King's Lynn Primitive Methodist. No photographs.
  12. King's Lynn Primitive Methodist (ex Wesleyan Reformed Methodist) Highgate Chapel
  13. King's Lynn Primitive Methodist London Road
  14. King's Lynn Primitive Methodist London Road
  15. King's Lynn Methodist New Connection (ex Wesleyan Reformed Methodist)
  16. King's Lynn Evangelical (ex Wesleyan Methodist). No photographs.
  17. King's Lynn Brethren
  18. King's Lynn Salvation Army
  19. King's Lynn New Life Christian Fellowship (ex Baptist)
  20. King's Lynn Roman Catholic
  21. King's Lynn (Gaywood) Roman Catholic. No photographs.
  22. King's Lynn (Gaywood) Latter Day Saints. No photographs.
  23. Kirby Cane Wesleyan Methodist
  24. Kirstead unidentified. Demolished. No photographs.
  25. Knapton Primitive Methodist

King's Lynn Society of Friends (Quakers) Church; ?-?; Christian denomination; King's Lynn, Norfolk

Files: L

  1. Lammas Society of Friends (Quakers)
  2. Langham Methodist
  3. Langley Wesleyan Methodist
  4. Larking Wesleyan Methodist
  5. Lenwade Wesleyan Methodist
  6. Lenwade Primitive Methodist, including architect's copy plans and elevations, 1982
  7. Lenwade Methodist
  8. Lessingham Primitive Methodist
  9. Letheringsett Primitive Methodist
  10. Limpenhoe Primitive Methodist, including press-cutting re closure, 1994.
  11. Lingwood Primitive Methodist. No photographs.
  12. Lingwood Primitive Methodist
  13. Litcham Primitive Methodist
  14. Litcham United Free Methodist
  15. Little Barningham Methodist
  16. Little Cressingham Wesleyan Methodist
  17. Little Snoring Primitive Methodist
  18. Loddon Wesleyan Methodist
  19. Loddon Primitive Methodist
  20. Longham United Free Methodist, including sale particulars, nd
  21. Long Stratton Congregational
  22. Long Stratton Wesleyan Methodist
  23. North Lopham Wesleyan Methodist
  24. North Lopham Primitive Methodist
  25. South Lopham Christian Brethren (ex Baptist)
  26. Ludham Baptist. Demolished. No photographs.
  27. Ludham Wesleyan Methodist
  28. Ludham Primitive Methodist
  29. Lyng Primitive Methodist

Ludham Wesleyan Methodist Church; ?-?; Christian denomination; Ludham, Norfolk

Files: M

  1. Marham Wesleyan Methodist
  2. Marham Primitive Methodist
  3. Marlingford United Free Methodist. Demolished. No photographs.
  4. Marsham Primitive Methodist
  5. Marshland St James Primitive Methodist
  6. Martham Primitive Methodist
  7. Martham Primitive Methodist
  8. Martham Baptist
  9. Great Massingham Wesleyan Methodist
  10. Great Massingham Primitive Methodist
  11. Great Massingham United Free Methodist
  12. Mattishall Society of Friends (Quakers), including photocopy of 19th century plan of burial ground.
  13. Mattishall United Reformed Church (ex Congregational)
  14. Mattishall Congregational
  15. Mattishall Primitive Methodist
  16. Mattishall Primitive Methodist
  17. Melton Constable Mission Hall
  18. Methwold Wesleyan Methodist
  19. Methwold Hythe Wesleyan Methodist
  20. Middleton Wesleyan Methodist
  21. Middleton Mission Hall, Fair Green
  22. Middleton Methodist, Fair Green
  23. Mileham Wesleyan Methodist
  24. Mileham Gospel Hall (ex Primitive Methodist)
  25. Morley St Botolph Primitive Methodist
  26. Moulton, Great Evangelical (ex Baptist), including architect's plans and elevations of new chapel, 1986, and press-cutting re removal of old iron building to the Museum of East Anglian Life at Stowmarket, c 1990.
  27. Mulbarton Primitive Methodist
  28. Mundford Wesleyan Methodist
  29. Mundesley Wesleyan Methodist
  30. Mundesley Evangelical, including booklet re history of cause, 1993.
  31. Mundham Primitive Methodist

Marham Wesleyan Methodist Church; ?-?; Christian denomination; Marham, Norfolk

Files: N (except Norwich)

  1. Narborough Wesleyan Methodist
  2. Neatishead Baptist, including memoranda of memorial inscriptions.
  3. Neatishead Primitive Methodist. Demolished. No photographs.
  4. Necton Baptist
  5. Necton Wesleyan Methodist
  6. Newton St Faith Primitive Methodist
  7. Nordelph Wesleyan Methodist
  8. Northwold Wesleyan Methodist
  9. Northwold Primitive Methodist
  10. Norton Subcourse Primitive Methodist

Narborough Wesleyan Methodist Church; ?-?; Christian denomination; Narborough, Norfolk

Files: Norwich

  1. Old Meeting, Colegate Independent
  2. Princes Street United Reformed Church (ex Congregational)
  3. Ipswich Road United Reformed Church
  4. Jessop Road United Reformed Church (ex Congregational)
  5. Magdalene Street United Reformed Church (ex Congregational). Demolished. No photographs.
  6. Unthank Road United Reformed Church (see also SO 197/15/11)
  7. St Mary's Baptist, including memoranda of memorial inscriptions.
  8. Colegate Street Baptist (general)
  9. Timberhill Baptist (strict and particular,) including sale particulars, 1990.
  10. Mile Cross Baptist (general), including issue of church magazine, April/May 1991.
  11. Unthank Road Baptist (strict and particular), including plans of schoolroom (see also SO 197/15/6). Demolished. No photographs.
  12. Pottergate Baptist (strict and particular) (ex Methodist). Demolished. No photographs.
  13. Cherry Lane Baptist (strict and particular) (ex Wesleyan Methodist). Demolished. No photographs.
  14. Dereham Road Baptist, including printed history of church by Sidney R Payne (1850-1950).
  15. Witard Road, Heartsease Baptist
  16. Zoar, St Mary's Plan Baptist (strict and particular), including press-cutting, 1992.
    17-18. Upper Goat Lane Society of Friends (Quakers)
  17. Gildencroft Society of Friends (Quakers) (ex Baptist (strict and particular) formerly Society of Friends (Quakers))
  18. Octagon, Colegate Street Unitarian (ex Presbyterian)
  19. Norwich Tabernacle, Countess of Huntingdon's Connection. Demolished.
  20. St Peter's, Lady Lane Wesleyan Methodist
  21. Queen's Road Primitive Methodist
  22. Rose Yard Chapel, Cowgate Primitive Methodist. Demolished. No photographs.
  23. Belvoir Street Wesleyan Reformed Methodist
  24. Calvert Street United Free Methodist (ex Wesleyan Reformed Methodist, formerly Wesleyan Methodist), including printed booklet re history of cause Glory in the Church and photocopy article by Philip Hepworth.
  25. Chapelfield Road United Free Methodist, including copy memorial inscriptions.
  26. Rosebery Road, New Catton United Free Methodist (ex Wesleyan Methodist), including summer 1991 issue of church magazine Venture.
  27. Bowthorpe Road Methodist
  28. Heartsease Lane Methodist
  29. Mile Cross Methodist, including booklet, 'The Opening of the Mile Cross Methodist Church' by N. Virgoe.
  30. St Giles Street Salvation Army, including press-cutting re citadel, 1992.
  31. Bull Close, Cowgate Salvation Army.
  32. Prince of Wales Road, Evangelical Free Church, Railway Mission.
  33. Cowgate Street Christian Evangelical Fellowship (ex Primitive Methodist)
  34. South Park Avenue Evangelical
  35. Lakenham Norwich Christian Fellowship (ex United Reformed Church)
  36. Heigham, Mount Zion International Glory Fellowship (ex Primitive Methodist)
    39-40. Douro Place undenominational
  37. Dereham Road Plymouth Brethren. Demolished.
  38. Park Lane, Haymarket Meeting Evangelical (ex Swedenborgian)
  39. Recorder Road Christian Scientist, First Church
  40. Eaton Latter-Day Saints

Norwich (Mile Cross) Baptist (general) Church; ?-?; Christian denomination; Norwich, Norfolk

Files: O

  1. Ormesby St Margaret Baptist
  2. Ormesby St Margaret Baptist (ex Wesleyan Methodist)
  3. Ormesby St Margaret Primitive Methodist
  4. Oulton Congregational, including copy memorial inscriptions and sketch of chapel.
  5. Oulton Wesleyan Reformed Methodist
  6. Outwell Methodist
  7. Outwell Salvation Army
  8. Overstrand Wesleyan Methodist
  9. Ovington Primitive Methodist

Outwell Methodist Church; ?-?; Christian denomination; Outwell, Norfolk

Files: R

  1. Reedham Primitive Methodist
  2. Reepham Wesleyan Methodist, including copy memorial inscriptions
  3. Reepham Primitive Methodist
  4. Reepham Wesleyan Reformed Methodist (ex Baptist)
  5. Reepham Salvation Army
  6. Repps with Bastwick Primitive Methodist
  7. Ringland Baptist. Demolished. Including photograph of manse.
  8. Ringland Wesleyan Methodist
  9. Ringstead Primitive Methodist
  10. Rockland St Mary Primitive Methodist. Demolished.
    11-12. Rockland St Peter Primitive Methodist
  11. Rollesby Primitive Methodist
  12. Rougham Primitive Methodist
  13. Roughton Primitive Methodist
  14. Runcton Holme Primitive Methodist No photographs.
  15. Runhall Primitive Methodist
  16. Runham Primitive Methodist
  17. East Runton Primitive Methodist
  18. East Ruston Methodist
  19. Great Ryburgh Wesleyan Methodist
  20. Great Ryburgh Primitive Methodist

Repps with Bastwick Primitive Methodist Church; ?-?; Christian denomination; Repps with Bastwick, Norfolk

Files: S

  1. Saham Toney Wesleyan Methodist
  2. Saham Toney Primitive Methodist
  3. Saham Toney United Free Methodist
  4. Salhouse Baptist (strict and particular), including copy memorial inscriptions.
  5. Salhouse Baptist The Horseshoe Chapel
  6. Salhouse Wesleyan Methodist. Demolished.
  7. Salhouse Methodist
  8. Salthouse United Free Methodist
  9. Saxlingham Nethergate undenominational
  10. Saxlingham Thorpe Baptist
  11. Scarning United Reformed Church (ex Congregational)
  12. Scottow Durrent Lodge of Oddfellows, Manchester Unity
  13. Scoulton Primitive Methodist
  14. Sculthorpe Primitive Methodist
  15. Scratby Primitive Methodist
  16. Sea Palling Primitive Methodist (ex Baptist)
  17. Sea Palling Primitive Methodist
  18. Sedgeford Wesleyan Methodist
  19. Sedgeford Primitive Methodist
  20. Seething Baptist Seething Fen
  21. Sharrington Wesleyan Methodist
  22. Shelfhanger Baptist
  23. Shelfhanger Wesleyan Methodist
  24. Sheringham Baptist
  25. Sheringham Society of Friends (Quakers)
  26. Sheringham United Free Methodist
  27. Sheringham Methodist
  28. Sheringham Salvation Army
  29. Sheringham Roman Catholic
  30. Sheringham Jehovah's Witnesses
  31. Shingham Wesleyan Methodist
  32. Shipdham United Reformed Church/Methodist joint (ex Congregational)
  33. Shipdham Wesleyan Methodist (ex United Free Methodist)
  34. Shipdham Undenominational (ex Primitive Methodist)
  35. Shouldham Wesleyan Methodist
  36. Shouldham Primitive Methodist
  37. Shouldham Thorpe Primitive Methodist
  38. Shouldham Thorpe Methodist
  39. Shropham United Free Methodist (ex Primitive Methodist)
  40. Skeyton (Corner) Wesleyan Methodist
  41. Skeyton Wesleyan Reformed Methodist
  42. Sloley (Frankfort) Primitive Methodist
  43. Smallburgh Primitive Methodist (ex Baptist)
  44. Smallburgh Wesleyan Reformed Methodist
  45. Snettisham Primitive Methodist
  46. Snettisham Methodist
  47. Snettisham Salvation Army (ex Wesleyan Methodist)
  48. Snoring, Great Primitive Methodist
  49. Southery Baptist (strict and particular)
  50. Southery Wesleyan Methodist
  51. Southrepps Wesleyan Methodist
  52. Southrepps Primitive Methodist
  53. Sparham Primitive Methodist
  54. Sparham United Free Methodist
  55. Spixworth Methodist
  56. Spixworth Methodist (previously the interdenominational chapel at the West Norwich Hospital)
  57. Sporle Primitive Methodist
  58. Sprowston Methodist
  59. Sprowston Primitive Methodist (ex Baptist strict and particular)
  60. Sprowston Christian Fellowship
  61. Stalham Baptist (strict and particular)
  62. Stalham (Green) Methodist
  63. Stanhoe Wesleyan Methodist
  64. Stanhoe Primitive Methodist
  65. Stanhoe Primitive Methodist
  66. Stibbard Wesleyan Methodist
  67. Stiffkey Primitive Methodist
  68. Stoke Ferry Wesleyan Methodist, including notes re history of church.
  69. Stoke Ferry United Free Methodist
  70. Stoke Holy Cross Evangelical Free
  71. Stokesby Wesleyan Methodist. Demolished.
  72. Stokesby Primitive Methodist
  73. Stokesby Primitive Methodist
  74. Stow Bardolph Baptist (general)
  75. Stow Bardolph (Stowbridge) United Free Methodist
  76. Stow Bedon Primitive Methodist
  77. Surlingham Wesleyan Methodist
  78. Sustead Primitive Methodist
  79. Sutton Primitive Methodist
  80. Sutton Primitive Methodist
  81. Swaffham Baptist
  82. Swaffham Wesleyan Methodist
  83. Swannington Primitive Methodist. Demolished. No photographs.
    84 . Swannington Primitive Methodist. Demolished. No photographs. Including press cutting re pulpit.
  84. Swanton Abbott Wesleyan Methodist
  85. Swanton Abbott Wesleyan Reformed Methodist
  86. Swanton Abbott Swedenborgian
  87. Swanton Morley Primitive Methodist
  88. Swanton Morley Church of England/Free on RAF base.
  89. Swanton Novers Methodist
  90. Swardeston (Common) Baptist
  91. Syderstone Wesleyan Methodist
  92. Syderstone Primitive Methodist, including press cutting re chapel closure, 1992.

Shipdham United Reformed Church/Methodist joint (formerly Congregational); ?-?; Christian denomination; Shipdham, Norfolk

Files: A

  1. Acle Primitive Methodist
  2. Acle Wesleyan Methodist
  3. Acle Methodist
  4. Aldborough Primitive Methodist
  5. Aldborough Primitive Methodist
  6. Aldborough Plymouth Brethren
  7. Amner Methodist
  8. Ashill Primitive Methodist
  9. Aslacton Wesleyan Methodist
  10. Attleborough Baptist
  11. Attleborough Primitive Methodist
  12. Attleborough Christian Assembly (Open Brethren) The Hargham Road Chapel
  13. Aylmerton United Free Methodist
  14. Aylsham Baptist (ex Primitive Methodist) including correspondence and typescript notes re history of the cause in Aylsham
  15. Aylsham Wesleyan Reformed Methodist
  16. Aylsham Primitive Methodist
  17. Aylsham Wesleyan Methodist including copy Aylsham Local History Society article on chapel history
  18. Aylsham Gospel Hall
  19. Aylsham Roman Catholic

Aylsham Baptist (formerly Primitive Methodist) Church; ?-?; Christian denomination; Aylsham, Norfolk

Files: T

  1. Tasburgh Society of Friends (Quakers), including plans of meeting house
  2. Tasburgh Primitive Methodist
  3. Taverham Methodist. No photographs.
  4. Terrington St Clement Wesleyan Methodist
  5. Terrington St Clement Primitive Methodist
  6. Terrington St Clement Salvation Army
  7. Terring St John Wesleyan Methodist
  8. Themelthorpe Primitive Methodist
  9. Thetford Baptist (strict and particular), including copy of printed fund appeal leaflet, 1860, and copy assignment of church site, 1861.
  10. Thetford Baptist
  11. Thetford United Reformed Church (ex Congregational), including copy leaflet re history of church, 1980.
  12. Thetford Wesleyan Methodist
  13. Thetford Salvation Army
  14. Thetford Assemblies of God
  15. Thetford Church of the Nazarene (Croxton Road Estate)
  16. Thompson Primitive Methodist
  17. Thornage Baptist
  18. Thornham Wesleyan Methodist
  19. Thorpe Market Methodist
  20. Thorpe Marriot (Trinity) Church of England/ecumenical
  21. Thorpe St Andrew Methodist
  22. Thorpe St Andrew undenominational
  23. Thorpe St Andrew Gospel Hall
  24. Thurlton United Free Methodist (ex Wesleyan Methodist)
  25. Thurne Primitive Methodist
  26. Thursford (Green) Methodist
  27. Tilney All Saints Methodist
  28. Tilney St Lawrence Primitive Methodist
  29. Tilney St Lawrence Primitive Methodist
  30. Tittleshall Baptist (strict and particular)
  31. Tittleshall Primitive Methodist
  32. Tivetshall St Mary Society of Friends (Quakers), including copy engraving of old meeting house, nd
  33. Tivetshall St Mary Wesleyan Methodist
  34. Toft Monks Primitive Methodist
  35. Topcroft Russian Orthodox (ex Congregational)
  36. Tottenhill Primitive Methodist
  37. Trimingham Primitive Methodist, including sale particulars, nd
  38. Trowse Newton United Reformed Church (ex Congregational). Demolished. No photographs.
  39. Trunch Primitive Methodist
  40. Trunch Methodist
  41. Tuddenham, North Primitive Methodist
  42. Tunstead Wesleyan Methodist
  43. Tunstead undenominational
  44. Tuttington Wesleyan Reformed Methodist

Thetford Salvation Army Church; ?-?; Christian denomination; Thetford, Norfolk

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