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Thetford Borough Archive, additional records
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ACC 2004/196 - Boxes 4-11

Box 4
• Printed abstract of accounts 1924-5 (2), 1925-6 (2), 1926-7 (3), 1927-8 (2), 1928-9 (2), 1929-30 (2), 1930-1 (2), 1931-2 (2), 1932-3 (2), 1933-4 (2), 1934-5 (2), 1935-6 (2), , 1936-7 (2), 1937-8 (2), 1938-9 (2), 1939-40 (2), 1940-1 (2), 1941-2 (2), 1942-3 (1), 1943-4 (3), 1944-5 (4), 1945-6 (2), 1946-7 (4), 1947-8 (4), 1948-9 (4), 1949-50 (4), 1950-1 (1), 1951-2 (2), 1952-3 (3), 1953-4 (1) and 1957-8 (1). (1 bundle-duplicates to be weeded out)
• Brochure-Park Court Old People’s housing, East Harling, 1972 and invite to opening
• Typescript list of Thetford mayors 1272-1962 with letter from O K Schram acknowledging receipt, 1962 (1 file)
• Bundle of electoral registers and printed instructions from presiding officers, 1921-24
• Correspondence re East Anglian Electricity Act 1927 and Thetford LT Distribution Scheme (1 file)
• Norfolk Arch Soc Vol XXXIV part 1 (published)
• Red Castle building estate, with plan based on OS base-plan, 1927-33 (1 file)
Box 5
• Board of Trade rebuilding of 2nd Staunch 3 May 1909 (with list of subscriptions received and photos of the River Ouse at Thetford-printed) (1 paper)
• Correspondence re election of the mayor and aldermen, 1882 (1 bundle)
• Printed circular from Ministry of Health re water supplies, 1934 (1 paper)
• Printed mayoral petition re removal of the Lent Assizes from Thetford to Norwich, nd [c 1830] (1 leaflet)
• Correspondence and papers re consolidation of the three Thetford parishes, 1921-22 (typescript and printed) (1 bundle)
• Tenders for the Thetford Gas Co. Ltd for lighting of public lamps, 1923-33 (1 bundle)
• Regulations re Corporation waterworks, with scale of charges (printed x4), 1912
• Appointments and oaths of the deputy mayors, c 1926-1970 (1 bundle)
• Election of auditors, notices and papers, 1928, 1952. (1 file)
Box 6
• File of deeds and papers re Carley’s Almshouses, Bury Road, Thetford; Trustees of Municipal and United Charities, with foundation and endowment deed, 1897, 1897-1957
• File of deeds and papers re Harbord’s Almshouses, Magdalen St, Thetford, 1957-58
• File of deeds and papers re Tyrrell’s Almshouses, Croxton Road, Thetford, 1886-1955
• Deeds of King’s House, with 1871 conveyance including a marginal plan and 1922 conveyance including a plan of the house and grounds, 1859-1922, and deeds of an additional garden ground near St Giles’ Lane with sale particulars and poster 1927

Box 7
• British Rail Site on Mundford Road, allotment tenancy agreements, 1984-86, with correspondence, 1970, 1973 and plans of allotments (1 file)
• File of allotment tenancy agreements, Mundford Road, 1975-1989
• Edinburgh Way allotment agreements, 1984-87 (1 file)
• Icknield Way and Newton allotment agreements, 1973-1989 (1 file)
• Magdalen Street allotment agreements, 1977-1988 (1 file)
• Correspondence re appropriation of land at Bury Road and London Road, March 1970 (2 files)

Box 8
• Newspapers in re Morocco leather covered folder with T. Houchen’s name on one cover: Norfolk Chronicle and Norwich Gazette, issues from: Aug 1793, Jan 1820, Aug 1823, Dec 1827, Feb, Mar 1829, and John Bull 4 Dec 1831, St James’s Chronicle of British Evening Post 9-11 Nov 1790
• Drawn and printed copies of the borough seal design (1 file)
• Copies of the inspeximus/exemplification of the borough charter of Thetford, 1821 and 1837 (2 files)
• Two metal seal matrices, nor originals

Box 9
All the below inc. bills of quantities, plans and elevations and agreements:
• Contracts for erection of ten houses, Bury Road, Thetford, with plan 1952 (1 bundle)
• Contracts for erection of 52 Wates type houses on the same site, 1952-3 (1 bundle)
• Contracts for two shops, two houses, two flats on the Bury Road No 1 site, 1952-1954 (1 bundle)
• Tender for 8 dwellings for No 2 housing site on Bury Road (1 bundle)
• Final account for 26 houses for the Thetford Housing Estate, London Road, 1948-1950 (1 bundle)

Box 10
• Misc. agreements, photostatic copies of the Crown Estate Commissioners’ leases to various tenants, 1938-1961 (1 large bundle)
• Published strip road map showing the road from King’s Lynn to Harwich, probably from an 18th C road atlas (1 mounted paper)
• Correspondence, circulars, reports, with the Local Government Board re Dr J Spencer-Lowe’s report re the town sewage outfall, 1907-1909 (1 file)
Box 11
• Photo (colour prints 9x9in) albums re thew visit of HRH Prince Charles to Thetford, 1999 (4 albums)
• Various flyers for the Thetford 800 Celebrations Historic Weekend and a military band concert, 1999 (4 papers)
• Envelope of 8 colour photographic prints of the Duleep Singh monument

ACC 2004/196 - Boxes 46-53

BOX 46
Thetford Borough general ledgers, 1961-62, 1962-63, 1963-64, and 1964-65 (4 binders) NB To add to catalogue as T/T 1/23-26.

BOX 47
Thetford Borough general ledgers, 1965-66, 1966-67, 1967-68, and 1968-69 (4 binders) NB To add to catalogue as T/T 1/27-30.

BOX 48
Wayland RDC contracts payment accounts, 1950-1959 (1 volume)
Wayland RDC ledgers, 1965-66, 1968-69 and 1969-70 (3 volumes)

BOX 49
Thetford Borough printed register of voters, 30 Nov 1852-1 Dec 1853, all three parishes, pub. 1852 (1 bound gathering)
Printed list of persons entitled to vote for the election of members of the Borough, all three parishes, pub. 1858 (1 gathering)
Printed burgess roll of the Borough, 1 Nov 1866-31 Oct 1867, burgesses in all three parishes, entitled to vote for councillors, assessors and auditors, pub. 1866 (1 bound gathering)
Printed burgess roll of the Municipal Borough of Thetford, 1 Nov 1908 for the following year, pub. 1908 (1 gathering)
Letter from Henry Cocksedge to his Grace [the Duke of Grafton of Euston Hall] advising him about his Grace’s party interests and patronage in Thetford re the placement of friendly officials in the Post Office and the election of the mayor, Jan 1735 (1 paper pasted to a backing paper).
MSs lists of burgesses in St Cuthbert's, and St Peter’s parishes, Aug-Oct 1882 (2 files)
Typescript copies of Borough assembly minutes, Jan 1718-Sep 1724, nd [early 20th C?] (1 file of 37 papers)
Town clerk’s letters from NRS, Norwich Public Library and others re Thetford’s borough archives, 1927-1937 (1 file)
125th Anniversary special issue of the Bury Free Press, (West Suffolk Observer and General Advertiser), with facsimile images of the first issue on Sat 14 July 1855, and of later ones throughout the next 125 years, [1980] 1 paper broadsheet

Box 50
2 printed copies of Thomas Martin’s, ‘History of the town of Thetford in the Counties of Norfolk and Suffolk’, pub London 1779 by R.G. One with additional plates bound in. (2 volumes)

BOX 51
Printed copy (once the property of Alfred Fowler Smith of St Mary’s Thetford) with the plates bound at the rear of the volume, pub. London 1779 (1 volume-spine damaged, both boards loose and binding tender)
Bound copies of local Acts (with town clerk, John Houchen’s name on the flyleaf), inc. navigation Act 1810, navigation Act 1670, amending road from Christopher’s Bridge, Thetford, 1770, amendment Act to the last Act, 1792, improving the road from Bury St Edmund’s to Thetford and the turnpike road from Lynn, 1792, inclosing lands in the several parishes of Thetford, 1803-4 with printed copy of resolutions re inclosure at Assembly of 20 Jan 1804 (extracted from the ‘Town Book’), MS extracts from the Inclosure award, Act for inclosing open and common fields in Risby, Fornham All Saints, Suff, 1801, for inclosing lands in Croxton, 1812-13, to amend the general laws for regulating turnpike roads in England, 1822, Act to amend the previous Act, 1823, and Act to more effectually repair road from Christopher’s Bridge, 1828 (1 volume-spine damaged, front board loose).
File-Ouse and Cam Fishery District, inc. 7th annual report, 1934-5and boundary map
Borough Treasurer’s Capital Programme/ Budget to 1973 (typescript gathering)
Envelope containing scraps of old wallpaper and plaster and hair from the Guildhall (‘CVR/7 1966/7’)

BOX 52
Housing Officer’s file of new housing subsidy forms, notifications to London boroughs of applications from their erstwhile residents, and correspondence, 1964-5 (1 file)
Town Clerk’s Register of remittances, Jun 1967-Feb 1971 (1 volume)
3 seal registers, Jan 1954-Jul 1964, Jul 1964-Aug 1969, and Sep 1969-Feb 1973 (3 volumes)

BOX 53
East Dereham UDC Ledger, 1970-71 (1 volume)
Mitford and Launditch RDC ledger, 1970-72 1(1 binder)

ACC 2004/196 - Boxes 54-64

BOX 54
Envelope ‘The Unveiling of the Thomas Paine Statue, on 7th June 1964 by Mr Joseph Lewis’ containing a copy of the inscriptions on the statue, a list of invitees to the unveiling ceremonies and the town clerk’s correspondence with invitees (with their acceptance or regretful refusal letters) and with the donors of a collection of Paine books to the library service in Thetford, 1963-1964, with a file of letters re invites to luncheon party for distinguished guests, and a list of invitees and file of acceptance letters for a ceremony re the gift of Thomas Paine collection of books to the Thetford Branch Library, Oct 1963
File of correspondence with town clerk, William Ellis Clarke re Thomas Paine celebrations, inc. several issues of the newsletter of the Thomas Paine National Historical Association (New York), Jul 1953-Apr 1954, 1950-1954 and re Mr Ambrose Barker, collector of Paine books and donor of the collection to Thetford.
Another file of town clerk’s correspondence with various (inc, with American rationalist folk), re Thomas Paine, a book collection of Ambrose Barker’s 1954-1969
Printed statement of Ambrose G Barker, assistant master at Leyton, nd [mid-20th C] with photographs of Barker as an elderly man, 1931 and 1952. (1 file)
File of letters, press cutting, printed ephemera re Thomas Paine Bicentenary, 1936-37.

BOX 55
Includes Land Registry certificates of title and agreement s re allotments at: Ickneild Way land registry certificate etc., 1998; Magdalen Street, 1957-1990; Bury Road and Magdalen Road allotments, statutory declarations and correspondence, 1997; land NW of railway station, agreement, 1978; London Road, sale of land to Breckland DC, 1997; and at Mill Lane land, grant of drainage easement, 1998. Also included are deeds re No 11 Well Street, Thetford, 1860-1962.

BOX 56
Title of the Borough Council to various properties in Wells Street:
1 Well Street (from Trustees if the late George Edward Bond),
1845-1971, including printed sale particulars of freehold builder’s premises and a newly erected counting house and outbuildings, June 1871(1 bundle of parchments and papers)
1871-1906 with agreements to let, 1907, 1909 (1 bundle of parchments and papers)
And correspondence with the Local Government Board, printed notices of a public enquiry, copies of statement of facts laid before the LGB inspector, 1905, re sale of corporate funds to finance the purchase of land between Wells St and Cage Lane behind the Town Hall for use as a depot, 1905-1909. (1 bundle of papers)

  • 3 Wells Street (from J E M Lawson and another), 1908-1964 (1 bundle of papers)
  • 5 Wells Street (from Mrs M J Wilson), 1947-1966 (1 bundle of papers)
  • 7 and 9 Wells Street (from R D Blair and other representatives of Kate Ellen Nolan), 1933-1969 (1 bundle of papers)
    Title deeds re title of Thetford Borough (from Harry Fowell Oldman in 1934) to 3 Cage Lane, a freehold cottage and land at the rear of the Guildhall on the corner of Raymond Street and Cage Lane (formerly the Friends Meeting House), 1685-1934 (1 bundle of parchments and papers)

BOX 57
Includes Deeds of title nos 1, 3, and 5 Raymond Street, 1841-1946.

BOX 58
Includes Deeds of title to Kings House, 1756-1865, with deeds to garden ground etc. in St Giles Lane, 1830-1886.

BOX 59
Includes the deeds of title of Edward Frost to the Ancient House Museum property, 1737-1849.

BOX 60
Thetford Borough poll book for biennial polls of burgesses for elections of additional councillors in November and auditors and assessors in March of each year, Nov 1942-Nov 1847 (1 volume, spine damaged and with surface dirt on edges of folios)

BOX 61
Includes Staniforth Trust deeds to a piece of land near St Gailes Lane, 1886-1971 (Withdrawn by depositor in Apr 2007); and a release of doubtful rights to the Shambles, 1893 and agreement with Goddards building engineers to renovate the Shambles, 1975.

BOX 62
Includes a lease re Edinburgh Way allotment land, 1991; Cemetery land adjoining London Road Cemetery, 1948; faculty application to turn Thetford Burial ground into a lawn cemetery, 1970/1; 75 graves at the Cemetery, surrender by Commonwealth War Graves Commission, 1972; Lay-by purchase for cemetery extension, agreement, 1975; and deeds of title to no 7 Raymond Street, 1911-1943.

BOX 63
Plan of the Castle Hill and Yard, showing the lines of the brick wall and paling fence around the site, nd [? 1900] (1 paper)
National Registration form for Females, under the Act of 1915, registering Ellen Hallas of 8 Vicarage Road, Thetford, a married housewife, aged 47 (1 paper)
Printed Act of Enclosure, Hepworth, Suffolk, 1815 (1 file)
Bundle of printed invitation cards (one addressed to GR Blaydon, town clerk) from the mayor and mayoress to various receptions and lunches (inc. a tea etc. on occasion of HRH Princess Elizabeth’s wedding, Nov 1947, and the celebration of termination of hostilities, Aug 1945), with other Borough societies’ annual dinner invitations, 1930-1938, 1942-1951
Monochrome photographic print of Mayor Arthur S. Low with ? Town Clerk, Blaydon and other councillors in the council chamber, 1943-44 (1 card)
Printed tables of ecclesiastical revenues of the dioceses in England and Wales, nd [c 1832] (1 torn paper)
Printed lists of tolls, Thetford Navigation, 1878 with a printed extract from the Thetford Town Council meeting minutes re suggestions to be made to the Navigation commissioners, May 1878. (5 papers-duplicate copies)
Brief correspondence with House of Lords re Thetford’s request for additional magistrates, 1906-07 (1 file)
Copy notice of a resolution of the Town Council acting as the Navigation Commissioners re urgent repairs to the first staunch to maintain a head of water in the river through the town, and appeal to the public for funds, 1900 (1 file)
Printed multiple copies of open notice to the electors of the school board and of mayoral correspondence to allay the ‘unworthy and unwarrantable suspicion’ of malpractice, 1881 (1 file)

BOX 64
Personal vouchers, letters, insurance, tax and income receipts and miscellaneous printed ephemera of Mr Wilfred J H Brummage, Rent and Rate Collector and Housing Manager, Thetford Borough, 1957-1960 (box of loose papers-to be weeded or disposed of)

ACC 2004/196-Boxes 202-204

Boxes include:
BOX 202
Signed and sealed deed of settlement of the Thetford Gas Co. establishing the company with the purpose of lighting Thetford and its suburbs with gas, 7 Aug 1845, with schedules of the capital of the company, initial subscribers and their shareholdings, and the names of the directors and trustees (1 parchment gathering with limp leather covers)
Copy OS 25in/1m sheets of Thetford and its surroundings, 1968 edition, with some few markings on parts but with no explanation of them (1 bundle)
Two rolled copies of OS 6in/1m sheet Norfolk CII SE 1905 ed. Showing the parish of St Mary, Thetford, with Barnham Cross Common picked out in red and green ink, subject to the Common Act Regulations of 1899. (2 rolled papers)
Printed posters advertising the voting for the election of four councillors for the Borough in Nov 1923, with invitations for nominations, and notice of the nominees, Oct 1923 (3 sets of rolled notices)
Signed nomination papers for the councillors with file of receipted vouchers for election stationery and the town clerk’s memorandum re the nominees, Oct-Nov 1923 (1 roll of papers)

BOX 203
(? T/TC 6/54)
Town clerk’s file of correspondence, mainly with the Norfolk CC and the Home office, and published circulars and memoranda re ARP, 1936-1937, including several copies (one annotated) of a suggested air raid precautions draft scheme for Thetford, Oct 1936, typed lists of names and addresses of enrolled air raid wardens and special constables for Thetford nd [c 1937]. (1 file of papers)

Town clerk’s file of correspondence, published circulars and memoranda re ARP, 1938, especially re the October 1938 enrolment campaign for ARP volunteers, including lists of ARP headquarters staff at Thetford, report centre messengers, air raid wardens, casualty service personnel, rescue and demolition staff, decontamination staff, motor drivers and auxiliary firemen, nd [1938], Borough of Thetford printed poster appealing for volunteers for wardens, road squads, fire and rescue parties and motor drivers and cyclists, Feb 1938, copies, one annotated, of Thetford’s preliminary draft ARP scheme, Jan 1938, and a memorandum re Thetford’s first-aid post at the Old Malting and out-posts, with a list of equipment required at the Old Malting. (1 file of papers)

Town clerk’s file of correspondence, published circulars and memoranda re ARP, 1939, including a draft agreement between the Borough and Norfolk County Council whereby the Borough provides premises at the Guildhall council offices to the NCC for a subsidiary report and control centre during the War, June 1939, and memoranda and correspondence re various ARP and other exercises in the Southern Area of Norfolk, Apr and Aug 1939. (1 file of papers)

Town clerk’s file of correspondence, mainly with the Norfolk CC and the Home office, and published circulars and memoranda re ARP, 1940, including a schedule of local control particulars at various feeding and shelter stations in Outer Norwich, the boroughs and other county districts, May 1939, copy report on proposals to construct public shelters, Jul 1939, a letter of complaint about the lack of adequate toilet and washing facilities at the report and control centre, Dec 1940, and samples of printed handbills, ‘Lights bring Bombs!’ (1 file of papers)

Town clerk’s file of correspondence, mainly with the Norfolk CC and the Home office, and published circulars and memoranda re ARP,

BOX 204
(T/TC 6/56)
Two files of letters from suppliers of uniforms and equipment responding to an advertisement for tenders for uniforms etc. for the Auxiliary Fire Service in Thetford placed by Blaydon in the Municipal Journal of Feb 1939, many with swatches/samples of cloth, Feb-Apr and Mar-Nov 1939 (2 files of papers)
Town clerk’s file of correspondence and circulars (including Fire Service Bulletins) from the Fire Brigades Division of the Home Office and estimates and invoices from suppliers re the provision of fireman’s clothing and equipment and arrangements for fire-service, and also including a memo listing the height and chest measurements of Thetford’s auxiliary fire service members, Dec 1939 and manuscript copies of the Thetford Fire chief’s quarterly reports to the Fire Brigade Committee, Jan, Apr and Nov 1940, Jan-Dec 1940 (1 file of papers)
Town clerk’s file of correspondence and circulars re the provision of uniforms and equipment, responsibilities for extinguishing fire before nightfall, limits of boundaries covered by the town’s fire brigade, availability of towing vehicles, and personnel matters, including: itemised receipts for the provision of trailer pumps and their fittings, Mar 1941, completed uniform measurement forms for firemen, A G Sparrow, R Burton, R Fox and F Germany and for messenger, Downes, Norfolk County Council ARP personnel certificates of identity for Thetford’s fire brigade, giving names, national registration numbers, parishes and dates of birth, and National Service forms, Mar 1941, letter from an auxiliary fireman, patrol leader C J Sear, re complaints re a proposal not to pay volunteers on watch duty for the duration of any alert, Apr 1941, list of Auxiliary firemen, their addresses and roles in the brigade, June 1941, fire chief’s quarterly committee report, Jul 1941, and manuscript memo listing the auxiliaries, their ages and occupations, memo listing Thetford National Fire Service personnel with their daily occupations and ages, with circular from the Fire Force commander at Norwich requesting notification of such personnel, Sep 1941, Jan-Jun and Jul-Dec 1941 (2 files of papers)

Town clerk’s file of correspondence, circulars and bulletins from the National Fire Service and others re Thetford’s fire brigade, Jan-Dec 1942 (1 file of papers)
Town clerk’s file of National Fire Service circulars and correspondence with the Eastern Civil Defence Region and the National Fire Brigades’ Association re the National Fire Service in Thetford, including letters re the erection and operation of a rest room/sleeping quarters for the N F S, with a letter from a neighbour complaining about the all-night noise of the rest room’s gate being slammed, Sep 1943, 1941-1946 (1 file of papers)

Town clerk’s file of Home Security circulars re ‘fire watching’ and fire guards and fire parties, including occasional copy letters to various from the town clerk and also air raid precautions memos listing voluntary fire watchers and fire spotters in the Magdalen Street, Earls Street, St Giles Lane, Station Road, King Street, White Hart Street and Bridge Street, and Castle Street and Guildhall Street areas in Thetford, nd, Apr-May 1941 and Jan 1942 and Croxton Road and White Hart and Bridge Streets revised list of fire watchers, Oct 1941, 1941-1945 (1 file of papers)

Thetford Borough Council; 1574-1974; Thetford, Norfolk

ACC 2004/196 - Boxes 19-20

BOX 19
Thetford Smallpox Hospital joint committee accounts, with annual financial statements, 1930-1935 and two leases of the hospital and adjoining land, 1905 (1 file) (T/JH 1/5)
Hospital vouchers-year ending March 1935 (1 file) (T/JH 1/6)
Thetford Cemetery schedules of war-graves, correspondence with War-Grave Commission and rough notes of plot numbers and deaths/burials, 1930-1932 (1 file)
Thetford Cemetery superintendent's correspondence re American war-graves, 1924 (1 file)
Clerk to the Thetford Burial Board's correspondence re maintenance of POW graves, 1922-1925 (1 file)
Burial Board Clerk and superintendent's correspondence and schedules of graves, with designs for gravestones for POWs, 1923-1934 (1 file)
Schedules and related papers re Crown occupies properties in Thetford, 1939-1942, 1941-1944 (2 files)
Rating assessment correspondence and schedules, 1936-7 (1 file)
St Mary's Parish fuel allotments applications and distribution lists, 1939-1944 (1 file)

ACC 2004/196 - Boxes 1-3 and 36

• Abstracts of account, 1952-1959 (1 bundle)
• Printed quarterly reports of the Town Council, Feb 1939-Nov 1941 (1 bundle)
• Correspondence and circulars re Local Govt Act 1929, 1929-1937 (1 file)
• Printed Rate Estimate, 1964 (1 booklet)
• ‘The Work of the Norfolk Education Committee 1903-1910’ by F H Millington, pub. March 1910. (1 booklet)
• Photostat copies of the Town Hall ground-floor (part only) (2 papers)
• Plan of Cemetery Plot A, showing number grave spaces, nd [20th C] (1 paper)
• Published copy of Thetford street map, 1973
• File of Govt circulars and printed orders, 1911-1930
• Correspondence re Brandon Bridge, with copies of a report and a photograph of the bridge, 1920-1922 (1 file)
• NCC Fore Services Act 1947-copy of establishment scheme, Dec 1947 (1 file)

• Abstracts of account (with some separate Rate Estimates), years ending March 1960-1967, rates only 1968-1971 and abstract of annual budget, 1972-3, 1973-4 (typescript copies-1 bundle)
• File of Non-County Boroughs Association correspondence re Royal Commission on Local Govt. 1927-1942 with copy minutes of evidence taken before the Commission 16 June 1927
• Borough Treasurer’s abstract of the Borough’s capital programme to 1972 (1 file)
• Guildhall extension, plan of seating layout No 1, scale 1in/4ft Feb 1968 (1 paper)

• Election of elective auditors 1935-1955 (1 bundle)
• Nomination forms 1935-6, 1937, 1938, 1943, 1948, 1950, and 1955.
• Rules for election of aldermen 1932 (amended Jan 1933) (2 papers)
• Appointment of the mayor’s auditor, 1943-5
• List of street-light locations pre-war (5 Dec 1918) (1 booklet)
• ‘Pioneer of Two Worlds- Thomas Paine, by Chapman Cohen (printed pamphlet)
• Water charges-legal position (1 file) 1912-15
• Register of electors, St Cuthbert’s Ward nd [?pre 1910]
• Misc. printed government circulars and pamphlets, 1923-73 (1 bundle)
• Estimate for general rate (27 March 1950) (1 file)
• Photo of a comic cartoon re the members of the Thetford school board 1884 (1 card)

BOX 36
An early, hand-printed work encyclopaedia of traditional, pre-industrial Japanese life in ten volumes, (only nine of which are present here) covering religion (Shintoism), mythology, astronomy, the natural sciences, the arts, everyday household culture, and agriculture. The text is written in a late-nineteenth century Japanese hand, and it is illustrated with monochrome wood-block engravings. (9 paper volumes, loosely bound in embossed card covers)
Also a single volume of tinted engravings from a famous eighteenth-century Japanese artist called Hokusai Katsushi, published in Japan in 1879. (1 volume with paper covers)

ACC 2004/196 - Boxes 12-18 and 21-24

BOX 12
• Thetford Borough Surveyor’s wet-copy letter book, 1933-1936 (1 volume)
• Thetford Museum visitors’ book, Dec 1924-May 1933 (1 volume)

BOX 13
All signed minutes:
• Unemployment committee minutes, Feb 1930-Sep 1932 (1 vol)
• General Purposes Committee minutes, May 1935-Dec 1945 (1 vol)
• Air Raid Precautions Committee minutes, Sep 1938-Oct 1941, Staff Committee minutes, Apr 1940-May 1950 (1 vol)
• Sanitary, then later, Public Health and Highways Committee minutes, Oct 1912-Jun 1933 (1 vol)
• Public Health and Highways committee minutes, Dec 1937-Sep 1942 (1 vol)
• Public Health and Highways committee minutes, Jul 1933-Nov 1937 (1 vol)

BOX 14
• Letter book (wet-copy and indexed at front), Borough Surveyor, Mar 1936-Jun 1939 (1 vol)
• Letter book (wet-copy and indexed at front), Borough Surveyor, Jun 1939-Dec 1941 (1 vol)

BOX 15
• Printed reports of Boundary Commission, 1832, 1837, 1868 and 1888 with plans of the parliamentary, parish and township boundaries (1 file)
• Correspondence re Sir Richard Fulmodeston, 1930 -1934(1 envelope)
• Copies of a printed leaflet from the London County Council, ‘An Opportunity for Industry-Thetford’, nd [early 1960s?] x6 copies
• Quarterly printed reports of Town Council, Nov 1869, Feb 1871, Feb 1872, Aug 1872, May 1873, May 1878, Aug 1889, Feb 1890, Aug 1893 and Aug 1899 (10 pamphlets)
• Sewerage and sewage disposal-reports by Elliott and Brown, civil engineers, Jun 1944 (typescript)
• Valuation schedule of the Thetford portraits, a gift by HH Prince Frederick Duleep-Singh, bound typescript, nd [?1950s] (1 vol)
• Borough rate estimates, year-ending Mar 1968 , bound typescript (1 booklet)
• Assessment Committee proceedings, 1925-1946 (1 file)
• Correspondence re the Non-county Boroughs Association, Oct 1930-Apr 1938 (1 file)
• Great Ouse Catchment Board correspondence re Little Ouse navigation, Oct 1936-Oct 1938
• (1 file)
• Ministry of Trade Department Committee on Street Lighting-to lighting authorities, Apr 1936
• Poster and nomination forms for election of auditors, 1949 (1 bundle)
• Printed copy of census for E and W (Norfolk), parts 1 and 2, 1931 (2 booklets)
• Printed statement re proposed sewerage scheme in Thetford, 1909 (1 file)
BOX 16
• Correspondence and govt. circulars re rating assessments after the 1925 Act, c 1926-1946 (1 file)
• Typescript letter inviting G R Blaydon to the Nation Association of Local Govt Officers re an education scheme, 3 Oct 1936-1937, with typed draft address by Blaydon, ‘The Tradition of the Local Government Service’ (2 papers)
• Files of papers re Thetford Housing, 1928-1947 (2 files)
• Papers re Air Raid precautions, with applications for auxiliary firemen, 1937 (1 envelope)
• Claims arising from Agricultural Rates Act 1923, 1923-1930 (1 file)
BOX 17
• Thetford Municipal Borough tree preservation order, no 1, with plan of the town, 1964-1965 (typescript)
• History of Thetford District Nursing Committee, typed notes including minutes (1913-1952, 1953-58) and letter from Dr T L Oliver re cessation of committee, Mar 1958 and minutes of the annual meeting (the start of the committee), 18=913 (2 volumes and loose papers)
• Printed OS map of England and Wales ’Administrative Areas’(10m/1in) sheet 2 marked to show administrative areas and county boundaries, boroughs, cities, municipal boroughs, UDCs, RDCs and Metropolitan Police Districts, nd (1 plan)
• Plans and papers with list of buildings of historical and architectural interest, 1951-1972 (1 bundle)
• Thetford Conservation Area, with plans and photos of street scenes, draft copy, 1973 (1 vol)
• Thetford comprehensive development area plan by county planning officer, RI Maxwell (1 plan) nd [c 1973] (1 paper)
• Borough burial authority agreement with WL Rickwood and letter from commissioners for Crown lands, 1932, 1937 (1 envelope)
• Easter Electricity Board wayleave agreement, for poles, Bury Road to London Road, Thetford, 31 Oct 1949 (1 envelope)
• 4 photos of traction engines by Charles Burrell and W Boughton and Sons Ltd, with sheet showing medals awarded to Burrells and Boughton’s factory in Thetford (1 envelope)

BOX 18
• Copy of enclosure award and plan of St Peter’s and St Cuthbert ‘s and St Mary’s parishes in Thetford, (1806), 20th C copy (1 plan)
• Typescript catalogue of architectural collections in the Ancient House Museum, 1950 (1file)
• Printed burgess rolls 1858, 1886 and printed quarterly reports, 1836-1878. (1 file)
BOX 21
File of 'Fire Brigade Papers', 1923-1937, including periodic reports to the Committee by the Captain of the Volunteer Fire Brigade (G R Boddy), the town clerk's correspondence re dispute about the costs of attending a fire at Thompson's Farm, Hockwold, 1933-34, and printed posters listing the officers and men of the fire brigade, nd [c1930] (1 file)

Town clerk's correspondence re the swimming baths at Nun's Bridge Common, 1922-1932, including posters of the swimming bath opening hours and services at Norwich, Sudbury, Stowmarket and St Ives, 1922, posters re the formal opening of the Baths on 15 Jun 1922 and re the meeting of the Swimming Bath Club in May 1923, and posters and printed timetables for fees charged, 1927, 1928 and 1929 (1 file)

Printed model byelaws, 1934 and typed standing orders and regulations re Thetford Borough Council proceedings, Dec 1940 (1 file)

Town clerk's correspondence and circulars arising from the Local Government Act 1933, 1934-1938 (1 file)

BOX 22
Plans and elevations deposited for approval re 4 bungalows, Fulmodeston Road, 20 Airey [type] houses, and an alteration to a bar at the Red Lion Inn, Market Place, Thetford, 1950-1951 (3 envelopes of papers)
A11 Traffic census papers, including statistics and census counters’ sheets and flow charts (traffic flowing both ways), Aug 1978 (1 file of papers)
Press-cutting scrapbook, indexed by subject at the front of the volume, with loose cuttings enclosed at the rear, 1948-1977. Includes cuttings from the local press and from the Municipal Journal< the Local Government Chronicle, and from the Contractor’s Record. (1 volume, with loose covers)

BOX 23
Tenders from 12 firms re the provision of additional parking spaces, footpaths and associated works at the No. 1 Industrial Estate, London Road, Aug 1969, draft articles of agreement with GAR Construction (East Anglia) Ltd, bill of quantities and plans with covering letters for two unit factories, Fison Way, May-Dec 1970, two tenders for garages at Fairfields, Croxton Road, Thetford, Dec 1971, form of contract and priced schedule for roofing works on council houses at Newtown and St Mary’s Crescent, Jul 1972, bill of quantities and forms of tender re factory and office block at Fison Way, Mundford Road, Jul 1972.

BOX 24
Printed Thetford Corporation yearbooks, 1952-1974 (gaps) (20 booklets)
Published copy of the Representation of the People Act, 1918 re electoral franchises, registration and the method and costs of elections. (1 volume)
Printed copy of the Thetford Navigation Act of 1810, with much underlining and annotation (labelled on flyleaf and front cover, ‘Mr Smalley, QC’, with enclosed, a copy notice from the West Suffolk War Agricultural Committee, for regulating obstructions to the flow of water under the Drainage of Land Order of 1917 with a letter from the firm Fisons, re the tonnage of supply of fertilisers re barges over the Fen rivers, 1917 (1 vol)
Home Office circular and copy of the Criminal Justice Administration Act of 1914 (1 file of papers)
Annotated copies of the Thetford Navigation Act re canal tolls and charges for the River Cam Navigation and other canals (and which also applied to the Thetford Navigation), 1894 (2 vols)
Two copies of a report to the Borough on a proposed scheme for using water power of the Little Ouse River in a hydro-electric plant, by Richard H L Lee, 1923, with sketch plan showing the river, lake dam and position of works, May 1923 (2 vols)
Copy of ‘The Paine Centenary’, privately published, June 1909 (1 booklet, covers loose)
Author’s signed copy offprint , The Last Years of Thetford Cluniac Priory by John H Harvey (NNAS Vol XXVII 1940) (1 booklet)
Town clerk’s copy of the book of rules of the Thetford Norfolk and Suffolk Mutual Benefit
Building Society nd [1930s] (1 booklet)
Published copy of, ‘Forestry Commission Areas in Norfolk and Suffolk’ pub 1932. (1 booklet)
Copy of, Guide to the Borough of Thetford’ 3rd edition by W G Clarke, pub 1927, including photographs and, enclosed loose, a street plan of Thetford, 1908 (1 vol)_
Several published editions of Thetford Byelaws, with respect to new streets and buildings in the Borough, additional byelaws for the good rule and government of the Borough, 23 July 1907, 12 June 1928 and 24 June 1930 (4 booklets)
Printed copies of the Borough of Thetford register of electors, Oct 1928-Apr 1929 and for Oct 1939-Oct 1940 (2 vols)
Printed Borough quarterly reports, Aug 1836, Nov 1843 and May 1845 (3 gatherings, two in poor condition).

ACC 2004/196 - Boxes 25-35

BOX 25
Contract papers for 58 ‘Wates’ type houses at Bury Road, Thetford, to be built by George Calverley & Sons (Contrs) Ltd of Leicester, 1952-1954 (1 file)
Contract, bills of quantities and drawings for the erection of council houses on the London Road Estate, Mar 1950 (1 file)
Form of tender, specification and bill of quantities for the layoff a 7in diameter water mains pipe at Vicarage Road, May-Dec 1951 (1 file)
Articles of agreement, specification, bill of quantities and form of tender for Messrs Slater Bros to undertake site works at Bury Road No 2 site, Oct 1962-Feb 1956 (1 file)

BOX 26

  1. Town clerk’s letters and receipts re various subjects, 1865, 1870-1874 (1 bundle of papers)
  2. Copy agreement for hire by the Borough of dredger and barges, 1862, with specification and tenders 1864 and copy contract and invoice for construction of a dredger barge by Charles Burrell, 1864 (1 bundle of papers)
  3. Thetford Navigation papers, 1827-1871, Including letters and bill of complaint about the state of the Navigation, copy suit papers re the adjustment to coal carriage tolls on the Navigation, draft contracts fort the erection of a new sluice at Santon1831, letters re dispute over the trespass on Mr Bliss’s meadow by the Navigation Committee, 1827-8, draft contract for the erection of staunches, and also includes a mayoral (John Snelling) writ of capias against Thomas Aggas to cause him to appear before the borough court, dated 29 Sep 1600. (1 bundle of papers)
  4. Thetford Navigation papers, 1779-1900, including a list of the Commissioners appointed in June 1779 and in Jan 1801, copy public notices, draft suit papers, legal fee accounts re toll dispute, cases for opinions of counsel, tenders for collecting river tolls, and reports and letters re blocked staunches, 1900. (1 bundle of papers)
  5. Thetford Navigation papers, 1830-1906, including draft assignments of tolls, bonds of indemnity, notices re tolls, notices re meetings of commissioners, reports on poor condition of the Navigation, correspondence with the Local Government Board re canal boats. (1 bundle of papers)
  6. Thetford Navigation papers, 1855-75, including, letters, lists of persons selected as candidates for the Navigation superintendent, and applicants for the post of toll collector, nd [1870s]. (1 bundle of papers)
  7. Thetford Navigation river toll tenders, 1859 (1 bundle of papers)
  8. Thetford Navigation papers, 1844-1859, including draft bonds for the performance of duties as superintendent of the Navigation and collectors of tolls. (1 bundle of papers)
  9. Thetford Navigation draft suit papers re illegal fishing, 1889 (2 paper files)
  10. Thetford Navigation vouchers and bills re repairs to bridges etc, 1895-96 (1 bundle of papers)
  11. Thetford Navigation applications for the posts of Superintendent and toll collector, 1874 (1 bundle of papers)
  12. Thetford Navigation papers, including a bank pass book, 1887-1893 and miscellaneous papers and letters, 1838-1893 (1 bundle of papers and a small volume)
  13. Thetford Navigation papers, including applications, notices (with copies of the Thetford & Watton Times-Aug 12 and 19, 1893).
  14. Thetford Navigation copy of the South Level and Eau Brink Act, 1893, and return of tolls on the Navigation 1884-1892 (1 paper file)

BOX 27
Volume-family history and personal ms reminiscences of ? Charles Farrow of 14 Wells Street, Thetford, late 19th C-early 20th C, and scrapbook of his press cuttings, printed invitations to events, concert programmes, flyers of public events and ceremonies, memorial cards for deceased friends and acquaintances, society dinner menu cards, with much reference to Oddfellows and The temperance movement, and with family connections to Mormonism in Utah. (1 volume-spine damaged and boards loose and textblock broken) Need packaging made.
Bundle of the town clerk’s correspondence and miscellaneous papers, 1907-1953, including, inter alia: ms letter to Prince Duleep Singh from Henry rider Haggard re the history of Ditchingham Lodge, 23 Feb 1907, letters re support of the County quarter sessions for the retention of a Borough quarter session in Thetford, subsequent to the Justice of the Peace Act of 1949, Apr 1950, letters re enabling the town’s two public clocks on the Guildhall and St Peter’s Church to strike again, with quote from Goodman, a local watchmaker, May-Aug 1942, various official wartime proforma, Local Govt Board and Min of Health confirmations of appointments of MOH and sanitary inspectors, 1910, 1921, various borough orders for the naming of streets: Bridges Walk, Saxon Place, Icknield Close and Queensway, Feb-May 1951 and Dec `1953 respectively, Home Office circular re duties of the fire brigade in the event of invasion, 1940, correspondence re the status of the road by the poor law institute in Thetford and of Mundford Road Pit, 1936 and 1937, key and covering letter re the trenches at Thetford Boys Council School, May 1940, brief correspondence re the ‘casting hood’ on the mayor’s robe, 1931, agreement, with terms and conditions with a keeper for the guildhall, Sep 1953, bond for faithful performance of duties and covering correspondence re Thetford Barclays Bank to act as borough treasurer, 1922, confidential memo re London CC and the government evacuation scheme , with reception schedules for Thetford, March 1952.

BOX 28
Town clerk’s papers, including, proposal and letters for a war memorial scheme, and the provision of new swimming baths, 1937-1946, printed copies of Thetford byelaws, 1933, memorandum of the Medical Officer of the Local Government Board re measures against TB, 1909, with related printed notices, Medical Officer of Health annual report and report of the Public Health Inspector, 1964; bundle of quarterly rainfall and temperature statistics from the Borough of Thetford, Feb 1939-Oct 1941, tables of monthly rainfall totals measured at the Borough Waterworks by observer (and superintendent of the waterworks), E S Greenwood and supplied to the Town Clerk’s office, Jan 1917-Dec 1928, Jan 1929-Dec 1938, copy forms of appointment of school managers for the Thetford United Provided Schools, 1925, 1928 and 1937, copy, annual income tax returns listing Borough officers, their addresses, their posts, salaries and fees, years ending April 1924, 1928 and 1929, Ministry of Labour returns re numbers of staff employed and total wages for maintenance of roads, non-trading services and for the waterworks, 1935 and applications for game licences, 1941, bundle of misc letters re St Cuthbert’s Church boundary wall and railings, with plans of new line of boundary after 15 square yards were given to the Borough, 1902-1903, and applications for licences to store petrol, 1942, Realisation accounts for the estate of the late G W Staniforth (died 8 Jan 1947), Nov 1949 with empty envelope labelled ‘Certificate of birth, Harriet Ann Staniforth-born Monday Oct 20th, 1856’, and file of papers re the town’s expansion in conjunction with London CC, 1953-1955, including report of a meeting of the local authorities involved, Apr 1953 and reports with appendices, Sep and Dec 1955, with supporting notes, copies of a printed leaflet advertising Thetford as a location for industry, nd [c 1955], and also a printed brochure re the visit of Thetford delegates to the International Congress of Local Authorities in London 1932.

BOX 29
Rolladex index of subject [files] (in two alphabetical sequences, the first, general subjects, the second, exclusively commercial/industrial) (2 rolladex leaves)
Burgess rolls, one dated 1843 and a bound ms volume (binding and spine damaged, and with an enclosed paper stating that this volume had been donated to the Borough Council in 1960 by a member of the form of solicitors, Messrs T E Rudling & Co.), the other a printed gathering, dated 1891.

BOX 30
Insurance policy for the Thetford and District Chamber of Trade/Commerce for the silver cup called the ‘Culey Cup’ and for a silver and enamel ‘Chairman’s Badge of Office’ of dark blue ribbon, 1954 (1 paper)
Studio Five Photographer of Bridge St, Thetford’s folders of uncaptioned, large format monochrome prints (multiple copies of most exposures) of swimming baths, unidentified [council?] housing, exterior and interior pics of the Guildhall extension, Baxter factory premises, riverside park area, Thetford branch library entrance, new housing development at St John’s Way, shopping area by the riverside, Thetford Grammar School exterior, Conran factory exterior, Thetford castle mound, aerial views of housing estates, contact print sheets (mainly of housing), colour prints of open ground near a football pitch, close-ups of a flinty grassland showing pieces of masonry and a bent staple, all undated, but c 1960s, and three smaller photos of the Manor House, Bury Road maltings and of Canon’s barn premises, all 1967, and many monochrome prints of industrial sites and units and council housing, nd [c 1960s].

BOX 31
Town clerks’ file of correspondence and papers re the Thetford register of electors under the Representation of the People Acts of 1918 and 1928, with tables of classification of various streets in Thetford for the purposes of rating, 1925-1934, with rateable and rental values for each class, 1925. (1 file)
Town clerk, John Houchen’s bound copy of the amendment Act to the Thetford Navigation Act of 22 Chas II, 1810 with press cuttings and ms copy extract of a press report re a court proceeding re the right of fishing in navigable rivers, 5 May 1888 (1 volume); slim scrapbook of press cuttings re the new register of electors and enclosing a ms summary of the sections in the Representation of the People Act of 1918 (1 gathering); correspondence with the Norfolk County clerk of the peace re amalgamation or consolidation of the several parishes and their rates in Thetford, with Home Office and Min of Health circulars , a printed copy of the Borough’s quarterly report May 1914, collections of signed forms of appointments of the three Thetford parish’s overseers of the poor, 1914-1923 (1 file); and file of correspondence, forms of appeal, schedules, and government circulars re rating and valuation, 1930-1938, with a list of the rateable valuations of the licenced houses in Thetford, 1938. (1 file).

BOX 32
Envelope, labelled, ‘W Ellis Clarke Esq.’ containing an issue dated 16 May 1885 of a local newspaper, ‘Daylight’ (circulating in Norwich and the ‘Easte’ Counties) with several columns of news from the county couched in Norwich dialect (1 paper)
Tender and contract papers including;
Articles of agreement, specification, bill of quantities and summary final account for the provision of roads, sewers and public works for new houses at Fulmodeston Road by contractors, Messrs Edward J Edwards (Norwich) Ltd, 1955-1957 (1 file); plans and final accounts for the contract with Harry Pointer (Norwich) Ltd for roads and sewers for 20 Airey type houses between the Bury and London Roads, 1950-1953 (1 file); Contract with Goddards of Thetford (1954) Ltd for reconnections to sewers for 192 houses under ‘Contract D’ with specifications, bill of quantities and many ‘daysheets’, being weekly returns of work completed and materials used, 1958-1960 (1 file); Contract with Goddards of Thetford (1954) Ltd for reconnections to sewers for 154 houses under ‘Contract A’ with specifications, bill of quantities and plans, 1955-1956 (1 file); contract with Messrs Adam Eastwood & Sons Ltd for water closet conversions and connections to sewer with specification, bill of quantities and plans, 1951 (1 file); and contract for the installation of a submersible pump at the Waterworks in Mundford Road with form of tender and plan and drawings, 1954 (1 file).

BOX 33
Thetford UDC Finance Committee signed minutes, includes District Fund, Waterworks, Corporation dwellings, Newtown dwellings and General Rate Fund accounts, Apr 1928-May 1932 (1 volume)
UDC Finance Committee signed minutes, Aug 1932-Nov 1941 (Unbound file with paper covers)

Silver Jubilee of King George V, 1935 public meeting and committee minutes, Feb-May 1935 with, pasted in, signed financial statement of the Celebrations on 6 May 1935 and with a list of subscribers to the National Thanksgiving and Thetford Permanent Commemoration Funds, May 1935, and public meeting and committee minutes re the Coronation of HM King George VI and Queen Elizabeth on 12 May 1937, with, pasted in signed financial statement for the celebrations, June 1937, Mar-Jun 1937 (1 volume)

BOX 34
Town Clerk, John Houchen’s draft copy of the Thetford [Inclosure] Award of 1806, annotated as examined 1882, with index of allottees after the main text, and preceded by a copy deposition by creditor, William Davey of Barnham, Suffolk, gent. re the bankruptcy of James Rayner of Rougham, licensed victualler, 1836, and, at rear of volume, formulary of a lease, appointment and release, demise by way of a mortgage, trust release and devise to trustees for sale of both copyhold and freehold estates, 1832, (1 volume-spine damaged)
Copy of a resolution by the Thetford Borough Assembly to grant honorary freedom of the borough to Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson on the 30 Oct 1798 after his victory against the French fleet in the Battle of the Nile, nd [early 20th C?] on paper pasted onto the face of a parchment lease of 1739.
File of nomination papers of Robert Henry Horwood and John Marshall as auditors, with printed and typescript notices of the election of these auditors, March 1935 (1 paper file)
Bill of solicitors’ costs and covering letters sent to Blaydon as deputy clerk of the peace, in a case before the Thetford Quarter Sessions between Albert Edward Taylor and Gustave Zanetti, Mar-Jun 1945 (1 packet of papers)
Printed historical and descriptive ‘Guide to Thetford, Norfolk-Centre for Breckland’ pub. 1951 (1 gathering)
Transcript of notes of a Thetford Quarter Session case held 29 June 1922, the King v Ernest Fred Rivett, piano tuner, for fraudulently obtaining £1 in notes, with press cutting of the hearing, 1922 (1 bundle of papers).
Henry W Bailey’s bound printed copy of the Reform Act of 2 William IV, dated 7 June 1832, to amend the Representation of the People in England and Wales, with, pasted in, printed lists of electors from the several parishes in Thetford, and with Bailey’s mss notes detailing the corporation in 1832 and the ‘first reform’ election of the mayor in that year, the proceedings of the Thetford Corporation Commission, details of an Act for the Regulation of Municipal Corporations in England and Wales, 9 Sep 1835 and mss copies of Borough quarterly and committee meeting minutes, copy resolutions and copy correspondence, Jan 1836 - Nov 1838. A note on the front flyleaf details the passage of the volume from the compiler to the Town Clerk via John W Frost in 1929 (1 volume, with some loose folios, and possibly missing ones)

BOX 35
Printed copy posters listing the Borough of Thetford’s bye laws, as agreed in Assembly, March 1850 (2 papers-one torn and tatty, with annotations in pencil)
Printed copy poster of the Borough’s bye laws (as above), but marked to show the repeal of most of them, with a public notice of an additional bye law< May 1850 and later typescript note showing the text of a worn and obliterated line in Bye law 14 on the accompanying poster, Mar-May 1850 (1 file of papers)
Many packets and bundles of legal instruments and contracts, leases, copy judgements, applications for orders, consent for wayleaves, and other deposited records etc, including, inter alia:

Licence to use gravel pit by Mundford Road for tipping, Crown Lands Commissioners to the Borough, 1939 (1 file)
Contract for street lighting, 1949; contract for painting 24 council houses, 1950; plans of Broadwater Common, 1898; plan and correspondence Re boundary dispute near Haling Path and Town Bridge, 18856; memorandum re sale of Santon Downham Advowson, 1842; Contract for supply of electricity to Guildhall and St Peter’s Church clock, 1933; Minute and correspondence Re removal of railings at Town Bridge, 1929; certificate of redemption of land tax, 1937; receipt for £135 paid by the Borough for the sale to them of land in the Crown’s Croxton estate, 1937; agreement for indemnity from Henry Bunn to the Borough re supply of water mains to Bunn, 1931; contract for winding Guildhall and St Peter’s church clocks, 1938; wayleave for erection of electricity poles on Newtown estate, 1935; agreement for mutual fire brigade assistance between Bury St Edmunds and Thetford Corporations and Mildenhall and Thetford Corporations 1940; wayleave and correspondence authorising attachment of brackets to private property for electrical supply, 1852-1967; agreement for exchange telephone line at the Fire Brigade captain’s house, 1925; details of public rights of way in the Borough, 1935; appointment of new auditor, 1956; copy of Council’s proposals as approved by the Min of Housing for slum clearance, 1954; correspondence With the Women’s volunteer Service for the letting of a room at the Guildhall to the WVS, 1964; contract with Ames Crosta Mills for annual inspection service for sludge digestion plant at sewage disposal works, 1965, consent for the discharge of effluent from the sewage works into the River Little Ouse at Thetford, 1964; lease of allotment land at London Road from the Crown Lands Commissioners to Thetford, 1952; prohibition order against cycling on the Thetford Inner Relief Road sub-way, 1971; declaration of trust and correspondence re the instruments of the town band, 1956-1968; order for the pedestrianisation of King Street, Riverside Walk and Tanner Street, 1973; receipts for repayment of loans re the waterworks, 1924-26.

ACC 2004/196 - Boxes 72-80

BOX 72
Breckland DC Housing tenant rent filed cards (District 4 (B)) 1972-1981, detailing rents assessed, charged and rebated.
Parishes covered: Ashill, Bradenham and West Bradenham, Beachamwell, Cockley Cley, Little Cressingham, Fouldon, Gooderstone, Hilborough, Ickburgh, Mundford, Oxborough, Weeting, Garages to let and empty (various parishes), Battle Area balances. (boxful of filing cards)

BOX 73
Wayland RDC annual, general ledgers, years to end of March 1964, March 1966 and March 1967 (3 volumes)

BOX 74
Thetford Borough Council, annual rents, fees and cash income summary sheets, 1952-3, 1954-5, 1955-6, 1956-7, and 1957-8 (5 files of sheets-from a ? post-binder)

BOX 75
Thetford Town Council and UDC and rating, finance and general purposes public health, town planning and highways, valuation, bath, burial acts and other committee draft minutes, agendas, printed notices and agendas, Nov 1946-Nov 1947 (1 bundle of papers)
Home Security and civil defence printed circulars, 1944 (1 bundle-weeded for duplicates)
Home Security and civil defence printed circulars, 1942 (1 bundle-not weeded)

BOX 76
Fire Brigade printed circulars from the Home Office and Ministry of Home Security, Jan-Dec 1940 (1 large bundle of papers) ? T/TC 3/12
Draft minutes and copies of public notices of monthly meetings of the town council (and, occasionally, committees), Jan 1913-Dec 1915 (1 bundle of papers)
Draft minutes, agendas and notices of meetings of Thetford UDC and Sanitory and Lighting Committees, Jul 1914-Dec 1915 (1 bundle of papers)

BOX 77
Breckland DC Housing tenant rent filed cards, 1972-1981, detailing rents assessed, charged and rebated.
Parishes covered: Blo Norton, Shropham, Snetterton, Quidenham, Eccles, Olkd Buckenham, New Buckenham, Stow Bedon, Caston, Little and Great Ellingham, Besthorpe, Griston, Merton, Thompson, Garages in Attlebough and elsewhere. (boxful of loose filing cards)

BOX 78
Thetford Navigation papers, including:

  1. Navigation advert in an issue of the London Gazette, Sep 1809, account of mortgage costs, 1871, printed copy of the June 1845 Act, printed list of tolls, Aug 1879, case for the opinion of counsel, 1840, report, subscription list, letters and account for weed cutting on the river, 1896, 1809-1896 (1 bundle of papers)
  2. Miscellaneous papers re the Navigation, including, a notices of the stopping the Navigation for repair of Brandon Bridge, 1810 and 1839, specifications of Sheepwalk Staunch, nd [watermarked 1823], various draft suit papers re tolls, nd [c 1860s and 1878], statement of the toll income and expenditure on the Navigation from 1884-1893, John Houchen’s copy of printed Act to empower…Commissioners of Navigable Rivers to vary their tolls, rates and charges on different parts of their Navigations, June 1845, copy bill of complaint, in Chancery Edwards v the Mayor of Thetford, nd [c 1871], character reference for John Stearne, navigation superintendent and toll collector, his services to be dispensed with due to the Navigation becoming disused, 1899, draft assignments of tolls, 1830 and 1831, printed list of tolls on the Navigation, July 1878, 1810-1899 (1 bundle of papers)
  3. Letters, accounts (including Gedge’s accounts from 1866-1875) re Superintendent G. Gedge’s defalcation of his accounts, including a list of tolls paid by the Lakenheath Commissioners for the carriage of chalk, 1873-74, 1861-1875 (1 bundle and gathering of papers)
  4. Miscellaneous letters to John Houchen, town clerk and clerk to the Navigation Commissioners, re the Navigation, 1884-1895 (1 bundle of papers)

Breckland DC Housing tenant rent file cards, 1972-1981. Covers: Cyprus Road, Besthorpe Road, Ellingham Road, Escourt Road, St Edmund Close, St Mary Close, Wayland Close, Wayland Court, Attleborough and Wretham, Croxton, Bridgham, Gasthorpe and Garboldisham (1 bundle of file cards)

BOX 80
Breckland DC housing dept memoranda, 1980-1984 (1 file)
Housing tenant rent file cards, 1972-1981. Covers: Leys Lane, Halford Road, Halford Place, Halford Close, Attleborough (1 bundle of file cards)

ACC 2004/196 - Boxes 100-108

Boxes include:
BOX 100
Bundles of Thetford Navigation papers:
Miscellaneous papers 1779-1906, including case for the opinion of counsel re the Corporation of Thetford’s authority under the Act 22 Chas II to erect sluices and make haling paths along the river between the White House and Brandon Ferry, 1779, advert of the auction of river tolls, 1811, petition complaining about the Corporation’s inactivity in making haling ways and requesting the grant of a 20-year lease of the tolls, nd [early 19th C], lists of trustees of the Thetford Navigation 1827, draft assignments of tolls, 1831, 1838, copy agreement to hire land for making a towing path, 1846, copy prospectus of the Eastern Counties Navigation and Transport Co Ltd, 1889. (1 bundle)

Miscellaneous Navigation papers, including copy public notice not to draw off water from staunches, 1779; a letter written by [Alderman] James Cole in London to Thomas Withers Gill in Thetford re the agreement with Colonel Cadogan re the rate of tolls, and commenting upon the ‘report of several guns…’ during the riots around the attempted arrest of the then radical parliamentarian, Sir Francis Burdett in April 1810, with annexed memorandum from Gill and response to and from Leonard Shelford Bidwell; copy public notice and correspondence re the Corporation’s adoption of powers under the Act of 1845, 1878-79; printed notice advertising the tolls payable on the River Brandon alias the Lesser Ouse, Aug 1879; copy reference for toll collector, William James Stearne, in anticipation of his need to find other employment because of the Navigation falling into disuse, 1895, complaint about the weeds blocking the Brandon Staunch, 1900, and extracts from minutes of the Navigation Committee, Apr 1910; 1779-1910 (1 bundle)

Miscellaneous papers re the Navigation tolls, including a 19th-century copy of a judgement by Sir John Holland bt and other commissioners appointed by the Navigation Act of 1677 to establish the rates of river tolls on the Navigation; draft conditions for the lease of the tolls, 1811; schedule of ‘upriver’ tolls payable to the Corporation of King’s Lynn, and of tolls on the Thetford Navigation from White House to Sheepwash, Brandon and Thetford, 1845 and letters from Lynn Corporation to Gregory Faux, Thetford solicitor and town clerk re the desirability to reduce river tolls to compete with the railways, 1846-1847, and draft notice of a special meeting of the Borough Council to appoint new trustees or commissioners, 1846. (1 bundle)

Printed copy belonging to C Henry Fison of an Act for supplying King’s Lynn with water, regulating the markets and vessels using its port. Apr 1829 (1 gathering)

Printed copies of plans of Thetford showing its boundaries and area as a Parliamentary and old municipal borough and also the proposed boundary of the much reduced municipal area, scales 1in:1mile and 4in:1mile by Lt Robert K Dawson of the Royal Engineers, with a published (cut from an unidentified publication) plan of old and proposed borough boundaries set within the adjacent parishes in Norfolk and Suffolk, scale half-inch:1 mile and report by R. Sheepshanks and William Edward Tallents on the rateable housing, farm size and population in Thetford, the nearby parishes and towns, nd [c 1832] (3 papers)

Printed copy Act 8 Victoria consolidating provisions for making railways, 1845 (1 gathering)

Papers re ballast extraction at Two Mile Bottom, 1845-46 with draft and signed copies of an agreement between the Corporation and the Norwich and Brandon Railway Co. to sell heathland by the road to Mundford for the railway line and to allow the Company to dig for ballast on adjoining land, May 1845, with letters and memoranda of measurements of two pits there at Two Mile Bottom, 1846.
Tender for the collection of tolls (George Godfrey, 1851, with report on repairs undertaken, 1857, and tenders for pile driver, dredging chain, repairing staunches, new barrows and staunch wheels, 1864-1866 (1 bundle)

Miscellaneous Navigation papers, including memoranda of protests against omission in the Navigation Committee’s minutes, 1852 and against general mis-application of tolls, 1866, draft committee minutes and tenders for a new staunch wheel at the first staunch, 1867, 1952-1867 (1 bundle)

Miscellaneous Navigation papers, including, including an inventories of equipment and tools used for the repair and maintenance of the Navigation, compiled by George Godfrey, May 1851 and undated, list of places to where handbills were sent, 1854, invoices for goods and work undertaken, 1863-1866, Norwich Crown Bank cheques to the Thetford Navigation account there, 1866, and two copies of Navigation bank accounts, May 1864-Nov 1866 (1 bundle)

Chancery Cause papers re the Attorney General v Thetford Corporation re the alleged misapplication of Navigation toll funds to the repayment of £320 debt owed to the Hon Francis Baring, including copy decree, affidavits and injunction, 1859, and quarter session draft inquisitions and brief in support of application under Act 6 William IV re the adjustment of tolls on carriage of coal, 1860 (1 bundle)
Brief for the Suffolk Epiphany quarter sessions for an inquisition into the regulation of weights and measure under the Act 5 and 6 William IV for applicants, Messrs Henry Newson and James Lee, proprietors of the Navigation of the River Lark, Jan 1869 (1 gathering)

Tenders to Navigation Committee for repairs to brickwork on the Haling Way and to staunches and for a tunnel and bridge on the Haling path near the 2nd staunch (specification with drawing), including specifications, draft contracts, accounts, printed notice for tenders, 1874, 1868-1883 (1 bundle of papers)

Papers re Navigation tolls, including Gedges’ account as to Miss Morley and Lakenheath Commissioners’ chalk account 1876, printed notice of the replacement of one scale of tolls with another, Jun 1878, copy list of tolls, Jul 1878, and memorandum re the milage between staunches and tolls accruing, nd [c 1895], 1876-c1895 (1 bundle)

Applications for position as Navigation toll collector and superintendent, 1879-80, with list of 15 applicants, residences, ages and requested wages, references, letters of application from 1-15, including one dated Dec 1879 from Chelsea pensioner and ex-colour sergeant in the 36th Regiment, Thomas Wagg, then 48 years old, with carte de visite photograph in army uniform taken in Tenby (1 bundle)
Tenders for building a pavilion on the recreation ground, 1904-1906, including printed circular letter by the Thetford Recreation Club asking for public subscriptions towards the cost of laying down a cricket ground and erecting a pavilion, 1904. an illustrated catalogue, no 129 of Boulton & Paul, ‘Portable buildings’ with billhead letter to Messrs Chas Burrell & Sons of St Nicholas Works recommending pavilion design no. 520, and list of subscribers, 1904; specification by S. Holden for erecting a pavilion, 1905, with tender, specification and bill of costs from Joseph Henry Mann, contractor, 1905, and tender from the British Uralite Co Ltd with traced plan and elevation of a similar pavilion in Portsmouth, 1905. (1 bundle)

The mayor, Charles Burrell’s correspondence with potential supporters, trustees, subscribers to a fund for the establishment of a recreation ground, for the town, Mar-Apr and Oct-Nov 1904, including bank account book for the Thetford Recreation Club Ground (Capital and Counties Bank Ltd at Bury St Edmunds, 1904-1906, and copy quotation with letter from seed factors, Sutton & Sons at the Royal Seed Establishment, Apr 1904. (1 bundle)

Billheads and invoices from local tradesmen or the establishment and lease of the town recreation and football ground, 1904-1906 (1 bundle)

BOX 101
Thetford Borough Council Officers’ copy agendas and past minutes, Dec 1965, Mar 1966, Nov 1970-Aug 1972, with copy rate estimates for year ended Mar 1971, Capital Expenditure Programme to 1972, Feb 1970 and copy budget, 1972-3 (25 files)

BOX 102
Book of Navigation cargo toll collection counterfoils, Aug 1889-Mar 1892, detailing types and tonnage of cargoes, owners, length of the Navigation used and toll amounts
Several bundles of papers relating to the Thetford Navigation:
Bundle of papers, 1741-1901, including: printed copy of the Act of 22 Chas II for making navigable the rivers commonly called Brandon and Waveney, 1741, bill for repair work done at Brandon Staunch, 1760 with a list of case papers on the petition of the Corporation for an Act of Parliament relating to the Navigation of the River Brandon, 1762, draft notice to let by tender the tolls, 1851, minutes of a special meeting of the Commissioners of the Navigation from White House beneath Brandon Ferry to Thetford, giving notice to the Corporation to repair the Navigation, Aug 1812, handbill notice of the Navigation Committee wishing to receive tenders for repairing brickwork, part of the haling (sic) way between the Town Bridge and the Chalk-Hole, 1868, list of subscriptions promised for the repair of the 1st Staunch belonging to Thetford Navigation, May 1901.
Bundle, 1779-1859, case for counsel’s opinion re the Corporation’s power to make sluices in the river banks and to repair the banks and hauling paths, 1779, deed of the commissioners as appointed under the Act 24 Geo II of the Navigation from Thetford to Brandon 1803, draft release of two pieces of land from John Angerstein to the Corporation of Thetford, 1832 and copy lease of the Navigation tolls to George Godfrey, 1859
Bundle, 1828-1878, including: a case for the opinion of counsel, John Patteson re the Corporations right to offer security for borrowing against the Navigation tolls, and his opinion was that they did not have that right; only the Commissioners did, Oct 1827; draft copy leases of the tolls to George Godfrey, 1854, 1859; copy assignments of tolls, printed copy of the Act of 22 Chas II for making navigable the rivers commonly called Brandon and Waveney, case for the opinion of counsel, re the right of the Commissioners to borrow on the security of the tolls, and whether an alderman commissioner can participate in the process to appoint new commissioners, 1870 and 1871 with a list of the tolls taken up to July 1877; lists of commissioners and notices of a meeting to appoint new commissioners, 1871 and 1872; and letters apologising for not attending the meeting, 1872.
Bundle, 1851-1862, including: Chancery cause: Attorney General v Corporation of Thetford papers relating to an injunction moved by Cornell Fison to restrain the Corporation from applying £320 arising from the Navigation’s tolls towards the repayment of a mortgage debt relating to the Red Lion property held by the Hon. Francis Baring, including; printed copy of the Cam Navigation Act, 1851, printed and draft ms informations Nov 1859, cases for the opinion of counsel 1860, a transcript of shorthand notes of the judgement, May 1860, printed Borough quarterly reports of the town council, Nov 1860-May 1862
Notices to George Godfrey of Thetford, gang owner and to his executors after his death, to repair the Navigation according to a contract, dated 1 May 1854, with the Corporation, 1855-1864, with case of counsel’s opinion that members of the Town Council cannot also act as Commissioners of the Navigation, Apr 1838 and letter re calling a meeting of the commissioners, 1871. (1 bundle of papers)
Bound copy indenture dated 28 Feb 1871, bet Revd Augustus Sutton of West Tofts, clerk, and 12 other commissioners under the Act of 50 Geo III, for amending an Act of 27 Chas II over those parts of the Little Ouse or River Brandon from the Whitehouse to Thetford, and the Corporation of Thetford (2nd pat) and Frederick Edwards of Banham, gent (3rd part)-copy examined with the original 4 Mar 1872 by the Town Clerk’s clerk.
Bound copies of various Acts relating to the Thetford Navigation, belonging to James Fison & sons Ltd of Thetford, and with loose papers, being printed lists of tolls on the River Brandon, Aug 1879, printed poster re the reception of tenders for making a new pile driver, 1866, and printed leaflet re subscription appeal for the repair of the 1st Staunch, nd [c 1875] and copy letter from the West Suffolk Agricultural Executive Committee re an intention to form a committee to undertake the cleaning out of the River Ouse from Wilton Bridge to Gasthorpe, Jul 1918.
Ms copy of the 22 Chas II Act relating to the Thetford Navigation for making navigable the rivers commonly called Brandon and Waveney, nd [c 1800] (1 file)

BOX 103
File of proposal and notification of proposal forms for alterations of valuation list in the Borough and parish of Thetford, 1965-66

BOX 104
File of proposal and notification of proposal forms for alterations of valuation list in the Borough and parish of Thetford, 1963-64

BOX 105
Swaffham RD Registers of mortgage advances to individual borrowers, indexed at front of volumes, 1951-1959 and nd (3 volumes)
Mitford and Launditch RD Parochial annual accounts, years ending 31 Mar 1963-1974 (1 volume)
Wayland RD Small Dwellings, table of mortgage loan repayments by individual borrowers, indexed at front of volume, 1935-1973 (1 volume)

BOX 106
Two files of proposal forms for alterations of valuation list in the Borough and parish of Thetford, listing additional properties to the valuation list, Jul 1961 and Mar 1962, with both files listing a number of Thetford BC housing and garages in Ulfkell and Mingay Roads and elsewhere.
File of vouchers and rough accounts with lists of donors and tickets sold in aid of the Winston Churchill Memorial Appeal and civic ball, Mar-Apr 1965 (1 file of papers)
File of sheets 1-178 of draft rate book particulars, detailing rate book nos, ratepayers’ names and addresses, description of premises, rateable value and ‘plate colour’, with a smaller file of similar sheets but listing assessment numbers rather than ratepayers, both files undated [? C 1960]

BOX 107
File of town clerk’s correspondence with applicants for housing improvement grants, Jan 1957-Dec 1958 (1 file of papers)
Files of property-owner’s certificates of compliance with statutory conditions (for housing improvement grants), Sep 1957-Oct 1958, Jun-Jul 1959 (2 files)
Files of certificates of compliance under the Housing (Financial Provisions) Act 1958 as amended by the House Purchase and Housing Act 1959, Apr-May 1960, Jan-Jun 1961; and Jan 1962 with one certificate dated Dec 1962 (3 files)

BOX 108
Borough legal papers:
Copies of signed/sealed contracts for works, signed by contractors, often including estimates, tenders and specifications, 1950-1956, including contracts for construction of a bowling green at King’s House, and of two hard tennis lawn courts at King’s House, both June 1950, with the Eastern Gas Board for street lighting (listing locations of proposed street lamps), Sep 1950, roofing works at King’s House, Nov 1950, to lay a water main pipe (with plan), Nov 1950, for [additional] street lighting (with schedule of street lamps and locations), Oct 1951, to erect a timber sports pavilion at King’s House, Oct 1951, to lay a water main from Castle St along Green Lane (with specifications and plan), Sep 1951-Jan 1952, a cesspool and other works to the pavilion at King’s House (with specification), Mar 1952, supply of Marley floor tiles to King’s House, Apr 1952, painting exteriors of council housing and other civic buildings and redecoration of the large courtroom in the Guildhall, Jul 1952, street lighting (with schedule of lights and locations), Aug 1952, for the painting of exteriors as above, Aug 1952, for exterior painting just of the council houses in St Mary’s Crescent, Sep 1952, for the entire painting work as above, Sep 1952, felling and sale of trees in Castle Meadow, Mar 1953, street lighting (with schedule of lights and locations), Aug 1953, renewal of the floor in the large courtroom in the Guildhall, Oct 1953, with the Eastern Electricity Board for street lighting, Nov 1953, the purchase and collection of waste paper by the New Merton Board Mills Ltd, Mar 1954, exterior painting of housing at Saxon Place, Aug 1954, installation of electrical wiring and lighting at the Waterworks on Mundford Road, Aug 1954, with the Eastern Gas Board for street lighting (with schedule of lights and locations), Sep 1954, installation of electric sockets and cooker circuits at the Bury Road No 2 council housing estate, Mar 1955, exterior painting of 50 council houses at Newtown and Fulmerston Road, May 1955, exterior painting of council houses at Williamson Crescent, {?] 1956, completion of dressing room accommodation at the Recreation Ground (with specification), Oct 1956, and exterior painting of 26 houses and 8 flats at Bury Road and Queensway, Aug 1957. (1 bundle of papers)
The Borough’s agreement with the Public Works Loan Commissioners for a mortgage securing a loan of £2000 for water supply works, Nov 1925, with copy minutes of a council meeting to seal the mortgage, Nov 1925 (1 file)
Agreement between the Norfolk County Council and the Borough for the former council to admit officers and servants of the Borough to its superannuation scheme benefits, the Borough not being a local authority to which the Local Government and Other Officers’ Superannuation Act of 1922 applied, Nov 1930 (1 file)

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