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Notes re Townshend Family and sales catalogue
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Antiquarian notes related to Townshend family

  1. transcription of will of William Admanson, clerk of Raynham St Mary, 5 June 1600 [nd, early 20th century];
  2. notes on correspondence 1710-1716 [nd, early 20th century];
  3. list of Marquis Townshend's Services, 1743-1793 [nd, early 19th century];
  4. list of correspondence regarding General Townshend's involvement in James Wolfe's Quebec campaign, 1758-1759 [nd, early 19th century];
  5. a-b. transcriptions of two letters, nd [nd, 19th century];
  6. notes on musters, sheriffs, impressant of mariners, 1588-1602 [nd, 19th century];
  7. family tree showing descent from Charlemagne to the Townsend family [nd, early 19th century];
  8. extract from Weever's Funeral Monuments re Townshend tomb [nd, early 20th century];

William Admanson; ?-1600; clerk; Raynham St Mary, Norfolk