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Weeting Manorial and Bromehill Estate Records
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Weeting Manorial and Bromehill Estate Records

  • MC 2234
  • Fonds
  • nd [early 13th century]-1901

The archive includes records from the two manors of Weeting and of Southalls and Cocketts in Weeting, leases of the Broomhill Priory site in Weeting and also some medieval deeds of title to estates in Norfolk, Suffolk and elsewhere, many of which were given or conveyed to Broomhill Priory during the 13th and early 14th centuries. These latter documents were inherited by the Master and fellows of Christ's College, Cambridge after the downfall of Cardinal Wolsey, to whom the priory and its perquisites were conveyed when the priory was supressed by papal bull in 1528. The college were to be the owners of the priory estates until 1813, when they sold their Bromehill estates to John Julius Angerstein.
In addition, the records include deeds of title to other Weeting and Brandon properties for the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and Chancery cause papers (Fowler vs Wright) re the disputed ownership of the two Weeting manors in the seventeenth century.
These records relate to the estates in Weeting which were, in the early twentieth century, the property of Sir James Calder of Lynford Hall and after him, of John Calder of West Tofts. Prior to the Calder interest, T.S. Hall was lord of the manor and chief landowner in Weeting, and before him, the Angerstein Family, John Julius Angerstein having purchased the Weeting estates in 1806-8 from Orlando, the Earl of Bradford. After the death of Hall in 1906, the estate was managed by his trustees before being sold, probably during, or just after, the First World War, to various private owners (the Calders among them) and to the Forestry Commission. Weeting Hall itself, became a training centre run by the Ministry of Labour.

Grant from Roger, son of Gilbert of Fransham to the canons of the monastery of Bromhel, of 13d annual rent from 4a land held by Fucher Galt in Suwde [Great Fransham]

Witnesses inc. Bartholomew, priest of Brandon, Herbert of Norwich, chaplain, Ralph, son of Gilbert of Fransham, William le Dene, Roger, son of William, and Ordinero his brother, and Homa, clerk of Sanstune. Endorsed with the cartulary red ink, 'Fransham', and 'Wendlyng' in black and brown inks

Grant from William, son of Richard of Seeng' to the Church of St Thomas Martyr of Bromhil, of 2s, 6d rent in Grimistun' [Grimston] originally given to the church by William's father, and to be paid biennially by his father's tenant, Ranulf of Seeng'

Witnesses include, Sir Hugh of Plays, Sir Thomas of Ingoltisthor', Sir R. of Dun[h]un, Sir John of Dunham, Robert of Hodonham, Nicholas of Mundam, Ralph of Saham, John of Geyetun and Henry Longstaf.

Grant from Simon, son of Fuch of Melewold to Elvire, daughter of Swein of the same vil and to Geoffrey her son, of 1.5a land in the fields of Melewold [Methwold], namely 1a at Langeford and half an acre at Londthithil (abuttals described)

Witnesses include, Simon, son of Ascelin, William, son of Fuch, William of Glemham, William, son of Edwin, Alan his brother, Simon Pech, Simon, son of Edwin, Richard his brother, Hugh Ultra Bek, and Simon, son of Ivete

Confirmation by Henry Turnecurt of Totington and Geoffrey, son of Durand of Sunt'une to the Church of the Blessed Thomas Martyr of Bromhil of a gift from Emma de La More of a tenement once belonging to Alexander de La More in Totington [Tottington]

Winesses include, Symon le Brun of Totington, John de Gudhus of Saham, William of Wadeton, William Clere of Stirston, John Cherun' of Merton, Roger, son of Joseph of Totingtone, John de La More of Totington, Robert of Thomstone, Robert of Ludham, Henry of Crokestone, clerk, John de Sud Hall, of Weting', Ralph Crisppo of Weting', and William del Bec of Weting'

Grant by Ralph, son of Mainer of Ichewrch to Sibilie, daughter of William Clerk of Arenstedel, of 15a arable land, of which 4.5a lies in the field called Dengrave, and 1a in the field called Bucstert in the fields of Ickewrch [Ickworth], and 5a in a field called Suchfeld, 2a in a field called Dudewyc and 3a in a field called Brodelond (abuttals described)

Witnesses include, Sir Thomas of Ickewrthe Kt, Walter of Horingserche, Thomas of Elm, Gilbert de Alneto of Parva Saxham, Walter Williams, Richard son of Ranulph Steysel of Magna Saxham, Robert Frelond, and William Clerk of Horni'gsetche
Endorsed in late medieval hand, 'Cart' de Ernested'

Grant by Thomas, lord of Yckewurthe to the House of the Blessed Thomas Martyr of Bromhyl, of three pieces of arable and one piece of pasture in the fields of Yckewurthe [Ickworth], of which one piece lies in a field called Briccenhale and which lies between and abutting Thomas's furlong called Le Stubbing and another furlong called Demiseles Emmescroft, one piece lies in a field called Aswell, and the third piece is in the field called Bysfeld and abutts the meadow called Bysfeldmedue, the said piece of pasture lies in Bysfeld and lies between and abutts the third piece of arable and on Bysfeldmeduw

Witnesses include, Philip of Horkele, William of Horningesh'the, clerk, Ralph Mayner of Yckewurthe, Geoffrey Mylun, Gilbert del Auney, Hamon of Wudewelle, Thomas Ryvel, Reginald of Yckewurthe, 'Cooperatore' [thatcher] and Robert Canun of the same vil
Endorsed with cartulary mark, 'Ickewrthe III' and also a contemporary, summary description of the deed, mentioning the placenames, 'Bricehale & Assewelle'

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