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Lothian of Blickling (Additional)
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Lothian of Blickling (Additional)

  • MC 3
  • Fonds
  • 1146-1952

Title deeds, Estate and household, Family, Blickling Library and Miscellaneous papers. No manorial records.

Hobart family; 1611-1793; Earl of Buckinghamshire

Title Deeds

Deeds to Horsham St Faith Priory and various properties in Erpingham, Stody, Hunworth, Aylsham, Blickling and elsewhere.

Deeds of Horsham St Faith Priory

In the late 19th or early 20th century these were fastened into a volume with transcripts, notes, and coloured copies of arms. They are listed in the order in which they were placed in this volume.

Grants of land and advowsons to Horsham St Faith Priory

Grant and confirmation in form of a writ addressed to his men French and English by William de Kayneto son of Robert FitzWalter to the monks of Horsham of the land of Helgheton (Helhoughton) and the advowson of the church of the same vill as Robert his father and Sibil his mother gave them to the monks. Also grant of the advowson of the churches of St Martin 'in Ballia' and St Michael de Berstrete, Norwich, and the alder carr lying between the monks' court and his wood on the one part and the royal way on the other and between the land of Gilbert Wade; and Gunny with the pasture lying between and the mill with its pool on the other part of the royal way, nd [mid 12th century]; Grant and quitclaim by Robert son of Roger lord of Horsford and Warksworth to the Prior and Convent of Horsham St Faith, following dispute between them, of common of meadow in Horsham called Gunnyldesmedwe which he had claimed for his beasts and his men's from Michaelmas to the Purification, reserving ingress for repair of paling, nd [? mid 13th century].
Mid 14th century copies, in two hands.

Confirmation by Robert son of Roger to his servant Hervey Burel

Of land in the fields and in the marsh in the meadows ('terram in campis et in mariscos in pratis') and messuage with buildings that William le Paumer used to hold of Hugh de Cressy his ancestor in Newton St Faith's of Horsham ('in Neuton' sancte Fidis de Horsham') and an acre in the marsh which Hervey received of said Hugh, as in charters from said Hugh and Stephen de Cressy grantor's ancestors.

Grant by Theobald Halth' to the monks of Horsham

Of 12a. land of the demesne of Helesdh' (Hellesdon) that his father gave them in the bruery viz. between the five mounds ('hogas') and the land he gave to the Hospital of Jerusalem; also 7a. in said bruery near said 12a. for safety of his soul and that of Agnes his wife and those of his mother and father and all his family ('parentum'). Endorsed 'parcell' faldag' de Horsham'.

Confirmation and quitclaim, by Walter the clerk of Newetune (Newton St Faith) son of William de Newton to the church of St Faith of Horsham and the monks there in the court of his lord Robert son of Roger

Of right in 5a. land formerly a toft of Walter de Horsford in Horsham, for which the monks had given him in exchange 5a. in the fields of Horsham and a toft lying between the house of Walter Brennecat and the house of Godwin Lanke, viz. 3a. in Longefurlong, 1.5a. before the road ('citra chemnium'), 1.5a. beyond the road, 1a. 1r. near the toft of William le Mat and 3r. abutting on Derling, With counterpart, in different hand. Witnesses listed.

Grant by Tedbald Haltein son of Walter Haltein by grant of Agnes his wife and by will of his sons to SS Mary and Faith of Horsham and the monks there

Of 67a. [in Hellesdon] of his demesne lying between the street from Norwich to Horsford by the hospital under Sutwuda, for the souls of King Henry, his sons, grantor's lord Humphrey de Buun, grantor's father and mother, his 'parentes' and those of his wife A[gnes] and John and his other sons, he having received from the Church of St Faith 27 marks in silver to complete a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and confirming this grant before Bishop William of Norwich, Bertrand, Prior of St Faith, etc.

Grant (chyrograph) by Berengar the prior of St Faith of Horsham and the Convent there

(In consideration of grant by Richard le Muyne of Norwich son of Richard le Muyne deceased of 10.5a. in Intwood, 5a. lying between the wood of Ralph de Tyvile and the land of Roger de Stalam, 1a. lying in 'cultura' called Rokeshage, 3r. in 'cultura' called Churchecroft, 0.5a. in said field, 1r. between land of the parson of Intwood and the land of John Bigge, 1.5a. in 'cultura' called Lampitlond, and 1.5a in 'cultura' called Norgate) of 10.5a. arable land in Intwood, Mangreen and Keswick (Hyntewde, Manegrene et Kesewic) that John Gochop granted them, 2a. lying in 'cultura' called Surwong, 2a. between the land of Simon de Kesewic and the royal way, 3.5a. lying in 'cultura' called Hunnolwesbrom, 1a. abutting on Eselunde, 1a. in 'cultura' called Lukebat, 1a. between Hunolwesbrom and land late of Emma del Hyrne.

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